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Friday, September 26, 2008

Habit of reading Literature

"Despite being educated and brought up in a rational society, there are times when we fail to understand the difference between intelligence and wisdom! Perhaps it’s only when you observe and understand the world around you, do you realize that difference can be altered for increasing your pace of the learning curve. Observation too has its limitations! What you would ideally require is developing the reading habit. Perhaps because it’s the most natural habit to inculcate!"
The above lines from a blog inspired me to write the effect of literature and habit of reading in our daily life.

There is an epidemic with million of victims in our country. There are no visible symptoms of this problem. It’s an epidemic of people who can’t read. There is difference between literacy rate and true percentage of educated population. Those who can read and write few words are consider as literate in India. It is simple considered as education till class 5th grade. So the literacy rate is not predictable by governmental statistics.

Habit of reading removes the boredom and monotony of a humdrum life. It means us to realize a view point of another person. Currently, newspapers are most widespread and cheapest source of reading material. National income per person of India is Rs.1265 per year. It is quite low figure in comparison to rising prices of books. Still, it is not the major problem in Indian intellectuals. The literate and prosperous part of population does not want to invest money in good books but it willingly purchases show objects. This mentality must be changed by us. They are on the verge of becoming shallow & cynics. Cynic: The person who knows cost of everything but value of nothing. Oscar Wilde says that the supreme vice is Superficiality. Literature saves us from superficiality. It gives new depth and dimensions to human kind. Human personality can only be enriched by imaginative contact with other time, place and people.

Each invention of human kind is an extension of tools or time saving device. Books are extended version of thoughts. That’s make them special invention in human civilization. Cheap sensationalism is a monster in the realm of literature. Trash is produced in abundance in every decade but natural taste of healthiness of public taste lets it die. Literature enables us to experience the great truth that each man is all men. It teaches us the religion of humanity. Humanism is greater than any school of thoughts.

One of the ironies of human life has been that literary giants have envied men of action and men of action have envied with writers and poets. A class of probably mistaken and misguided people insists that Literature should bring immediate social and political change. In other word they want literature to become propaganda. They forget that literature works imperceptibility by becoming only one of factors and forces which re-mould life. Like each great tree, literature is a plant of slow growth. The secret of literature and literary creation is the sincerity of imagination. It is just the best way for expressing and feeling your emotion.

"Human’s mental, moral and spiritual evolution can only be achieved by spreading literature to the remotest corner."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Harmony with Nature

There are many sweet memories during my brief stay at Germany. One of it is worth mentioning here. I was sharing my house (not room :D) with a guy. His name was Christian Clauss. I was invited at his home for a day. His family was curious on meeting with a stranger from distant land. His home were located in the country side. His father, Alexander was a simple farmer and was native of East Germany. He knows German and Russian but not English. I was introduced to his mother, Sabine. I have quite long dialogue with her on various topics. There was feeling of happiness in the family. I could not resist the temptation of this secret. I asked for the reason of joy of living in the remote part far from city. On seeing my puzzled face, she replied “We should live in harmony with nature.” It was secret mantra of their life. I was amazed and a sense of respect for her view went deep down in my heart. Really, search of inner peace lies in the harmony with others.

Azamgarh:The Gulf Connection

I was once asked about famous people hailing from my home town, Azamgarh. I cannot name even one of eminent fellows. Few of us will know the name of Rahul Sankrityayan or Kaifi Azmi. Fewest of us have heard the name of Ayodha Singh ‘Harioudh’ & Shibli Nomani. These names are not even famous now in Hindi or Urdu speaking belt of India. Contrary to this, Dawood Ibhrahim, Abu Salem & Ejaj Lakedwala are renowned names from Azamgarh to Dubai.
I have mentioned them in my previous post:Welcome to Azamgarh

Now, Abu Basher has added his name in this eminent list of role models. It is slight different case now. All of the previous names were criminals but now emerging names are terrorists. There is a place called Saraimeer in the Azamgarh district. It is strong hold of Muslim population. Sadly, most of the wanted criminals originate from this place. But in truth, Azamgarh is like a dormant volcano. Only lava of this volcano is erupting and causing destruction at different places.

Some clues to Azamgarh's troubles are to be found in its economy. Despite being home to 4 million people (of whom 58 per cent are Hindus), the district has no industries worth taking note of. Despite a more-than-evident desire to acquire the tools to succeed (computer training and English speaking institutes are a rage), there are no universities or engineering colleges. But there is money. In Sarai Meer, Sanjarpur, Beenapara and the neighbouring areas, big, gleaming cars jam narrow lanes, tiny shops yield the latest gadgets and acres of green fields are broken up by tall white mansions. It's not money from the country's economic boom but from the Middle East where almost every family has a member.

Majority of the young people left here for various places in the search of job. From 08/09/2008 to 21/09/2008, 1125 people applied for passport from this region.90% were destined to go to gulf countries. This place is really prosperous without any industries. There is continuous flow of petro-dollars from the gulf. There are branches of 4 nationalized and 2 local banks in Saraimeer. Monthly turnover of the one branch of nationalized bank is about Rs. 5 crores. The Hawala exchange also generates the Rs. 25 crores per month. In short, there is monthly turnover crosses the record of Rs. 50 crores. Any entrepreneur is listening to this!!!! Still most of my fellow ITBHUians have not heard of this terabithia. Pay attention to this, Azamgarh is just 99 km away from the Varanasi.

Major portion of these petro dollars has been invested highly by the community only in building Madarsas. Now, it is claimed that new members of terrorist are breeding in it. Azamgarh is becoming nursery for terrorism. There is no direct control of educational policy in these schools by government. Government fears from the uprising on direct intervention with minority population. Some selfish people are nourishing unwanted elements in the protection of pseudo secularism.

Most of this money is spend in vain and no development of the place has taken place. Job scenario is still the same and flight of people to Bombay and gulf has not stopped. Previously all criminals were nobody at home. Like all those who have left this place, they have excelled in other place. But these terrorists have been trained at home only. Local leaders of Samajwadi party & Congress were advocating freedom of Abu Basher for vote bank politics. Local police shows zero resistance against criminal elements .It is not all doom picture here. There is enough socialism that no big communal riots have taken place here since independence. Hope, it will be maintained in future.

Muslims of Azamgarh

Despite all rumors,The below link gives optimistic view of this place:
Muslims of Azamgarh: who are they, what are they?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome to Azamgarh

Do you know any city named Azamgarh?
Off coarse, you will be briefed by various news channel telling Azamgarh as den of terrorists. Azamgarh, a small sleepy town in eastern UP, is under scanning again, for all the wrong reasons in national bulletins. But,my amazement to these lies in the fact that this city is mine hometown.
I will give you 3 links to understand the unique background of this place.
1-Azamgarh in Wikipedia
2-Azamgarh in Government website
3-Azamgarh in Historical Percepts

Few days ago, I was tracing the roots of cultural,political and social fabric of this district.I have not lived at this place from my birth. My paternal side belongs to Azamgarh and maternal side belongs to Mau (a district formed by the division of Azamgarh in 1988). Still, except my father all my relatives are in these two district.This place really is far beyond any city in India at least 20 years.

Azamgarh backwardness lies in the mindset of the people residing there. People can't think beyond government job and mostly divert towards teaching profession. Their mentality is same as it was 10 yrs ago. Fundamental thinking here is based on, how to get a government job by any means if possible. This mentality makes the people frustrated when they didn't get a government job. Polluted politics and crime is another factor which are responsible for this worst condition of Azamgarh. Main problem is the participation of students in these act and lack of career orientation. Major cities near Azamgarh for higher education are Varanasi, Allahabad and Gorakhpur. Only few educational institutes has been opened here recently and progress is quite satisfactory. I am still working for more facts and will tell you soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Return of Bearded beast

It is general misconception that I am doing nothing these days except relaxing at home. It may be a comfortable truth or a false statement. Honestly, I am free from last 4 years but quite alone these days. So, I am looking back into my life and self assessing career and relations. Blank mind is the home of the devil. Hence, I am watching movies and reading novels to counter this devil. This post is dedicated to all people without whiskers.

Portrait of the bearded beast is not quite extra ordinary but certainly a unique one. My cloning has not been taken place till this date in my knowledge. The long and unshaven beard appears to be bird’s nest in progress and a sign of laziness or lethargy to my well-wishers. It is rather unconvincing for majority of people that beard and mustache can give masculine beauty. Clean shave is taken as symbol of beauty and smoothness. I do not understand that it is marketing strategy of razor blades or modern parameter of face value. Well trimmed beard with different styles is more preferred by your family and friends rather than random facial hairs. Mustache and beard are extra natural gifts on the face of man in comparison with woman. Smooth face appears to be more feminine in nature.

People try to see you in a traditional way or tuned with new style. Every punk style of dress is not cool one but neglecting exterior look is in mine common routine. The constant pursuit to polish ½ mm skin on exterior takes more toll than cleaning of heart these days. There is maximum effort to bluff people with your outlook. Most people just tend to make fast and everlasting impression from the first look. They don't want to search for inner beauty of the person. This world is really a show business than concrete reality. I am saying given facts with surety because I am really deceiving common junta with my innocent face after nice shave. Remember these beautiful lines for true judgment of a person……

"Nazar milte hee dil milaya nahi jata,Aagaz ko anzaam banya nahi jata"|

Metamorphosis of Soul

I am a lucky person. I am not physically or mentally crippled. I am not an orphan. I was born and raised in family of moderate income which can sustain my education and hobbies. But what is the necessity of recalling these forgotten facts. Probability to starve and die as an infant is higher than to study in a quality technical institute in India. Instead of thanking almighty, we don’t even look at these facts carefully.

I am a Hindu by birth. My faith in the religion changes with time. Holy Scriptures were just parable and story books for me in childhood days. I was quite impressed by character of Karna, Bhishma and Bali. Life story of Gautama Buddha mesmerized and gives me the unnoticed picture of the world. The whole intake of stories for me was sacrifice for greater cause.

As the logic and maturity comes with the age, the pious faith in the god was uprooted. Currently, all religions are full of formalism and ritualism than pure devotion and love. Then, there were different phases of transformation of faith. Deist, Theist, Nihilist and Atheist were my beliefs changing with time gradually. Currently, I am humanist. It was never ending search for true way of living. Finally faith in God was totally gone. The world seems to be in chaos and full of sufferings.

I have read enough economics to appreciate the fact about money and morals to realize the evils of money. Hence, money became a necessity not the goal of life for me.

Everlasting thirst for fame became my sole objective. No field of work can give this eternal fame. All the pomp of power and boast of heraldry leads path to the grave. My name will be forgotten in 100 years in ordinary life. If, I become a person like Amitabh Bachhan, all will be forgotten in 1000 years. If, I become a person like Mahatma Gandhi, then it will be all gone in 10000 years. The thirst for fame appears to be vain and fruitless finally.

I am pursuing my career in field of science & technology. But the current science cannot give answer about ‘conscious’,’ life’ & ‘death’. I was attracted towards art, literature, cinema and music at leisure time. Slowly, these hobbies were converted into habits. To provoke thoughts by means of any activities became sole motto for me. Search for truth and eternity leads my path to philosophy and culture. I was keen student of Indian philosophy, culture and anthropology. I was on right track for search about mystery of life .this was confirmed by reading few writings of Aurobindo Ghosh, J.L. Nehru and S.Radhakrishnnan.

It came a period of emptiness after college life. It was not boring time but a constant struggle of thoughts and emotions. Then, it begins the search for ultimate truth. Truth is eternal and perfect for me. Anything which is destroyed by time and space is corrupt and incomplete. It was in the mind and heart all the time. I was in solitude and silence and self questioning about reality ignites the way of self realization. Spirituality is now mantra of life.

Metamorphosis of soul is not over yet meta-stability is reached. There is love, joy and rhythm in mine heart. I have not control over my heart but know the right path now. I have reached a state where word appears to be full of flaws than emotional truthfulness. I lack words to express my true feelings. There is a great sense of joy and peace with in conscious mind. I am transforming with time and also experiencing the flow of time. It’s all divine….

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kakkaji Kahin

Bumper & Lucky Draw of the Century:
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Quote of the Day:
Rahiman sit silently,Watching worldly ways;
Betterment when comes,Making never delays.


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