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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Om Shanti Om Mania on Semester Exams

Here my exams are going on, so no blogging is done. In mean time, I found new status on Gtalk effective enough to put me in jolly mood.

1-Ek night ki fight ki kimaat tum keya jano Dean babu, notes ka ashirwaad hota hai ek night ki fight, exam ke marks ka raaz hota hai ek night ki fight ek nayi zindagi ki prateek hoti hai ek night ki fight.

2-Ye xams bhi apni hindi filmon ki tarah hote hain,ant tak sab kuch achha ho hi jata hai-HAPPY ENDING Agar tum kisi subject mein paas hona chahte ho to saari kayanat tumhein pass karne mein lag jaati hai aur agar aisa nahin hota hai to xam abhi khatm nahi hua.Supplmentary abhi baaki hai mere dost..

Clearly OSO(OM SHANTI OM) is swinging among the youths. And also my rough view(SNAP) in examination days.Date in the camera is wrong. Sorry my fault...Till then Salaam Namaste..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Black Comedy: My View

Black comedy, also known as black humor is a sub-genre of comedy and satire where topics and events that are usually treated seriously—death, mass murder, suicide, domestic abuse, sickness, madness, fear, drug abuse, rape, war, terrorism etc.—are treated in a humorous or satirical manner. Synonyms include dark humor, morbid humor, gallows humour and off-color humour.

This the typical definition of black comedy in Wikipedia. But personified look at black comedy may vary from protagonist to protagonist. First question that rise in our mind that "how can comedy be classified in colors?" Black is really a color of depression and death symbolized in west. Hence,emotion as comedy is classified as dark comedy or black comedy.

Delight is momentarily and dejection everlasting.
It is universal theme on which dark comedy is based. Laughing on dejection and sorrows is nothing but dark comedy. Comedy is either humorous or filled with nonsense. To laugh on once action,emotion and condition is superb gift to human kind by nature. To fight unjust system with burst of laughter is a big deal. It is well said that laughter is the remedy of all diseases.

Comic characters are famous from our past stories. In the play 'King Lear' the story of fool following the king in all condition is heartbreaking. As a child,I came across comedy "Don Quixote". It is a dark humor about about a noble Don Quixote and his companion 'Sancho Panza'. But literature provides very good but rare examples of dark humor. I regret that no piece of painting, poem or music had struck me like cinema on black comedy.

Only cinema has few gems inside its storytelling way to visualize it. Sufferings form poverty, war, modernization, traditions and death is shown in pure form in early silent movies of Charlie Chaplin in modest way. That was my first introduction to dark humor in my childhood days.Cinema gives new dimension to this art of black comedy.

Jaane bhi do yaaron
is a genuine black comedy from parallel cinema in my country. It depicts the level of corruption in India.But a long way to go to achieve something in this field. But where are we heading now in this field? We fear to use black comic art in field like religion and culture. An artist is not given enough freedom to speech in this country. But an artist is inside everyone to speak out.A rare art of black comedy will come pure with hard times and vengeance to this unjust world.

Imagination:Search for Neverland

Something comes from Nothing in it. That is the imagination of our wandering mind. Imagination is the will of person through which he adjust and creates a new virtual world in his mind.

Mind is like a blank board at the time of birth. Every experience within and encounter with surroundings makes a rough data bank in your mind. They became tool for further creation of ideas and development of imaginative senses. Myth represents collective imagination of society only. The consciousness acts as a way of thinking and judging yours decision. Preview and assumptions for everything comes by this path of thinking. But we are not merely puppets controlled by previous experiences. The idea of escape and search of anything new gives man power of imagination. Our imagination forms a beautiful combination with the dissatisfaction within to imagine a new world for us. Our dreams are example of activated mind in the hibernated body. Study of either human brain in biology or psychology of human is not fully done yet. We are still learning about ourselves. Salvation lies within us. But we are trying to study nature without knowing true power of our brain.

Man consistently use his power of imagination to search about working of nature from primitive times. Innovation of Concept of God is the greatest imagination of human race. Fear of unknown destructive power had always haunted us. Darkness and loneliness just increases the panic and fear within.

Belief and Logic are the two tools on which we made our kingdom of imagination. First we make rough estimate of anything and in second step justifies it with our logic. The chaos in our mind makes our imagination more fake than reality. This creates illusion in our mind.But Illusion is first of all pleasures. This human psychology makes us different from anything in the world. Modes of fantasy and series of chaotic event in imaginative world varies rapidly. Sensitiveness of our imagination depends on our emotions and will power. A simple example can be quoted for support of this."Every time we visit a temple,we cannot imagine stone as a god."

Only unimaginative persons have limited resources to perform anything new in this world. Rigidness in thought results due to unimaginative mind. Oscar Wilde remarked that Consistency is the last refuge of unimaginative. For me everything pure is within our mind only. To end my view on imagination, a simple line will be enough. A creative mind will find his Neverland everywhere.


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