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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bhojpuri Comfortably Numb

Photu used with permission. And the protagonist was really numb at that time. I hope he won't mind it.

*This is a photo of my friend, not me;
From one of the Stanza of English version:

When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons.
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain you would not understand
This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.

And now, the rough Bhojpuri translation in English script:

Jab hum tha ek bachwa, tab humko hua bukhar
hamaar haath gaye phool, jaise ki du bailoon.
ab humko hua e ehsaas ek baar aur, (par karo gaur)
hum samjha nahi sakte, aap nahi na samjhiyega
hum waise nahi hain jaise abhi hain.
ab ban gaye hain hum, aaramtalbi aur sunn.

Poem is on my state at the college days where I have become epitome of lethargy and anti-bathist. Only watching movies , bunking classes and playing AOE. I am trying to get again that feeling in the corporate world but all attempts are vain till now. This translation is dedicated to all Indian Floydians from my side. Original Material yahan se uthaya aur sanshodhit kiya hai.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vichaar Shoonya -3

Nothing personal and original from my side. Weblinks of adapted material will be given in few days. Enjoy this compiled series.

1-Beauty is a mood of your mind that is experienced if you care to notice. Appreciate the difference because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Are you a beautiful mind? Do you seek beauty?

2-India, democracy has not allowed the rule of the majority. issue after issue, state after state is that powerful minorities landed interests have been able to capture the political system and extract government benefits for themselves. Most people, I suspect, just want to get on with life, raising their families, doing their work, enjoying some good times between the cradle and the grave.

3- Guru, is one of the most important works of Indian cinema to emerge post economic liberalization that gives Indian entrepreneurs their due representation. In a resounding voice it proclaims a paradigm shift in the middle class morality that has made being money-minded and profit-oriented acceptable today. A well deserved farewell to left-leaning portrayal of industry and capitalism. A salute to the proletarian capitalist.

4.In Indian films the alienation of the rural poor from the urban way of life has become cliched. What we require is some kind of synthesis of the two with our past and heritage. They are, I feel working with a totally Western idiom (cinema). Using the same techniques and the same chemistry, can we evolve a new form, a new sensibility? Dance song is part of our folk culture. We blame that our society is not conductive to promote creative films. People and society were just as bad in other times also. The genuine creative people make a way around to make their point and entertain the society as well. Either in cinema or any other field, the great ones always face a hostile social order. Still they don't get in general populace and make safe and ordinary creation.

5-Let me become little autobiographic. I want to reach such stage where remains no hard feelings for anyone .Wanna be writer as Karl Marx. Marx early formative years through school were full of influence by Immanuel Kant and Voltaire. They were some of his favorite authors; a characteristic blend of German profundity and French subversive wit. No nation has produced better essayists than France, none has produced better composers than the Germans, better painters than the Italians, nor better novelists than the Russians. And the English? The English do poetry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Earlier days of Benaras Engineering College, Banaras Hindu University

Earlier days of Benaras Engineering College, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

(Photographs-courtesy of Mahamana Malaviya Foundation Newsletter)

The Engineering College BHU started in one single shed in January, 1919. Its Power House was built, and a 20 KW Set (200 Volt DC) was installed in1921, which was augmented by a 100 KW Set in 1923. The Boiler House was erected in 1922.

Engineering College Drawing Class. The First Principal Prof. C.A. King Instructing a Student (on second table of right hand row)

The first Workshop (Carpentry Section) of the Engineering College started with Artisan-Carpentry Course in Feb. 1919

Source : ITBHU Chronicle April 2009.

Salaam IPL or Salwa Judum

Two News affected me in this 24 hour.Just want to capture the big news in summary and small news in descriptive way. Feel free to read and choose importance of them.

Deccan snatch title in tense finish.
My views: The fortunes have reversed. Desi team and videsi captain strategy works for winning this year also. Previous year 2nd last team is runner up and 1st season's last team gets championship of IPL season 2. Akon with Katrina instead of Gilly and jumbo after the match disappoint me. But the most discussed name among all of us was of fake IPL player blog. He has showed the power of blog and anonymity to the media giants in gossip/news coverage. For fun, surely KKR will be hoping to win tournament next year after this turnaround of DC. For more usual stuff, follow the grand story coverage on cricinfo.


Supreme Court grants bail to Binayak Sen:
It took just 30 seconds. And five words: “Bail is granted on personal bond.” But these numbers pale when confronted with another, 24 — the number of months for which Binayak Sen was in jail, before the Supreme Court granted him bail on Monday. The initial charges against Sen were weak and prime witnesses turned hostile during the trial. Yet Binayak Sen remained in jail for over two years. Even convicted criminals got bail faster. Curious about Dr Binayek Sen, know about his identity on wikipedia only.
From the rediff reporting 3 paragraphs:

"The Binayak Sen case is primarily about the rotten state of affairs in the rural hinterland. It's about higher poverty levels; shortage of food and lack of nutritional planning for the chronically undernourished; it's about missing healthcare; lack of protection for the vulnerable; it's about rampant exploitation of the forest dweller and tribal peoples. The districts where Maoists or Naxalites [Images] are active, and it's true of not just Chhattisgarh, as we all know have the worst social infrastructure, and thus offer the best breeding ground for extremism and violent conflict.

The case is also about one vision of development colliding with another that is backed by the might of the state. Bastar and adjoining districts of Chhattisgarh are home to the highest concentration of mineral rich deposits in the country and is one of the reasons why these areas have become high-intensity conflict zones. Is resistance to land acquisition by industrialists a major contributory factor to the violence in the state? Few are aware of the extent of the problem in Chhattisgarh. Thousands of tribal people have been uprooted from their forest habitations -- close to 650 villages in the forest areas are reported to have been cleared in an operation reminiscent of the ways wars were fought in Southeast Asia -- and have been housed for the past five years in refugee camps that are run by trigger-happy and lawless elements who are supposed to be fighting the Maoists.

If this is how democratic states function surely we need a reform of India's democracy? But these and related issues are seldom raised in the general clamour for reforms that have picked up in crescendo post the election verdict. One and all, media pundits who have been setting the reform agenda for the new government are screaming for reforms that are focused exclusively -- and predictably -- on financial sector liberalisation."

Still want to know about hidden reality of Salwa Judum movement, for the seekers of truth: The Inconvenient Truth -- the real face of Corporate governance.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Calvin & Hobbes Super-Stupendous Guide to Design

Even if the only thing you’ve ever designed is a mashed potato volcano with gravy lava, you’re a designer. We all design in some way or other. The best of us get paychecks for their designs. The worst of us have to appreciate our elegant disasters for free. The best designs reach out and pull us in with their creativity, wit, and ingenuity. From the cardboard box of Calvin & Hobbes’ wisdom, five ways to better your designs:

1. Learn to see things differently:

One of Calvin’s most powerful traits is his childlike ability to see things differently than the grown-ups around him. Where they see mundane reality, Calvin sees the fantastic, the monstrous, and occasionally, the downright weird.

Like Calvin, designers must also learn to see things differently. Where others see text, designers see a typographical baseline. Where others see a photo, designers see the golden ratio. In everything, we should learn to see the underlying beauty that holds it all together.

2. Take time to educate yourself:

While anyone can learn to see things differently, designers can’t just depend on their vision to get by. They also need to be able to explain that vision to others. And for that you need the proper background and vocabulary.

That doesn’t necessarily mean going to an art school and majoring in design. There are some fabulous resources available to those who are willing to take a little time to teach themselves.

3. Originality isn’t everything:

In the world of art and design, originality is highly prized, but sometimes the emphasis is a bit too strong. The point of design isn’t to be original, but to speak a message effectively.

If a highly original design does it, so much the better. But sometimes the traditional is all you need.

4. Pay attention to the details:

One crucial part of learning to see differently is the importance of details. A great designer has the ability to recognize when changing things “just so” will take a design from good to brilliant.

5. Keep exploring:

In the end, a designer always needs to keep exploring, to learn new things, to learn new ways of seeing, or to relearn old ways. Exploring is what keeps things feeling new, regardless of how many times you’ve layed out a page or designed a logo. What are you waiting for? Go explore something!

#All images excerpted from It’s a Magical World by Bill Watterson.

Source:Even if creativity is all about hiding your resources, I am giving you source of the adapted post: The Calvin & Hobbes Super-Stupendous Guide to Design By Joshua. I like this article because of its originality and a keen emphasis on explaining the design as child's play. From now on, Bill Watterson (the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes ) is god to me and Calvin & Hobbes as will form holy trinity with him. Thanks to Nimmy for providing link to such a simple and beautiful article.I have also experimented with blog and make it colourful.

Random Thoughts of Day/Night-2

-Fractured consciousness knows no medical relief.

-Most people have no knowledge of their history. They only live it.

-Freedom of expression is the mark of a modern community, not buildings or technologies.

-We are from a generation who don't know libraries but know what torrents are.

-No man wants to taste lipstick when he kisses a girl.

-What you did yesterday stays with you today--- existence precedes essence (Jean Paul Sartre)

-To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

-All things were together.Then the mind came and arranged them. —Anaxagoras

-Violence is taboo, for not only does it produce answers to please, but it lowers the standard of information. - Col. Robin Stephens

-People who give & are involved in a purpose that is greater than themselves are the happiest people & live the richest & most meaningful lives imaginable. - Cynthia Kersey

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving Images, Blogging People !!!

Courtesy to given blog for taking images without permission.For those interested in why not to twitter, read this blog entry...

Chicken a la Carte

Director:Ferdinand Dimadura
Produced In:2005

Synopsis: This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

View this video at its original weblink.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love Story

I read blogs of thousand bloggers (mostly females) who write so beautifully about love that I envy them. They are so lucky for having love in the life. I never write about love in this blog because I don't have one & have no clue about my love. For a change on this blog, A love story from my favorite movie, Cinema Paradiso...

A:--- Once upon a time, a king gave a feast. And there came the most beautiful princesses of the realm. Now, a soldier, who was standing guard, saw the king's daughter go by. She was the most beautiful one, and he immediately fell in love with her. But what could a poor soldier do when it came to the daughter of the king? Well, finally, one day, he managed to meet her, and he told her that he could no longer live without her. The princess was so impressed by his strong feelings that she said to the soldier: "If you can wait 100 days and 100 nights under my balcony, then at the end of it, I shall be yours." Damn! The soldier immediately went there and waited one day. And two days. And ten. And then twenty. And every evening, the princess looked out of her window, but he never moved. During rain, during wind, during snow, he was always there. The bird shat on his head, and the bees stung him, but he didn't budge. After ninety nights, he had become all dried up, all white, and the tears streamed from his eyes. He couldn't hold them back. He no longer had the strength to sleep. All that time, the princess watched him. And on the 99th night, the soldier stood up, took his chair, and went away.

T:---[later in the film, T gives A his interpretation] ...In one more night, the princess would have been his. But she also could not possibly have kept her promise. And it would have been terrible. He would have died. This way, however, at least for 99 days, he was living under the illusion that she was there, waiting for him.

Yayaver's Interpretation:---[Never asked but writing here] Soldier went away because he want to give the feeling of his pain & waiting forever to princess. The princess may or may not have accepted him but the reason of soldier leaving her on the 99th night would have haunted her whole life.

Now, its your chance to write your interpretation. Please put your words in the comments.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I secretly admire Bong Culture !!!

Note:I am not Bong. This article is written not to provoke any regionalism feelings. Just an opinion which comes out of respect for a community...

I have strong dislike against CPI party rule over Bengal. I feel Bongs as radical and Tamils as conservative that represents extreme ends of the Indian culture. I am fan of Kerala as a well governed state. Kerala is a marginalized state in India who has challenged the false concept of high population as reason of illiteracy. But I admire Bong Culture more.

This feeling was ignited when I see a original copy of Tagore's work in German published in 1904 still preserved at small city of Germany. Then, a passion to discover about their culture has reached to this final conclusion. I don't have any strong affection or even interaction with their bong culture. Check our history only, Politics, Games, Religion, Cinema, Economy, Literature and Social Reform etc all the fields was pioneered by few bongs in new direction. I was amused by the ability of a non Hindi speaking community to have such a mass effect in our country. I had written previous line specifically because Hindi is dominating over regional languages day by day. Today I will speak in the praise of Bongs only. For readers brief introduction,they can go through...

Also Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Moments for West Bengal.
West Bengal : 60 Years of State

How do I know so much about Bengal without setting foot on that land. Simple by reading and analyzing their mindset. They have image of Bhadrapurush outside Bengal and non negotiable persons inside Bengal. Now, an article whose heading should be altered to You like Bongs if....

Waiting for Gurudev:
Once upon a time there was a poet named Rabindranath Tagore born in our motherland. He speak the enlightening truth in his poems, plays, stories and novels. He was a poet, visual artist, playwright, novelist, educationist, social reformer, nationalist, business-manager and composer whose works reshaped Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tagore's life work endures, in the form of his poetry and the institution he founded, Visva-Bharati University.

In the words of renowned film maker, Ritwik Ghatak "I cannot speak without him. That man has culled all my feelings long before my birth. He has understood what I mean and he has put in all the words. I read and find that all been said and I have nothing new to say. I think all artists, Bengal at least; find themselves in the same difficulty. It just cannot be helped. You can be angry with him, you can criticize him, you may dislike him, but ultimately, in the final analysis, you will find that he has the last word."

He has changed thinking of Bengal from then. He was an integrated part of Bengal Renaissance that has changed our society for ever. He transformed India and Bengal becomes one of the most inspiring intellectual center of our country. I want this change all over India...

Now, I am thinking about this enlightened person as seed of great intellectual revolution. I am feeling sad these days on realizing the decay of Hindi literature and language in Hindi speaking belt. I desperately want a Rabindranath Tagore for revival of mine language which has been dumped and destroyed in the name of creativity by Bollywood. Hence, waiting for new Gurudev for mine people who are doomed in leg pulling politics only and mocked as citizen of Cow belt region and bhaiyaji by our English media....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Open Your Eyes

With 'Lyrics of life ', A blog devoted to the poetry only is started by me. I will try to transfer all of mine favorite poems from my blog into this to give it more space and voice. And for reading purpose, here comes a good post.

1- If Lahore is Pak’s soul, and Islamabad its mind, then Karachi—in all its scrappy glory—is Pakistan’s guts. I consider Pakistanis as our brothers whose fate is inter twisted with us. Taliban has grown so much that even journalist fear to venture in SWAT valley. Journalists don’t talk about fear much. It goes against the grain of the culture; the lone wolf, the impassive observer, the tough guy in tough places telling tough truths. Are they slave of our own public images? Then change your perspective by reading e-magazine by Pulitzer center on crisis reporting. 'Killing Fields' film is must watch for everyone who wants to witness the cruelty of genocide and war.

#The Pulitzer Prize is a U.S. award for achievements in newspaper journalism, literature and musical composition.

2- For generations, people who would now be termed ‘Islamophobes’ have recounted a striking fable about Islamists and irony. It takes place at the ancient world’s great receptacle of wisdom, the library of Alexandria. When a Muslim commander ordered his men to raze the site, some of them demurred. “Surely”, the dissenters responded, “it is not right to wantonly destroy these books?”. Their leader disagreed: “Either the books will contradict the Koran”, he told them, “in which case they are heresy; or they will agree with it, in which case they are superfluous”. This is a mythical story told to put us in wrong perspective against Islam. Read further in this topic in “Has Islam a Place in a Modern World?”

3-The success of US model is assembling persons or attracting brain power from different parts of the world and yet maintain the dialogue between them in one language. The one language concept is opposition of diversity but it helps in communicating across the language barrier of intellectuals belonging to different country.There past and connection to other world nourished the diversity factor needed for healthy debate in the society.But have you ever hear of Child labor in America. Go through this blog post and discover ugly side of the U.S.A.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuning the media to science

Speech addressed by Professor Yash Pal,Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University at Indian academy of social sciences October 5, 2007. (Original Link)

There was a time when we dreamt that someday we would have a countrywide TV channel that would be primarily used for education and science communication. This was also the time when we were preparing for the “satellite instructional television experiment”. At that time a foreign interlocutor once asked me whether we would be able to have programs like those on American network television. My reply was that perhaps we could but that would be a tragedy because we had different values and different needs. Perhaps the tragedy i talked about is already upon us – and with a vengeance. indeed we have gone much beyond the state of American TV in brainwashing people into buying goods, services and a great deal of tinsel. In the process of doing that with much song and dance, movie clips and news of crime, murder and corruption we do not have time for any serious thinking or analysis. TV programmers always ask for bytes and not any engagement with subject matter. All possibilities of understanding are scrupulously avoided because audiences tuned in that direction might even begin to question the veracity of the sales pitch that forms the backbone of the program. There is a great deal of mythology, very little historicity. great wonders of technology are sometimes introduced with a clear message that only demigods abroad can produce them and there is little point in understanding their soul. in any case any attempt at explanation is considered too lengthy, or boring, to be included in the programs.

All deficiencies in this regard may not be intentional. It is possible that most on them arise from an aberration that is common to our school education. We believe that education is belittled when connected with common concerns and curiosities of ordinary people outside the school. Because of this mind set we have tended to create two categories of knowledge. One is that of vernacular knowledge that is current outside the school and the other that is uncontaminated by outside and works and operates only within the school. Thus the school learning is largely discipline bound while innate curiosity of humans is not restricted by any such boundaries, because living itself is not. This mindset has done tremendous damage to school teaching. Not only to school teaching but all education. it has restricted the use of formal learning to problems of life and it has made the process of learning boring and bereft of joy. Children’s spontaneous curiosity is curbed to inculcate a belief that every thing is not to be understood. In this atmosphere superstitions and gullibility flower. Astrology has tremendous ascendance. Idols begin drinking milk. Dirty, polluted sea water at a sea beach begins to taste pure and sweet after a heavy rain. Images of gods seem to be seen in weathering marks on buildings. A pattern on an old tree trunk and its branches is seen as a signal for special appearance of gods.

I am not against mythology. Mythology represents creative layering of a society’s imagination and wonder. We cannot define human collectivities without their mythologies but we find it difficult to distinguish between historicity and mythology. Often times mythology gives a more endearing portrait of a society than history but history is history and cannot and should not be thrown away.

Let me share some personal experiences of science communication that I have found rewarding. The year was 1973 and we had to start planning the production of science programs for children for the forthcoming Satellite instructional television experiment. The audience was to be the school children in some of the most backward villages of India. By that time I had come to believe that science is learnt best through the discovery approach. After going around thousands of the target schools I felt extremely discouraged because none of these schools had even a rudiment of a laboratory. After months of agonosing thought and reflection i made a discovery! These schools might not have had formal laboratories but they were actually living within a gigantic laboratory all around them. The farms, hills, ponds, fruit trees, and of course the home kitchens, the bullock carts and bicycles, their flying kites and footballs could all be considered as components of a laboratory available to all. This emphasis persuaded me to frame a credo for our programs: Science is everywhere around us, to be experimented with and learnt from, and through the method of science this environment could be better understood and influenced. With the help of a number of friends all around the world we prepared a large number of briefs that young producers fresh from the film institute learnt to convert into programs. It was an exciting program and eminently successful.

Finally, I would like to share the rich experience of working with the television series “Turning Point”. I am amazed that more than a decade after that program was terminated, college students, even some school students and many of their teachers remember that program with great affection. In terms of its trip it was second only to the serial Ramayana that was running at that time. How come that a science program developed such an appeal? It is possible that there was an advantage in not having so many commercial channels to compete with. But none of the commercial channels have come up to offer any thing of that interest?

Turning Point was done in the company of a number of wonderful producers. There were several occasions when after going through a shining script I was forced to ask: “So what? What is that small bit of understanding that you are trying to get across?” if no positive answer emerged the script was revised or rejected. I do believe that such a demand was new in Indian program-making. In addition I started to answer questions from the audience. Pretty soon, there was a flood. I insisted that I would like to entertain questions that children and others in the audience had discovered. The questions kept coming, presenting me with much challenge, learning and enjoyment. There was a time when we were getting three to four hundred letters a day, mostly postcards from towns and villages spread across the country. These questions really tested me, but they also convinced me that true knowledge is built only on observation, perception, wonder and self-learning. I did not address questions whose answers could be easily looked up in textbooks. It was clear that the greatest interest lay in the world beyond those books, because the children sensed that their curiosity and confusion was somehow outside the ambit of what could be formulated as an intelligent school question. Most teachers I met seemed to agree with students – they accepted that the questions were not “school” questions. They either infringed the boundaries of syllabus or of the discipline being taught.

At the time I was engaged in this exercise, it was hard fun. But even now, years after that program ended, young teachers, researchers and students keep telling me that the reason they took to science and engineering was because of Turning Point! When asked about the reason for their remembering that program, they often turn around and say: “Sir, don’t you know, we are the Turning Point generation.” while there must be a strong element of courtesy in their remarks, perhaps something special was triggered through the efforts and insight of the production team lead by the executive producer Naazish Hussaini. I certainly learnt a great deal about the nature of our education in schools and colleges. Primarily, I learnt that we need to make the walls between disciplines porous, that learning from life and learning in schools must be connected, that contextual relevance is important to make learning and living more enjoyable and creative.

My question is why such programming cannot become the norm. Can we persuade the present day commercial media to go in that direction? At least the state supported channel that was subverted into going the way of the commercial channels can be brought back. The discoveries made were not personally mine. They belonged to the teams involved. Such teams should still be possible. I am delighted that this approach to science and education has been strongly supported by the National Curriculum Framework – 95. I recommend that every one connected with education, particularly science education – at any level – would gain by going through the documents of NCF – 95.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Best 7 Convocation Speechs

1-Bill Waterson at Kenyon College, Gambier Ohio in 1990. --- Some Thoughts on the real world by one who glimpsed it and fled.

2-Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005.--- Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

3-Balraj Sahini at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi in 1972. --- Speech.

4-J. K. Rowling at Harvard University in 2008. ---- The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination

5-Chetan Bhagat at Symbiosis, Pune in 2008. --- Keep the Spark Alive.

6-Subroto Bagachi at IIMB in 2006. --- Go Kiss the World.

7-Ajit Balachandran at IIMC in 2007. --- The Bakshali inheritance.

Irrational Faith -2

My Life: I make deals with the god to make things work in mine favor and in exchange of it, promise to amend any bad habit. Even God holds his end, I forgot about the promise and life goes as natural till appearance of next crisis. I hope that you don't fall in mine category. I feel like bribing an omnipresent and omniscient invisible force by chocolate to finish my tiny work. Even it means to alter the whole world for me over billion others. Few months ago, I had huge belief in mysticism. The middle way sounds like solution to extremism and Godard's theory of incompleteness was final nail in believing that human could ever solve mystery of universe. I was thinking mystery of nature as Pandora box or downward spiral. It was like considering to walk on a path without knowing starting and end point.The philosophical point of middle path appear to be golden rule is still merged with my theology currently. It is still retained in me despite several extremist decision about life taken by me. I am hugely diverted by mind as making middle path rule as ideal rule but practical life is quite different and my moody nature always betray me in following any planned route. Now I claim about my ignorance about God than calling myself either atheist or agonist. The writing of Vivekanad and Osho inspired me very much, due to which so called blasphemy is now gone. I have now no problem with presence or denial of god. It is like choosing between emptiness of non believer and denial of inquiry by believer.

Article (Previous Part):-
We know what god or anything should be about. We don’t search, we already know. And that makes us to fall in trap of faith. If the eternal god exist,and all the holy books know completely about him.Then what is the need to search for him. It is not blasphemy but a doubt on ability of humans to explain everything by logic or faith only. Little knowledge is dangerous thing and in matter of god, a arm of genocide in the hand of extremists. Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don't have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think it's wonderful when someone says, 'I'm willing Lord, I'll do whatever you want me to do.' Except that since there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people with their own corruptions and limitations and agendas.

Evolution debate is now gaining my attention now days and denial of holocaust is also one of the issues caught my me on Internet. The fall of Catholicism was started in the time of reformation and renaissance but industrial revolution was major blow to it. It attracted best brains to divert their area from Latin, religion and philosophy to natural sciences and technology. Still core region of Islam, Arab and U.A.E. are outpaced by slow speed of reformation. Remember, Taliban was recognized in Afghanistan by Pak, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The caste system in Hinduism is more degradatory than apartheid and must be abolished by us only.

Today, I can't find a single voice to take strong action on extremist Hindu or Muslim, only condemnation for news. Muslims killing Hindus and Hindus giving it back to Muslims when the point of concern should be man is killing man. In a land where men would rather kill their own than give up the fight, what hope is there for peace? Hoping that all is not lost in the fight against hate.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Small Notice

I am highly addicted to the Internet and word 'diversity'. I have recently started 2 blogs with my same 'yayaver' profile.

1-For the sake of study ---
It is just prepared for academics and professional purpose by me.

2- For the love of cinema ---
It is just created for maintaining the database of the films watched by me.

We didn't imagine that somebody takes breathe and live in his own way 10,000 miles away from your home until now.- Ankur Joshi.

It was line spoken by Ankur to whom I met in Germany. That becomes a inspiration to understand universalism in world. I will now trace the history of my reading habit. There was an awesome article on Kolkata long ago in 3quarksdaily taken from Eurozine. Since then, I had became reader of both these online magazines with focus on 'culture' tag. As interest evolved, I started reading articles on diverse topic about my college, cinema, politics, education, cricket and agriculture. There links are now mentioned on this blog.

Now days, There is decay in reading from books but daily almost 50 news or blog articles are read by me. This paranoia of reading on Internet is one of extremist quality that has shuffled my life. I always dedicate myself fully in some passion and after few months find it boring and jump to other one. But now, this inconsistency, craziness and undisciplined life is taking toll on my health. Still a self destructive nature is pushing me for more writing and reading.

Tips for writing:

Harvey Keitel puts the soul of creative writing in one para in the movie The Shadow Dancer, Quoting him -- Get rid of that computer. Writing is not supposed to be easy, supposed to be hard. Typewriters make you think about the words you choose more carefully because you can't erase them with the push of a button.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Irrational Faith-1

This post is formed by compiling various lines from Internet. Not quoted as original writeup by me but an authentic work to represent mine thinking. Topic will be continued in future as series.

A lethal combination of blog post and documentary input have created havoc inside me to scan the topic of faith. I was provoked to write as a human what I feel. Either I was doubting belief or believing doubt. A thorough philosophical analysis and balancing act about religion and God is done by my friend Rajneesh in his blog brilliantly as he has heard whisper of my conscious secretly.The belief that is not based on evidence is one of the world's great evils. Inspite of providing some peace to the common man, the logic devoid faith has created violent extremist in every religion and nation.

Now, I am diverting my anger towards Islamic and Communist regime for expressing my point of view. Many moderates assume that religious "extremism" is rare and therefore not all that consequential. But we know, religious extremism is not rare, and it is hugely consequential. There is always huge pathos in moderates when hardliners take reign in their hands and take community/ nation in hell. Moderates can plainly speak hollow words when gun barrels and violent action leads the way of destruction. This infidelity of moderates is explained as being too tolerant towards intolerance.

In one of his essays, Professor Russell says “I sometimes have the impression that in the field of Islamic studies more than most, scholars feel a need to be ‘diplomatic’ (which, let us face it, is only a polite way of saying ‘less than completely honest’) so that influential people will not be offended." And then he refers to Hardy in the Explanatory Note to Tess—that ‘if an offence comes out of the truth, better it is that the offence come out than that the truth be concealed.

Several authors have identified how the writing of history in Pakistan has been systematically distorted to foster an artificial identity and ideology. In History perhaps more than in any other subject, there needs to be a clear balance between presenting complex facts and arguments in a concise and objective manner. Islamic and communist hardliners uses history and educational system as their tool to create mass support to them. It is like amnesia to common public having limited access to finer details of the history and information. History when contradicts the memory of living,the nation or community is on the verge of self destruction. By omitting a critical and honest discussion of these factors and by glorifying and romanticizing these conquests the student is deprived of learning about the forces and dynamics that shape history, in particular those that have shaped the destiny of our own land. Point of view of student become limited and many parameters are not being considered for the fear of creating doubt in the mind of learner. Exposed constantly to a one dimensional, mono-visual world in texts which allows no room for discussion or debate and subjected to a teaching methodology that encourages rote learning as the only means to passing exams. The gender and class biases seed's are sown here in the young minds.
I strongly favour that both doubt and faith should be judged on the basis of logic. I don't deny my diversion towards 'Anubhuti' concept of Hinduism which favours 'Anubhuti' above 'Gyan' as wholesome. But it strongly recommends to obtain 'Gyan' through rational thinking. Received wisdom is something that kills of any form of criticism, and our own ideas to question. The problem with us is that we form judgments rather than asking questions. We have killed our curiosity, because we have already found out the meaning of life.Its sad!...

Always eternal quest for truth start and continue with a doubt only.

"With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion."-Steven Weinberg

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What good is cinema if it trails behind literature ?

Rissent put it, “It’s not about just loving a film, and one must love it for the right reasons.

Why I lament again and again as stubborn child on the lack of the better films in the mainstream cinema? I find exact words for my pain in writings of Nitish : 'In every other profession, work or hobby people have the right to be intelligent but in cinema its considered a sin- Intellect is bad for health and bad for cinema.'

If cinema is for entertainment only, then literature should be used as medium of entertainment only. Premchand should be rated below Chetan Bhagat and gossip columns should be inserted into our academics for enhancing the escapism only.

The purpose of a film should not be to alienate people in escapism. Cinema is there for reflecting our lives, dreams, ambition and hidden desires on the celluloid. Better films are needed to fill the void of good commercial cinema. Further, quoting my friend Nitish: It's our duty to inform that Andre Bazin existed and so did Ritwik Ghatak from villages to towns, to cities and metroes to everyone and anyone... who have a second to spare.

Dynasticism in bollywood or politics generates a conservative non-thinker spoiled brat that comes from sucking too hard on a silver spoon for generations. Hence the fortress bollywood remain unbreached for new ideas and concepts. Let us evolve as an audience and give chance to film makers to evolve or extinct from the face of the Indian cinema. I believe that we have lot of unique things to offer to the world through this cinematic medium.
For going into detail of the topic,go through these web links....

1- A cinephile, Anuj explores on the perennial advise everyone has "Why don't you go and make movies in Bombay" for changing the scenario of Indian Cinema.

2-A unique comparison of Independent Cinema with free software movement.- "Do You want to make a film (Open Cinema Foundation)"

3-Muzaffer Ali explore the place of Bollywood in the world cinema and ground realities about fall of Indian cinema into abyss.

4-Corporates are not only exploiting natural resources, they also endangers cinema by making it as consumer product like coke or Pepsi. Hence a look on independent cinema in this equation by K. Hariharan

5-Discussion on cinema and literature by Gulzar, Javed Akhtar and UR Anathamurthy and on the need for filmmakers to live the written word before attempting it on celluloid.

--- Finally, an article to support cinema as greater medium than literature by thorough analysis.

India like every year is missing in action at Cannes Film Festival but not film stars with Indian media asking questions to stalwarts of world cinema “Do you watch bollywood movies?"

I want these bollywood crazy media guys to be rebuked by a white Caucasian guy heavily and telling them to watch cinema of Adoor Gopalakrishnan, John Barua, Kumar Sahini, Mani Kaul or Shyam Benegal. And atleast know the name of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak or Mrinal Sen. I want to see the ashamed and amazed faces of bollywood stars and crazy Indian media on knowing existence of these unknown genius of Indian cinema by distant foreigners. Is this mine day dream or just hidden pain....


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