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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ajmer & Pushkar

I had completed my journey to 2 of the holiest places in India till 15th March.Khwaja Sharif at Ajmer & Brahma Sarover at Puskar were these two places.I had planned with Vijay to visit or wander in different places of India together.So the starting of multiple stage program began at Ajmer.I had taken Night out to prepare myself for tour.Train was direct and reaching Varanasi to Ajmer in 24 hours.It was much better option than catching Marudhar express for Jaipur and changing train for Ajmer.Itinerary was ready and so were us.Bond and Chandu dropped us at Lanka in the morning.There was perfect cleaning of road from railway station to BHU due to upcoming arrival of Dr. Manmohan Singh.He was the chief guest in the 90th convocation of BHU.
Arrival of Prime minister in university was of no concern to us.For most of guys, it is a minor incident as face to face interaction or conversation to PM or full day vacation on this occasion is not possible.

Journey till Agra was fine.In the night,there came a minor problem of food. Like any other train of Rajasthan,this train was already missing Pantry Car.Hence,we somehow managed food at Agra in 15 minute stoppage time.At 6:30,we were at Ajmer.After renting a room,we were ready for the trip.

Ajmer is a popular pilgrimage for the Muslims due to Dargah Sharif-tomb of Sufi saint Khwaja Monuddin Chisti.We visited the tomb during span of 1 hour. Here we cloaked the fabric and tied the thread with asking for a wish. I will came back on fulfillment of my wish and unknit the thread. After that,we left Ajmer for Puskar.Puskar is 14 km way from Ajmer. Trip was made in 1/2 hour by local bus.Then we visited the Lord Brahma's sacred lake with 52 ghats. Lot of Foreigners were wandering across streets of town. Few chicks were quite sexy. The temperature was above 30. Solo Temple of Brahma and a Vishnu temple were only place to go. The above photo of no entry is of latter one. Hence,we return to Ajmer in evening.We were wandering till late night on the streets of Ajmer.Thus,2 places were toured by us.

Now,i will tell you about my experiences of the day. There is nothing enthralling in either Ajmer or Puskar. I was officially warned of pickpocketing in Ajmer at tomb. On visiting Puskar,I was filled by anti-religious feelings. Religion lacks spirituality at both places. If you are going to these places for search of peace,you are in mess;
Both Hindu and Islam are filled with orthodox elements. Priest clan in both religion were acting as a brokers between people and god. They were openly taking money for uttering Sanskrit(Vedas & Purans) and Arabic(Koran) versus. I was puzzled by the fact that why did not god know Hindi or Urdu for common masses. I was remembering Karl Marx in the streets filled with religious atmosphere. For novice readers, Karl Marx quoted"Religion is opium of masses". Spiritual walk at these holy shrines became disgusting for me.But, the world is a fine place and worth fighting for.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Debut behind Camera

Video:German Folk Music
Camera:Himanshu Rai

This is the video of a music recorded by me during my Internship period in summers of 2007.I forget to face camera to show myself to authenticate the claim.
Nevertheless,enjoy the soothing music of flute.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vote of thanks to Chammo

#Original Image is removed at the humble and insisting request of the Chammo;

Statutory Note: This post contain an explicit material belonging to a real person named Chammo. Any other coincidence will be considered purely imaginary and out of space.

In the last moment of our journey of 4 years, I am privileged to give vote of thanks to Chammo. Presence of Chammo in mechanical shows that our batch is just lucky to get her through JEE Counseling.

It is a heartily pleasure from middle of our legs to announce my thankfulness to Chammo. She had labored hard for providing us comfort and intense pleasure. She enjoyed her profession and indulged in it without caring throughout day and night. I wish for her great future and prosperity.

Legend of Chammo began from 1st year only."Chammo" name was first quoted by her city mate Tintin. From then,it had became a brand in the market. 2006 Batch of Computer Science were the first customers outside our batch. Chammo provides service to our batch without charging single penny. Such was compassion and love of Chammo towards our Mechanical-2008 Batch. Today, Chammo has excessive number of clients not confined within hostel but spread through out the university.It was her time managing and networking skills due to which,she is one of the successful ESCORT in the history of ITBHU. Name and Fame of Chammo has raised at new horizons through her professional entrepreneurship. In the 4 years, no. of customer of Chammo has even crossed the sales record of Maruti-800. Data of customer cannot be expressed here due to corporate bondages.

Capacity of Chammo cannot be expressed in the words. She is like Mansarovar.In exam times of heavy stress,she goes from room service with heavy duty blow jobs.Chammo does not insist for using condom for any guy of our batch due to mutual trust relationship. She heavily favors open relation with us and thin boundary protection of latex from others.

Looking in her personal life is full of fun and excitement. She had became fully commited to C. Vikramraj Naidu (040660) from 1st year only. Despite many lucrative offers, she remained room mate of Naidu for 2 years. We are also grateful to Naidu for sharing Chammo without any sour feelings. Sandu has even dedicated and composed 3 songs with his crude voice on her to show his shear love and passion. I had also made a video on Chammo but was lost due to hard disk crash.

Another aspect of Chammo had been completely untouched and unseen by most of our fellows. Till 3rd year,Chammo acts like encyclopedia of stupidity. You cannot ignore her comment on any never heard stuff. She had caught habit of opening her mouth in every discussion without having any clue of debate due to her professional job. It was massive effort of gang of me, hathi, bond, shukla and chandu to get rid of her habit. Now, she is fully recovered from this habit and enjoys healthy and sexy relation with us. She is now trademarked with her Bulldog faced smile in the lobby of 2008 Mechanical Batch.

Not only some innocent students are victims of her sex appeal,but some teachers also fall out in the booby trap. All of us know about it and this restricted matter will not be discussed at public place.

In the end a big FCUK and gang bang encounters to Chammo will be kind enough to express your feeling towards ours lovely and adorable Chammo.

All comments are invited here and must be posted to show his /her heartily feeling towards Chammo.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Plagiarism in Bollywood-2

Courtsey:This information is provided by Srikant Verma of Mech08 Batch.

In this song, neither the voice is stolen or copied, nor the lyrics. So the lyricist and singer are not to be blamed. But since the music is copied, the composer needs to be held responsible.
In this case, it is Pritam.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I was wrong back then....

Truly dedicated from bottom of Heart to all ITians

I had previously put this as under title of "Williams sisters look like girls of ITBHU". I had apologied for what I this title. I am changing the header on 23/04/2010. I was wrong back then but have came long from that mindset....


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