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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

About Me

My Parents, Brajesh Bhaiya, Zaheer Sir, Sharma Sir, Nirmal Sir, Ravi Sir and Mishra Sir are the ones who makes me what i am. I will not name any friends here since they will blame me of partiality.
I am enlisting here some persons who enriched my thoughts in my short life time. I may agree or disagree with their opinion but each time they complete me in my aesthetic or characters in positive way. It gives me hope to become better person leaving behind my dark side. Dedicated to all act of goodness which transcends the border and restriction for the love of humanity and universal brotherhood.

The long lasting list:

Gautam Budha.

Mahatma Gandhi, J.L.Nehru, Abhraham Lincoln, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Al Gore,Sunita Narayanan,Suresh Pachauri, Mike Pandey.

APJ Kalam,Charles Darwin, Richard Stallman.

Raja Rammohan Roy,Vinoba Bhave, Mukhtaran Bibi, Arundhuti Roy,Teesta Setalvad, Medha Patekar, Prakash Aamte,Irom Chanu Sharmila.

Shabhana Aazmi, Michale Moore, Hayushu Miyozaki, Anurag Kashyap, Gulzar, Satayjeet Ray.

Aurbindo Ghosh, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekanand, Dayanand Saraswati,Swami Ramdev, Sri Ravishankar, Osho.

Kiran Bedi, Mukhtaran Mai ,Annie Besant, Sam Pitroda, Friedrich Max Müller.

Dalai Lama, Aung San Su Kee, Martin Luther Jr., Nelson Mandela , Che Guevera, Jayprakash Narayan.

Karl Marx,Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstey, Ravindra Nath Tagore,Kahlil Gibran.

Rahul Sankratyan, Mark Twain,Vijay Tendulkar, Firakh Gorakhpuri.

Kabirdas, Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana, P.B.Shelly,Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Suryakant Tripathi Niralaa.

Thought of the Day--Selflessness is a core tenant of the spiritual experience.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Want Suggestion for Angrezi gaane

I am trying to listen some 'angrezi gaane' but do not know how to choose between bulk and diverse volumes of genre like rock, blues, jazz, metal or etc etc...I have progressed from zero to the list of 20-25 English song in past 5 years. I am putting my favorite songs to get you acquired with my taste. Any recommendation of song will be highly appreciated....

List Enclosed:

Coming back to Life-Pink Floyd
Blowing in the wind-Bob Dylan
I walk the line-Johnny Cash
Summer of 69-Bryan Adams
When You Say Nothing at All-Ronan Keating
Here I am-Bryan Adams
Everything I Do-Bryan Adams
Everybody's free to wear sunscreen-Buz Luhrman
What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong feat,Kenny G .
Stand By Me - John Lennon
We Didn't Start the Fire-Billy Joel
Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd
Crawling In My Skin-Linkin Park
In The End-Linkin Park

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Raise Independent Voice

Q: Why I write my amateur opinion on every topic?

"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing." [Courtesy Sreekanth Naidu ]. Line to inspire this post is quoted above. It is a tool to raise independent voice. The greed or ambition of conveying owns voice to everyone is secondary motto in everyone writing. Here comes a bizarre collection of wisdom words below.

There came a adsense offer which attracts me to sponsor the blog with advertising. I resisted the idea long ago, and continue to resist it. After all their is a difference between a Blog and a ad magazine. My blog is a forum of discussion of diverse points of view independent of commercial liabilities. The material can be adapted or copied from other source of which I am merely the convener or distributor. The other, a commercial enterprise for the benefit of the owners presenting a particular view point. I write blog to express our thoughts clearly, not for any ZYX company. Blog is like free software movement which has changed the whole scenario of IT industry. It will become the face of free media in future.

Now main concern here is independent voice in every aspect of work or art. For detail read this[3] cocktail of cinema and free software movement.

Read one more good article about independent cinema[2]:
Independent film sensation like Reservoir Dogs, Little Miss Sunshine or Juno. These aspiring filmmakers often work day-jobs while they pitch their scripts to independent film production companies, talent agents, and wealthy investors. Independent movie-making has also resulted in the proliferation and re-popularisation of short films and short film festivals. Full-length films are often showcased at film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and the Slamdance Film Festival. Although the concept of independent films is not new to India, the trend is catching up vehemently in the last couple of years. With emergence of a new breed of filmmakers with small-budget films like Bheja Fry, Mixed Doubles, Khosla ka Ghosla, Indian films are breathing afresh."

Hoping for the best for indie films like Frozen and Gulabi Talkies. Wanting to share a trick of independent cinema movement directors: "Talk is cheap; action is expensive."

Read a beautiful line few days ago [1]:'Today, the world is in the midst of an economic, social and environmental crisis that is overturning much conventional wisdom. The best course of action is to tackle it head-on with new ideas and paradigms, fostering an environment that rewards creativity and encourages "black swans."Most of us are youth and have far fetched dreams to change the system for good of masses. As we grow old,we learn the reality of consequence.'

Passing Thoughts:-

'Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right.'

I do not understand the meaning of the above line first time. Then a book named The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain explained meaning of it clearly. It is account of journey of young and rebel boy in 1870's American dropout with strong remarks on orthodox society practices. Twain’s witty humor is largely expressed through irony and sarcasm. By portraying people with realism and shunning sentimentality, Twain makes a strong statement about human nature and societal hypocrisy.

-e-Swecha is free operating system build for the need of the engineering student.If you are an engineering student get it ASAP.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off the light for one hour. I had also participated yesterday in India in this movement. This movement is a symbolic act to save our earth against climate change and global warming.

It is a futile movement of saving earth in short term or can be called as simply power cut looking from an average Indian point of view. Then, Afghanistan celebrate it every day and each Indian village celebrate 8-12 hours of earth hour each day.

We need to educate people to switch off light / fan or close water tap when they are not utilizing it. Promote awareness of its importance to everyone by example.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Screwed my blog

I screwed up my blog really bad this time. I uploaded new template without saving previous template in hard disk. Hence, the list of all web links gathered my me in years have been vanished. Temptation of change is a lethal mouse trap for a crazy person like me. I hope that links will be recovered somehow by more research on Internet.

In between, just tell me yours CATP? CATP: ( Cut-off Age for Thrashing from Parents)
Mine was 14 years.

One more thing to ask/tell here:
Apparently sleeping at 10 and waking at 5 remains an art yet to be perfected by me!
Who is the great person here in the blogland mastering this art. Any tips................

#Photo is ambiguous and out of context.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Recovering from Pessimism

I was under depression few days ago. I always give my voice in my writings. To talk with some one without showing or sharing your secret pain is very tough. I am back from the exile with slight optimism in personal life. The change of mood was slow but the return from gloom is happening. I am trying to break the era of living from one day to another day. I have been rebuked correctly about content of one of my post. I liked the rebuke as it helps me in remove my shortcomings and illogical view of the world. I will be more honest and broad minded in citing my opinions from now on. I manipulate few ideas in my blog to give better impression to readers, but the bluffing route never work. I am revising in my heart the call of "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!," for self honesty and for the harmony with the nature. The magic wonder sense of enjoyment is lost. I am trying to regain that ecstasy in my heart. This post is written for just self expression.Just trying to rediscover the feeling of love!!!!

Some movies like 'The English Patient' or 'Dead Poet's Society' require right kind of mindset and environment to involve with it.Those who wanted to watch the film should make it personal and private viewing.As love making is different than sex, similarly the intimacy with the subtle layer of film is made possible in solitude. The mass gathering just camphourized the feeling inherited in the film due to several interruption or distraction. When you sit alone in the darkened room,the right mood evokes the emotion from inside you. The pathos or gentle humor of the sound or scene is deeply absorbed by sub conscious. The sense of understanding cinematic art develops inside you. Now,you can share your feelings and views with everyone freely and at a very evolved mental level.

I am not citing against mass viewing of cinema or any art. I am giving emphasis on the fact that one to one involvement with mastero / masterpiece gives different sense of learning to student. The silence invokes an array of thoughts harmonized with a sense of wonder and appreciation. The aesthetic feeling grows and take your ideas in an unique way.

Remember, all our lives, we have been asked to believe that "quality matters, not quantity"? Similarly, in the case of movies, it is the quality (content) of the movie that matters, not its running time or skin & action show. You are a person with the complete personality (samagrah vyaktitava). I am always unable to grasp the assumption of leaving your brain outside the movie hall. The idea of whole distinct existence of the person in the world seems to be quite paradox with the assumption. How could one laugh with the humor or jokes with the brain resting on the next chair? As he walks out of door, the complete time span inside theater is simply forgotten. He walks again to his routine lifestyle without being affected by that piece of art or bizzare work. Is that time in the movie theater just a temporary numb break from the mechanical life ?

I baffle with these question as the answers differ from individual to individual. I firmly believe in justice (bit favor vigilant one), not have much rooted faith in democracy or republic. That is another story for future debate. In end, the message for the day: Understanding yourself makes it easier to remain motivated.

From an old saying of blogland: when you are unable to change the content of blog,atleast change the template of it. I have done to outlook of the blog. Simplicity at its best.

PS: The image is created by my little sister sonal in paint. It always remind of innocent way to look at the nature.

Monday, March 23, 2009

In Exile

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " ~Attributed to Mark Twain, unconfirmed

Explore what? Dream why? Discover whom?
Blah blah blah..............
See the image of fucker, self obsessed vanity driven pseudo human in transition state between reality and dream. The life is bullshit, it ends with death. Avoid it haa!!!
Why I am writing these preachy and intellectual bakwaas over my blog. Holy scriptures are more preachy and causes more bloodshed on the name of religion. And that mighty smart God is playing a comic to an audience that's afraid to laugh. Atheism, eternity, spiritualism are mere words, nothing else..

I am not high on opium or drugs. Just bored with life. Yeh Duniya Agar Mil bhi jaaye tho kya hai? The losers song is buzzing my mind while undergods are shining. Bye bye cruel world

There is a growing section of self proclaimed “Intellectual" whose only purpose of living seems to revolve around ridiculing the free spirited nature of more jovial companions. The life of the intellect is seldom envy worthy..

I wasn’t born to follow....

There are also bunch of guys following latest trend without inherting the tacit knowledge behind them. The habits come first and justification afterwards. They assume thattaking weed, drinking alcohol, smoking ciggarates and hearing hard rock is the coolest thing. Cult Followers....

I wasn’t born to follow....

Truth has been experienced only by very few people in the world; others have simply followed borrowed knowledge. The brave one, the courageous one, would like to know the truth on his own. Puff truth for sex manic.Ohh a wild goose chase or great american dream of non conformist....

I wasn’t born to follow....

A single individual can make a difference.
Even then I scream that I wasn’t born to follow. I am the greatest cynic in the universe..
Why at the end of the day we all want to feel we are more than a speck of sand in the universe.

O humans, Decipher these lines as a trivia from your rational minds till my return!!!!

Ellipse and short cut are always where you don't expect and the focus always where you never goes....
Time never dies. The circle is never round.

I am stopping blogging till I become nerd/normal enough to talk to you. I am going from blogland on self imposed exile my fellow friends or foes. Only shoonya is in my insane mind. Oh, nihilistic God, I wanted to take a vow of silence, like you. But this heavenly beauty merits words....

Paane Paane re

An article to aware us about future of humanity about water which is by no mean less important than global warming.When MNC's are drenching water for commercial resources , voices must be raised and examples must be put forwarded by us for fair utilization of water.I have put small paragraph about this scenario.The reference of the author of the article is put at the end of the post.

"At the Polaris Institute, we propose a three-pronged strategy. First, develop a water-alert network so we can know where companies are operating and where they are going next. How are they going to move? And how can we get ahead of them?

Second, we need water-action teams that bring citizens together to build local water-watch coalitions and develop campaigns to protect their water supplies and services from conglomerates. Then we should link those local campaigns with the national campaigns of groups like Public Citizen or the Council of Canadians.

Third, we need to offer alternatives. It is not enough to say we want to defend our public water systems against private takeovers. There are problems with public water systems, and we must find new ways of revitalizing them in our own communities through citizen participation. Engaged citizens can act as watchdogs for their local water systems.

Our local actions should be informed by three global principles. One is water conservation. We cannot kid ourselves about water scarcity. Water may be abundant in one place, but it's scarce in others. Water conservation must be a top priority.

The second principle is that water is a fundamental human right. People need water to live. Water must be provided equitably to all people and not on the basis of the ability to pay.

The third principle is water democracy. We cannot leave the management of our most precious resource in the hands of bureaucrats in government or the private corporations, whether or not they are well intentioned. We, the people, must preserve this special trust, we must fight for it, and we must take our proper role and demand water democracy."

Maude Barlow, national chair of the Council of Canadians, and Tony Clarke, director of the Polaris Institute, are co-authors of Blue Gold: The Corporate Theft of the World's Water. This article is adapted from presentations made by the authors at the Water for Life conference in New York, September 2003, co-sponsored by Resurgence magazine and the Omega Institute.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Azamgarh Connection

I was attending a dinner last night at a friend's friend house when an interesting conversation happen. The host is from Tamilnadu for the sake of the information of readers.

Host: where do you originally belong from ?
Me: Azamgarh.
Host:I have heard the name of this small town in some context. (not remembering)
(After 10 seconds of pause...)
Me:You may have heard this name in the wrong cause.
Host:Yaa, Terrorist origin or something like this..

I was ashamed by the image projected of my native place in so wrong perspective.But the image is not completely false, a bit of truth is in it.If you want to know about this god forsaken place read these articles. Azamgarh Connection-1, The Battle Of Azamgarh and Azamgarh: the gulf connection.

No one knows about Ayodhya Prasad Singh “Hariaudh” a national fame Hindi poet or Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi. These names are no longer an example to emulate for the new generation of Azamgarh specially the youths of Muslim community. Deprived of higher education, the young and the restless of the village have no option but to take up jobs in West Asia or Mumbai. Few of them are ill guided in the name of religion by fanatics.

There is a general feeling in the Muslim community, and not only in Azamgarh, that after every terrorist act the police pick up innocent Muslim youth at random and even if they let them go after interrogation, their lives are already destroyed. They lose their jobs, marriages break down, their Muslim relatives and friends too start avoiding them, not to speak of their Hindu friends or employers. This has already happened to several Muslim youths in different parts of the country.

Injustice to Muslims is the foundation of terrorism.It gives them a chance to spread the propaganda of segregate and orthodox Muslim community. Hindus are not only bystander and victims of the violence. The hatred and intolerance to mix with the people of other caste and religion is most widespread in them.

Any authentic, well-meaning leadership would have guided them towards deep introspection as to why educated Muslim youth, particularly from Azamgarh, are getting involved into terrorist acts. Instead they are being led into total denial of the very existence of the militant fundamentalism virus imported from Saudi Arabia - Pakistan - Afghanistan region that is gradually infecting Indian Muslim youth too. There is enough evidence to suggest that this is happening, but our leaders, both political and theological, are leading the community into total denial. This does not bode well for the Indian Muslim community. The genuine worries of the Azamgarh Muslims are being channelised into wrong directions.

It is easy to blame the police and the government. Not that they do not deserve that blame sometimes. But while we have to try and keep them on their toes, through peaceful protests, through political mobilisation, and so on, that is not going to solve our problems in the long run. We need to introspect deeply and awareness should be our main function for bringing peace.

I have compiled this article just randomly and adapting some paragraphs from here and there. But the incident is true one. Just randomly found links for those who wants to know about problems of our country and voice of minority.

1-You could find a distinct voice on Islam here in this article.
2-Gul Panag clarifies her views on Terrorists and Terrorism. It is not any commanding article from a politician but it is very honest opinion .
3-At last about my native place, Azamgarh: Where guns have replaced roses!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hypothesis on Creation

Srikanth Srinivasan writes an article about Dev D. I wanted readers to go through this paragraph presented in the article here...

"I believe there are three facets of creation - science, engineering and art. Science is purely a product of the brain. A supplier of perpetual innovation. Directors like (early) Spielberg and George Lucas are great technicians. They make up for the one-dimensionality of their scripts with their sweeping visuals and methods. Art is something that is very personal and one that should come from deep within. Scorsese and Cassavetes aren't what they are just because they shot on the streets or because they took the camera in their hands. What they portrayed on screen was an extension of their own personalities. And in between these two lies the clever device called Engineering. Assembling the innovations provided by scientists to "assemble" a customized product. And that is why Mr. Kashyap comes out as an engineer at the end of Dev D.So what does Mr. Kashyap want to “design” here? Well, from what we get from it, it looks like Mr. Kashyap is making a broad commentary on our obsession with sex."

I don't want to discuss about Dev D or Mr A.K. obsession with sex. I want to exchange thoughts about creation view puffed with science,engineering and art. Any suggestion on his application of hypothesis in real society and cinema are heartily invited.Feel free to comment and discuss...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dark side of India

Indians are stricken by the disease of cynicism and negative thinking. They are all more materialistic, less idealistic, and even termed as prudent and practical. Lack of independent thinking and risk taking tendency has doomed us to the slave of western thinking till now. The colonial rule and dominance of one party over has produced more followers than leaders.

The lack of social entrepreneurs is more gray issue than any financial problem. Engineers can build the physical infrastructure of a nation, but someone needs to build and develop the institutions that nurture democracy. The government does not promote free thinking and scholarship in the social sciences. The present political structure is based on ignorance and irrational thinking.Even within a university environment, saying social or political things may be rife with problems from fellow students or administration.

All this talk is given in the seductive influence of Gulaal. Gulaal is a flawed masterpiece. I like the movie because of its connection with youths and university politics. The first half is an introduction of characters but second half is just manipulation of scenes together. I don't want to enrage the readers with synopsis of plot. But after Haasil, a movie has come depicting university politics in limelight with honesty. The depiction of caste system, university environment and puppet politics is beautifully presented here.

The unusual point about the movie:Films contains references of US war of Afghanistan, Iraq and 9/11 , Cynical comments of Indian Democracy are made by some characters & Piyush Mishra wears a locket of John Lennon. The soundtrack and lyrics are refreshingly good and flows smoothly as the movie progress. The lyrics remind me of Hindi poetry still unheard by majority of Hindi speaking people.

The movie content is good and directly associated with Hindi heartland of India. The cinema halls will remain empty and people from metro cities will not be able to associate with characters, hence a wide margin of revenue will cut off. Leave trade analyst and critics alone. Watch the movie for sheer performance of KK and superb performance of Abhimanyu Singh (do not panic, he is not a star kid)...

I have read atleast 10-15 reviews of the movie but the most balanced one is here. There is positive and good face of India but this experience was like discovering dark side of the moon. Celebrate the democracy with courtier culture and dynasticism. The talk of loyalty and nihilism in one same place is revolt to the Indian tradition, but independent thinking is budding in young Indian minds.

Yeh Degree agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai...

Another good for nothing engineer awarded degree by our universities...

I missed the convocation ceremony,the black coat and college.I don't have any regrets and give damn to them. I missed a chance of reunion with friends that is quite sad incident personally. No charm of degree as it is just symbolic price given by university of my success in passing 8 semester course of mechanical engineering.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rebel Wave of Cinema

I do not know about mainstream but welcome all ortho-para-meta dox way of making good film. I wander into middle path cinema like most Indians. I love partially both soul stirring and crowd pleasing movies. The vacuum of good cinema with healthy and sensible entertainment is missing from our bollywood. I do not know, either imagination is missing or Indian public is not intelligent enough to appreciate creative work.

Cinema is for the broad minded people who wants to explore horizon of human mind. It is not for pseudo intellectual or cult followers. Changing with the time is natural human quality. Honesty is in the promise of filmmaker with the expectation of people. Quality is not directly proportional to quantity in any field of life. Cinema should be focused on quality not quantity. Few people act /think ahead of time, they are visionaries of our society. Creative auteur make their opinion finely blending with entertainment in their creation to society.

There is very marginal difference between movies and cinema. While impression of the average movies is short lived, cinema creates everlasting and deep effect with time. Each review of the cinematic art enriches the emotion generated on first screening. Cinema is always created out of conviction rather than any compulsion. Cinema is on continuous search and endeavor for new philosophy of life.

Do not compare past especially parallel cinema movement with today's cinema. A lot of water has flown under the bridge and a whole generation of young thinkers are now veteran ones. Degeneration and resurrection is part of change. The cycle of cosmos and chaos will go on indefinitely. The change is inevitable. When some one is changing without attaching it self with inherent quality of change, it is termed as fashion in degraded sense. It is a temporary change and will perish after few days. Art is inside-out while fashion is outside-in.

Thinking pattern of viewers and readers may vary drastically with each other on blog land. But one point is sure that they ridicule the system where untalented but influential star-children are promoted to the top of the ranks and talent is given no importance. The growth of star children lies in our prehistoric mentality of faith in rule of dynasty succession. Thousand years of slavery has made them mere followers of the west (not Europe but America). We need original (flawed or semi polished or anything) works from India. There is enough plagiarism on the name of creative adaptation.

You would be surprised but I have go in support of the 'Piracy'. The big claims of ultra-big filmmakers fighting against piracy go out of the window when the same people blatantly copy Hollywood films and call them their own creation. Hard hitting example-- Mahesh Bhatt. We pirate the scripts, dialogues and even camera shots so what's the big deal? After all it is a "Intellectual Piracy". These people should be given replica of Oscars or 'Golden Bear' in the name of most originally copied material. In that case, isn't it better to see your own movie been watched by millions, even if that's on pirated CDs? The torrent and rapidshare are doing fair share of jobs otherwise we would have been unknown of these maestro's upliftments and inspirational movies.

People like Anurag Kashyap outrage and provoke people by implicitly asking what the limits of art are? Encourage rebellious person like him. Fight against social order to save the society and future potential. Rise of AK is similar to Martin Scorsese. They are questioning the conformist and norms of society. All troubled and skeptical characters are protagonist in there movies. Dark and Underground movies has prepared the soil for the plant of 'Rebel Wave of Cinema' in India. Hope it bloom and a new contribution to world form India come into the picture.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Frustoo side of me

Warning:Highly autobiographic post of a dejected,frustrated and confused person.

There is a question repetitively asked in the interview - "Where do you see yourself 3 years ahead in life?" The questionnaire cannot tell his/her professional future after 1 year. But the irony of fate stuck in your neck to predict the future. The astrologer inside you is liberated and a future dream mixed with pseudo-ethics pours from the answer. This is ridiculous and complete waste of time in judging potential. This is referenced here as an anecdote to start my story. Because I am finding no clue about me now. The uncertainty about future in determining my life is taking sacrifice of mine simple pleasures.

I am just living life from one day to another day.I had not read any book from last 2 months. The dyslexic inability to read literature is appearing in me. I feel very low like a pebble stone trampled by mob. Ever heard of a person to whom no wants to look but no one knows what to do with him.I am the one.

I have became obsessed with orkut and blog these days. People love sarcastic or romantic blog these days. I had forsaken sarcasm and cannot capture love with empty heart. Hence, none to write here for the readers. My blog is a live example of mediocre manipulation of ideas. I capture, fuse, hybrid and share the concepts in the blog. Inspirational diversion is prime motto to start the blog. I will be dishonest if i say that i do not like people reading my post and commenting on it. I had put 'recent comments' widget in my blog to be give feedback to the people as soon as possible. I am currently collecting and compiling data from the notes. I encapsulate lines from the others and engineer the article in presentable form. Originality given by me is just manipulation and presentation of facts in thematic way. I also put a abstract or sarcastic photograph to attract attention. Fake and cheap...

I do not live in present. I roam in the futuristic dreams and always suffer from the nostalgia of past. I live like phantom in my own life with no awareness of surroundings. I take a ghost walk around the life of others in my thoughts. With the minute observation,the blending & writing of fiction with facts have became my favourite hobby. I cultivate the seeds of others idea to enrich my soul. The barren soul captures only echo of hollowness in return. Hence,I am soaked in the gloomy mood. I am just a nasty creature wanting pity of others through comments. Pitch blackness is in front of my eyes. This is a confession of shallow blogger who always sounds like preacher. Enough frustration to the reader is given by me. Avoid the post. I need either a kick in the ass or chill booze or solitude with silence.In the end,

“Do I continually have to prove to myself that I exist?"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A beautiful poem...

I was watching the movie"The Proposition" when these lines are whispered by the protagonist. I could not find about writer of this peom on google. Enjoy the lyrics......
"When?"Said the moon to the stars in the sky.
"Soon," said the wind that followed him home.
"Who?" said the cloud that started to cry.
"Him," said the rider, dry as a bone.

"When?"Said the moon to the stars in the sky.
"Soon," said the wind that followed him home.
"Who?" said the cloud that started to cry.
"Me," said the rider, dry as a bone.
"How?" said the sun that melted the ground.
"Why?" said the river that refused to run.
"Where?" said the thunderwithout a sound.
"Here," said the rider,and took up his gun.

And chalte chalte , remembering Ghalib's poetry...

Ghalib ke dost:
Maszid mein baith mat pee Ghalib,
Ek hi ghunt hai kahin khuda na maangle!!

Maszid mein baith peene de Ghalib,
Ya woh jagah bata jahan khuda na ho!!


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