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Monday, July 27, 2009

End of an Argument. How ?

Agrippa's Trilemma :The trilemma is a breakdown of all possible proofs for a theory into three general types:

* The circular argument, in which theory and proof support each other.
* The regressive argument, in which each proof requires a further proof.
* The axiomatic argument, which rests on accepted precepts.

This Trilemma is just for giving you an idea about types of arguments and little bit of creating impression about me (:P).

We came across several heated debates on the online community, forums and blogs about any topic. In a typical argument, each person tries to prove themselves right and the other person wrong. Instead of synthesis or refining of ideas, our focus shifts to stick to our owns idea as prime and supreme one. In the end, each person only ends up either more entrenched in their views or influenced by dominant juggling of words, regardless of who seems to deliver the most rational argument. Arguments are done for the sake of progress than victory. An argument can't be won by resistance. It will only increase the stubbornness of others and a little communication of importance will be achieved. Trying to prove yourself right and the other person wrong is like making a frontal assault on an entrenched enemy position. The goal of your argument is attempting to raise the other person’s awareness while maintaining your own sense of inner peace and identity with the idea.

I wanted to know why so brilliant individuals can't agree on a small point for evolving into next level of discussion. Its major reason which I can catch was that our education system fosters competitive excellence rather than intellectual curiosity or cooperation . Also, I want to know how to conclude these arguments as per seen similar situations in much popular fish market like Group discussions (GD). Any suggestions ??????????????

For good reading purpose,

1- Tagore and his India --- Amartya Sen.

2- Leszek Kołakowski (1927- 2009)

3- Who killed the Indian University ?

4- An interview with Fatima Bhutto.

5- Recession: How Risk Models Failed Wall St. and Washington?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introspecting Career

"I am an enthusiast, not an expert."

It took me 23 years 11 months to realise and write this line. Now, this line holds key to my future. I was never involved with full extent in anything in past. I was working as a CATALYST for the process but didn't actively participating in it. Further, this nature prevents me to start anything new as entrepreneur or provide service under hierarchical structure order. What I am able of was to inspire/aspire others for achieving higher goals. So, I have decided to plan my career on this inherent talent. Now on, I will give a talk about my career in casual manner in this post.

A Quote for Self Motivation at Start:  "Don’t meet people who just want to meet you. Do something that makes everyone want to meet you. Make a short that is good enough that no one can ignore.”--Anurag Kashyap

Once upon a time, I met a mechanical engineer working in Delhi metro project. What we majorly talk is irrational here but his one sentence always keep in the mind. He stated that make yourself irreplaceable with gaining expertise in the line of work, otherwise you had wasted a great opportunity in the life. I may not fully agree with him still consider it for introspection purpose in the professional life.

I was more process oriented doing thing step by steps till I entered ITBHU. My thinking changes 180 degree after that. Soon due to carelessness, I came in the category of Engineers for whom: It doesn't matter ki question kya hai, they say bataoo answer kya laana hai. Rest of the account about my graduation years is briefly stated before. Then, I escaped from the core mechanical area after graduation and got job in the I.T. (service sector). Long gone back those days of relaxation and now I have highly monotonous routine of office-home and viceversa. I can describe my life in the words of Anton Chekhov (provided by the furobiker)-: Any idiot can face a crisis, it's day to day living that wears you out.

People who know me are well aware of my fickleness and desperate search for career path. Standing on one leg and balancing other leg may not be my favourite stance but my career progress is like that only. A sort of dissatisfaction from the present and highly aspirational future dream. This parallel career with 'happy go lucky' attitude is taking too much toll on my health with loneliness increasing another psychological problem.

It is my philosophy that our thinking is not best expressed in words. It is expressed in the choices we make up with fully owning responsibility. I have interest in Cinema, Socio-cultural studies, Intellectual Property rights, Composite material, Energy Engineering, Administrative Services, Knowledge Management & Developmental Studies at different span of time-line in last 5 years. Finally after a long run in diverse field, I have started preparing for entrance examination of MBA in rural management.I had previously heavily criticized my fellow batch mates (not all but most of them) for blindly pursuing MBA without even assessing their inherent potential. It may be my prejudice but I think it takes very long time to decide your career shape before investing your time and hard work in it. So, IRMA Anand or XIRM Bhubaneswar are my dream destination. If the dream comes true, I will be abiding technical/software and corporate field forever. Note down that I write this blog without fear of HR & Management which can easily sneak into personal blog in recession times.

There is no right or left for me now...there is only up and down of life.

For the times they are a-changing and I have found something to compete for finally..

A Quote for Self Motivation at End:. “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”—T.E.Lawrence

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Crazy Post !@#$

Image is of Madman painted by Theodore Gericault. Now the preview of this writeup should be cleared to you.

"Logic is deduction, not description. Understanding is secondary; the reasoning is the thing. In Logic and Mathematics, we do not understand things . . . we reason and deduce."
--- Quoted from the movie :The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser.

This slightly amended dialogue from the movie set the mood of this post. I haven't seen the movie but read this punch line on pfc. Suddenly, I wanted to compile some hotch potch about wisdom, knowledge and information.
Starting with poetry.....

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
-T.S. Eliot

And then progressing with a quote...

Knowledge comes by taking things apart:analysis. But wisdom comes by putting things together.--John A. Morrison

On reading about genius people on nimmy's blog, my heart propelled me to put my crazy idea into words. I choose very arbitrary topic: Knowledge Management. I have put a paragraph here of my crazy idea about KM....

"Reducing carbon emissions of corporates is vital to green IT, a task that recession-induced cost cutting has indirectly fulfilled. I found new mantra for information usage in the era of green IT. Reduce, reuse and recycle the information. Information pollution is term coined by me only in this age of knowledge economy. Knowledge management people should have used this mantra, Its free and open source. Thesis of green IT, Antithesis of Information network and prosthesis for KM guys."

See, I have no clue what I had written here in chaos. I think it is there to confuse people involved in KM field. If you are smart then figure the meaning yourself...

I am going Insane or mad with each day, now you decide....
I am off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cast off Caste

I was talking to my flatmate yesterday. We had a small argument about intercaste marriage. He will not do intercaste marriage due to his family and community background. Thats, ok reply for me. Then, I fired next shell on him, " What about your daughter in the future?". He replied that he will go for intracaste marriage if the girl does not opt for the love marriage (consider it against his wish). I was astonished by his reply and blaming his impotency to stand on this issue on his family and community. I can imagine the upbringing of the girl (daughter) in that environment very easily. So full of prejudice and what more to say..

Most of the people who support intercaste marriage openly, they are not going to do that. They said that just to show people their pseudo open mindness. At the juncture point, they don't have guts to do that. And latter justify that he/she can't marry intercaste girl/boy because of there parents and relatives, community. The neutral accent of these people derail reforms more than brutal atrocities done by caste prejudices.

Rigid Stand of most people against inter caste marriage pisses me off and then on argument, they give bullshit theories of tradition, caste superiority and then fear of society. I believe them as the same people who suffer from white man syndrome. I was giving previous example from daily life to show you that educational degree does not reflect mindset of an individual . Its the broad mindset to accept and judge things rationaly on the basis of merit rather tradition or style which matters most in our life.

From 5 years, I am learning about new India and Indians strangely hidden by mass media from us. I am pretty sure that only few people reading this blog will be aware of the name of Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights movement in America. Strangely, But I am damn sure that none of my friends (Read: Hindutva follower) will be knowing about Self-Respect Movement started by Periyar in Tamilnadu a century above. Getting the youth involved is crucial in the process of social change against caste discrimnation. The root of this prejudice lies deep in our histories, but its impact is felt every day.

Will be updating more on this issue....

"It is not God that is worshipped but the group or authority that claims to speak in His name. Sin becomes disobedience to authority not violation of integrity." - S Radhakrishnan.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fight against Hunger

I have never written anything for the sake of publicity or public lobbying in this blog. Today, I am breaking this rule. Please read all the posts (atleast this news article only) of this blog for the awareness campaign run by a single man against the whole system. It is a fight to ensure most basic right of existence of an individual: Right of food.

Core area of the discussion here is about food, agriculture and hunger.

Music, Mango and Samosa

Indians are exposed to a lot of rural folk, bollywood music, pop albums and bhakti songs. Few of us also ventures into Indian classical and Carnatic music also. The unique amalgam of traditional music and popular cinema sounds, being performed by musicians on stages and arenas, depicting the cultural lifestyle of Indian. I am here giving you links of street music of Indian. You may have heard thousand of western classical, rock, jazz and blues but I insist for giving attention to our own musical heritage: Street Music of India.

Kanpurites has good sense of business sense and one of the example is here.Its a story of branding and marketing Samosa in recent times of Lokshabha election.

"The sweet shop in focus is Satya Sweet House's one-rupee 'samosa' and rightly naming it as 'Nano Samosa'. It is the current hot favourite with the political workers of the various political parties. To ensure the smooth sale of samosas to field workers of political parties the shop has made some special arrangements. The shop has set a target to sell 6,000-7,000 samosas daily. It is supplying 1,000 samosas daily to district Congress party headquarter at Tilak Hall alone, while BJP office is trailing with a consumption 600-700 samosas per day." [As read in India Today]

I am not great fan of Mango like Mirza Ghalib but really missing the diverse mango varieties in Hyderabad. I have never eaten Malda and Aamrpali (Bihar region), but now wants to taste these varieties. Before that, rolling again back to the Kanpur memories, a reproduction from local news of Kanpur..

"There is hardly anything tempting about summers but for the succulent mangoes. As the sun beats down mercilessly,the only good thing is arrival of aam in the city. Kanpurites wait till the end of May to dig into their favourite varieties -- Langda, Chausa and Dussehri. Before that, they have to settle for the more readily available Alphonso, Badaam-Safeda, Totapari and Gulab Khaas.

And if mango is the king of fruits then Alphonso is the king of mangoes. Alphonso mangoes are known for their superior quality and their sweet taste. The northern belt, especially UP, is known not only for its varieties of mango but also for the legends associated with it. Legend has it that the Nawabs of Awadh and people in Bihar planted thousands of mango saplings in their area and hence, the maximum number and variety of mangoes are from this region. People of this region have also experimented with methods of hybridisation and grafting to produce new varieties. Another legend associated with this variety of the fruit says that the famous Langda variety of mango was a result of a chance seeding near Benaras." [Times of India]

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kanpur- Pigs, Vikrams & Gutkha.

Once upon a time Kanpur was called land of swine and auto-rickshaw, speaking in English: pigs and Vikram auto only. It was popular idiom among citizens that beware while driving of vikrams and pigs. They can stop, run and take unpredictable turn on the road. And in fighting, you cann't win from their masters.
Kanpur is without doubt one of the most polluted and chaotic cities.Today the world is hit by swine flu, I recall the old days when private pig farms were proliferated in the city without any monitoring. Kanpur was the centre of bristle trade for the whole of India under colonialism mainly done by Khatiks. After the decline of the bristle trade the Khatik switched over to public pig rearing which became a menace to the whole of Kanpur.
The brief rides on the “Vikrams” for roaming in the city can invariably left an outsider tired, irritable and generally sick. Still People prefer vikrams than crammed buses for its mobility and fast service inside jammed road of Kanpur. But I loved them for their talkative drivers and mithun da type sidekicks hanging outside autorickshaw. The image down there is of an old autorickshaw which were the masters of road in starting 90's. Pretty fun to ride in them, now they are replaced by better ones. Still crazy drive in vikram having seat beside driver is must part of mine all Kanpur trip.
Now number of pigs is significantly reduced by the action of ex- mayor Anil Kumar Sharma. And, CNG buses considerably reduces the workload of transportation and outing of old vehicles (15 years old) reduced emission considerably.

One more deserved mention about specialities of Kanpur is Gutkha. Wikipedia defines Gutkha (also spelled gutka, guttkha, guthka) as super kick a** version of Skoal tobacco. Spitting paan masala is so common that even your white shirt is saved from blackening due to pollution, a journey in local bus will surely make it damp with red mark. Pan Parag, Kamla Pasand, Talab, Rajshree, Natraj and Wah are name of the popularized brands here.
While the decision to ban gutkha is well received by and large, it is seen as a big blow to some five lakh people are employed in this sector and the revenue loss to the state government are immense. Over fifty different Paan Masala and gutkha industries will not be the only losers, even the itra (perfume) industry of Kannauj fall in this trap. As, ninety per cent of the perfume here is used by the Paan Masala and Gutkha industries in Kanpur.

I am not uttering a single word about the dying roads having valleys and plateaus on them. At every single Billboard and wall , there is a name of the Member of the parliament of this city Mr. ShriPrakash Jaiswal who also happens to be a Cabinet minister and that too Home minster (state). I wonder if he ever visits his constituency or makes cunning speeches !!

Here only, I saw filth all around and myself experienced this, now I call it a ‘Human Jam’. What a city, what a mess. Kanpur Series goes on.....

Truly, Wah Kanpur, Ahh Kanpur!!!..........

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missing Friends

I felt like living in exile or alienation although in contact with friends virtually through internet. Forget about last post or anything preachy, I said about ontology or spritualism.

Missing love crushes, na. They never care about me as you people have.

Just missing you friends.. sonal, vishu, dada, vvs, golu, chaudhary, hathi, agp, bond, chammo, kunal, chandan, chandu, shukla, srikant bhaiya, garima, soni, rajjo, gupta jee and many not named here.


As the famed Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert said, for anybody else, not telling the truth can be a tactical maneuver. But for the writer, staying silent is lying. Instead the bulk of readers and viewers seem comfortable with witty sarcasm & sexual oriented comedy or sensationalism and xenophobia, What do I have to offer going against mainstream. My friends may point about that they read my mental condition in the images and words in the blog updated in every 3 days.

Moods and passion are reflected in the phenomenal world which came to bear on the deepest concerns of human life woven as I am into intricate web of life. Few evenings, I only went to walk and concluded to stay out even after sunset alone. The mood was of going out, but I realise that I was really going in dissolving in old thoughts. Suddenly a question arose in my mind about my nature. Is Love of sublime landscapes linked with reactionary romanticism?

You push yourself to achieve in love. After a failure in the love, the tinge of infatuation and innocence of heart is lost from life. The maturity comes as a byproduct and you are not the same person as a second before with time. You became much distant to many and intimate to few. You will found soon that to talk with someone without sharing your secret pain is very tough initially, latter to reveal your history become more gruesome. I was asked to reply my emotional un-attachment to people to whom I love and care silently. Simply, I got one line solution to all my problem: People who are sensible about love are incapable of it. (Thnx orkut)

Finished 3 part biography of Swami Vivekanand and felt that Bookish knowledge isn't always bad and, as some celebrities say, has the power to transform lives forever. As an professional IT employee, I am following tough vow of : Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise...

Note: Above posts does not reflect mine life on the brink of collapse by pessimism. I am well functioning as sovereign country of Pakistan with the emotional support of friends and family. Yes, I am disillusioned about my career with each passing day.

Chao, more to come like always.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vichaar Shoonya - 0

1- The Taliban have taken advantage of the vacuum of governance by carrying out spectacular suicide bombings in major cities across the country. They are generating fear, rumor, and also support from countless unemployed youth, some of whom are willing to kill themselves to advance the Taliban cause. The mean age for a suicide bomber is now just sixteen. It is a brilliant strategy of evacuation of opposition by suicide bombing and then fill the place with Talibs as a voice of people. They also utilize high illiteracy rate in Pakistan. All the crux of the above blabbering was to introduce you to these two articles describing mindset of our neighbouring nation elite society: Why is Pakistan Half Illiterate? and Causality of war.

2- Faith of Einstein.

3- Econ Sense: Equality vs. Efficiency, the Case of Universal Health Care..

4- Bloggers, Media and Science Reporting & Indian Scientists and Science Blogging

5- On black literature in America

Quote of the day:
Logic and reason are the naphthalene balls we use to pack our hopes, dreams and desires away into a SANDOOK called "Someday". But when that day comes we are too old, too poor , too tired or too lazy to do anything.--- Rashmi Bansal.

Talking about Cinema

Experience is the art, expression is the craft. All good writing is intuitive writing . . . (And) principles (rules) begin to guide your intuition.”Learning scriptwriting has to be powered by your desire to write.” Structure will help you tell your story the way you want to."[pfc]

Don’t talk of motion pictures, talk of emotion pictures.
A film is not merely meant for amusement. A good film stays with you as a rich experience. It creates a certain impact: emotional, political or intelligent. Dibakar Banarjee mingles Hrishikesh da’s realistic “common man and his plight story” with a pinch of surrealistic humor and creates a unique style of his own. There is always a desire to achieve something and an obstacle in the way of it.

Quotes on Directing, Scriptwriting and Creativity.

Just for quote:
In the movie, The Killing(1956) the Russian wrestler Maurice, who delivers an interesting monologue about gangsters and artists being the same in the eyes of the masses. "They are admired and hero-worshipped, but there is always present an underlying wish to see them destroyed at the peak of their glory.”

A must read for those who concern that cinema must be seen with brain intact to body.
Festivals, Awards, Celebrities, Recognition – But where is Indian Cinema?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Vichaar Shoonya-1

1. To start a culture change all we need to do is two simple things:

- Do dramatic story-worthy things that represent the culture we want to create. Then let other people tell stories about it.
- other people who do story-worthy things that represent the culture we want to create. Then tell stories about them.

Example: A story of sheer passion by Santosh Ojha.--- Jo Chaho Ujiyaar.

2. Best Compliment ever received by Banaras Hindu University. Remark is given by Bhupen Hazarika.

"In Guwahati, I was an Assamese. In Kolkata, I became a Bengali but I became an Indian after coming to Uttar Pradesh, particularly BHU." [Source]

#For More BHU nostalgia, Download this ppt.

3. Matt Tabbi 's reveal us about some hidden facts and his hypothessi about Goldman Sachs:
The Great American Bubble Machine. [Quite Long Article]

Moral for us: "Organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy."

Thought of the day:
A man far greater than you, far greater than any we have known, once said, “To be in good moral condition requires at least as much training as to be in good physical condition.” This man was called Jawahar Lal Nehru.


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