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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wah Kanpur,Ahh Kanpur!-1

I had not taken birth on the land of Kanpur but my heart belongs to here for ever. I have fist arrived on the soil of Kanpur on 9th July,1994. I was on the verge of completing 9 years of my life. Half of the previous life was passed in the hills, Nanital and remaining half was spent in the small town, Salempur. Kanpur was contrast to them in all ways...

Kanpur is shown in the films very few times despite its metro nature in Hindi heartland. I had watched 'Bunty and Babli' just because it has 5-10 scenes filmed in the Kanpur. And in the 'Dhadak Dhadak' song,when AB jr. is standing on the train top at the background of railway bridge on Ganga river, the cult movie become 'paisa vasool' for me. I recall with this scene about the train on narrow gauge (now converted into broad gauge) piercing Kanpur through middle and Doodhiyaas both in and out of train rushing back to kannuj, farukhabad....

And now on screen has come the clincher - Tashan. No film has used a city so intrinsically in its screenplay as Tashan does for Kanpur. Bachchan Pandey (Akshay Kumar) and his antics as Raavan, crimes as an electricity thief, dialogues as a collection agent, sighs as a Roadside Romeo and most stunningly, his language are so Kanpuriya that its unbelievable!

And after a high-voltage fight scene, Saif pays homage to the city of Kanpur in a perverse sort of way by saying – “In logon ke beech mujhe zinda rehna hain, to mujhe akalmand banna padega, khatarnaak banna padega, Kanpuriya banna padega…

I heard a string of decorative words in my first season at the school. Kanpuriya people blend slang so fast with full flow of pure hindi that kanpuriya dialect become most sublime language in the world. For example mumbaiya word 'Raapchik' can be exclaimed in continuous streak of four different words prevailing same sense: Behtareen, Chaukas, Sateek, Jhakaas.

Koi Sagaa Nahin
Gulzar’s one (self-acknowledged) act of plagiarism is the famous line from the 'Bunty Aur Babli' title song… (Aisa) koi sagaa nahin, jisko (humne) thagaa nahin. This, in turn, is the super-famous punch line of the super-successful 'Thaggu Ke Laddoo' of Kanpur. Known far & wide for his laddoos, Thaggu got his name from his grandfather, who started the shop and was particularly ashamed of using sugar (a videshi product) against the call of Gandhi. In an allusion to Gandhi’s verdict that anybody using foreign-made sugar is actually robbing (thago-ing) the nation, he called himself Thaggu – and the name stuck till date as a super brand! Intensive research is currently on to figure the origin of the other famous product of his – the Badnaam Kulfi. Thaggu’s confidence in his products shows through one more of his punchlines… Mehmaanon ko mat khilaiye, tik jayengey!. To know more about communist poori and apradhi aata, log on to Laddu Special.

You can also get 'Makhan Malai' at Meston road. It is brilliant and worth to taste..Not to forget south indian restaurant opposite to the IIT gate or Lucky Restaurant at Awadhpuri on G.T. road. The last stop of the Veggie Express has been identified in the city of Kanpur is Gyan Vaishna: A sattvik eatery, situated right next to a traffic junction (which, in turn, is very close to railway crossing) at Jareeb Chaukee. So, even if you do not get run over by a train, auto or bike while trying to enter the restaurant, you will find eternal bliss in their ghee-laden preparations of aloo gobi, daal tadka and fresh rotis. And they some how manage to gauge your fullness. So after a while, the benign waiter smiles and provides tissues and water - without trying to hard-sell their mithais. Priceless!!!

.............I love Kanpur...............


  1. Great compilation. It ws ws very heart warming goin thru this. Gud work Sparsh. Keep it up ..dude

  2. @thnx jai for going through it...

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  4. I went to Kanpur for my JEE coaching. It was the first major city where I've lived coming from my small town. I fell in love with Kanpur. Lucky restaurent used to be the favourite destination for food. Entered firt time in a theatre (Pammi) to watch a movie and fell in love in the medium. Prior to this I had watched movies on TV only and was unaware of the world that exists inside the theatre.
    Because I used to be busy with my studies I couldn't explore the city well. It's quite big and the only places I knew were Rawatpur, Gurdev, Awadhpuri, Kakadeo and Railway Station. I loved many things there but hated the pigs of the city. They were the most common sight apart from humans. :D

  5. @Jahanpanah,Thanks for comment and sharing your memories here.I had also lot of memories attached to Kanpur especially coaching days.I am drafying an article on coaching mandi...

  6. I'm waiting for it.

  7. Arre bhaiyaa gaand fatt gai tankhwaah bat gai....jabb se kanpur se nikale hain... maiya hi chud gai hai life ki.....majaa aa gya ye blog padh k...well-done brother

  8. Arre bhaiyaa gaand fatt gai tankhwaah bat gai....jabb se kanpur se nikale hain... maiya hi chud gai hai life ki.....majaa aa gya ye blog padh k...well-done brother

  9. My brother recommended I might like this website.

    He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much
    time I had spent for this information! Thanks!



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