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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Vichaar Shoonya-2

1- Media evades real issues by Balbir Punj.

2-All the facts and prraise of Atal Bihari Vajpayee on this weblog. [Stand on Gujrat riot is missing here].

3- Cops Caught on Camera ; An news article on Bollywood and real life cop inspiration.

4- Anurag Kashyap brutal and honest take on 'Black' and Bollywood. Read the full article.

5- BJP apes Congress, fails by Koenraad Elst.

6-Economic Freedom of the World 2008 Annual Report. [PDF Version]

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zindagi hai Mausam ke tarah badalti rahti hai..

"Zindagi hai Mausam ke tarah badalti rahti hai.."
This is the candid and original dialouge delivered by me on a phone talk with Abhishek Shukla long ago. Today, I am publishing it also. I have again changed my cuisine habits & started taking taste of non veg and beer. Wine will be in menu but preserved for emotional traumatic times. Liquor helps in relieving from frustration inside and a sudden burst take all the suppressed feelings flushed away.

For a note, Hyderabadi Biryani of famous 'Hotel Paradise' is just fine.
Why this change ? The urge to eat grass and water only is no more.The logic and reason were always in the world for taking sides but the faith decides the last call. When the instinct for an ideology is missing from the heart, I shed the dead ideology and move forward in the life.

I read a good point about our "esteemed" orthodox tradition...

"Man is formed of the four elements. When he dies, earth returns to the aggregate of earth, water to water, fire to fire, and air to air, while his senses vanish into space. Four men with the bier take up the corpse: they gossip as far as the burning-ground, where his bones turn the color of a dove's wing and his sacrifices end in ashes. They are fools who preach almsgiving, and those who maintain the existence [of immaterial categories] speak vain and lying nonsense. When the body dies both fool and wise alike are cut off and perish. They do not survive after death."[1]

Also an account about Indians from the journal of a traveller is interesting to read.

Quote for the lifetime : It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it-Upton Sinclaire.

[1] Digha Nikaya, 1.55, tr. AL Basham, The Wonder That Was India, p. 296.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kanpur Electricity Supply

10 years of living in Kanpur has make me adaptable to long power cuts. I had also felt the summers heat without electricity for 3 continuous days with the grace of KESCO 's lethargy for repairing a transformer. Forgetting to mention the regular load off for 4 to 6 hours per day in Kanpur will be sin of hiding the truth. BUT, I give thanks to God due to hyper optimistic nature, that I don't live in Chamanganj or Bekanganj where electricity may not come for 1 week. Also I will not tell faltu story of people replacing transformer oil with water !!!

Power Theft:
Do anyone know about the term Katiya (read: illegal power connection).Check image below for clear depiction and all electrical engineers can apply Kirchoff's law in practical condition.

Situation had come to such a pass that whenever attempts have been made by the powermen to detect ‘katiya’ connections they have been confronted by a hostile reception by the locals. FORGET the line losses through Katiya, Defaulters have found a better way of stealing electricity: Convince someone in KESCO for some amount of monthly private charges and the problem of electricity is solved forever.For more details, see the early year career growth of Akshay Kumar in Tashan movie .

I will not lament over degraded situation of electricity in Kanpur but will simply give you current situation.The long-awaited privatisation of power distribution in the city is now resolved by a private company of Maharastra,Torrent. I hope the removal of from the electric poles will be first priority of private company.What Kanpur will look after that, I hope it will be pretty watchable.

Torrent Power Company has been issued a Letter power of Intent (LoI) by Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation for appointment as Distribution Franchisee for distribution of power in urban areas of Kanpur for a period of 20 years. According to the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), Kesco will work under an input-based franchisee model system and hand over the distribution of electricity, realisation of bills, maintenance and development of the infrastructure and other related works to Torrent Power for a period of 20 years. The Torrent Power expects full operations to commence by August this year.

Someone has discovered loophole of this distribution by Torrent system pointing towards corruption but then KESCO employees has earned more money through illegal ways than any private company could think of in dreams. Following paragraph is taken for your views----

"Distribution franchisee shall prove to be the best way to control the theft of electricity and to provide quality service and to put an end to political interference but there should be some control and guide lines should be issued by the Central Power Ministry regarding RFP and the conditions to be put in Agreement otherwise the officers who are awarding the contracts will ruin the state utilities for their personal gains and the consumer will be further burdened. The case in which Kanpur has been awarded to Torrent Power on a mere paltry amount of Rs 2.17 per unit for next 20 years against billable rate of Rs. 3.80per unit. It means that we will get only 57% in Kanpur. Therefore we will get the amount equal to the ATC losses of 43% in city for the next 20 years.The losses will be covered by increasing the tariff and then public will be made poorer by these manipulations. Now 4 lac consumers are making theft of 100 rs each and after franchisee is appointed he will be richer and richer and put his money in foreign banks and the public and the state will be poorer. The tender for Kanpur which has been given to Torrent Power where as the rates of Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Company (JUSCO), a Tata Group firm were higher by Rs 4000 crores and the discounted rates were also higher is the matter of higher level enquiry."(Source)

Monday, June 22, 2009


“Do not call it Bollywood. This is a very wrong thing to call it. We are not trying to copy Hollywood. We are making films for an audience of a billion people. Over 80% of these people don’t have enough food in their bellies. Our country does not provide its people with pool halls, basketball courts and video parlours, so we make films for them that will let them forget their lives for 3 hours. We create total fantasy, not the polished reality that Hollywood portrays. Never forget that, never forget that we are making films that allow people to believe for 3 hours that they are not poor and hungry”.

Subhash Ghai, Indian filmmaker, producer...etc.


How I learned to stop worrying about life and watch only Bollywood films

When will strike and curfews end in Manipur?

When will we see traffic jam in our films
When will we hear stories from Manipur, Orissa, Chattisgarh.....
When will...
When will...
When will...
When will....

Source: Post is taken from the blog of my friend Nitesh Rohit, an individual fighting the tough task of raising standards of Indian cinema in world.

Back to Business

Quoting in the terminator style, I am back with lots of positive energy and inputs. Killing the parasitic feeling and coming back to life. Recently taken 12 days trip to home and has came refreshed by the change in environment. Met with friends in Noida and missed to meet few good ones at Gurgoan. In the end, life is now on routine where best thoughts of HR will come in mail on Friday with a tag of TGIF (Thank God It's Friday).

Thoughts for the day:

1-A quotation from the ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi: "If you look at things from the point of difference, they seem diverse; from the point of semblance, they look alike."

2- चुल्लू भर पानी से बुझाने आग गाँव की, चल पडी टोलियाँ अमीर उमराव की..

3- वो कौन हैं जिन्हें तौबा की मिल गयी फ़ुरसत / हमें तो गुनाह करने को जिंदगी कम है...

Cheers with Calvin & Hobbes (Image courtesy to Arunn)!!!.

This is cute as all of C&H cartoons are but the idea is not its creator Bill Waterson’s. The world renowned astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan said this in his 1968 book: 'The Intelligent Life In The Universe'. He further said : ‘After all who would bother to teach the ant, the alphabet? '

Sunday, June 7, 2009

About a Parasite

Warning: Don't Read this post, its highly pessimistic.

This is a confession and plight of mine mind.I was anxious and secluded from past 24 hours. No one was around me hence wrote all this crap (for you).

In the pursuit of discovering world, I got habit of reading books, blogs, wikipedia and news. Further, I had started to express my feelings in the blog. As the blog grows with the time, the writing became less reflectional but more aspirational for fame. There was veiled violence of sarcasm and hunger to capture knowledge in each words. Lot of information was captured but only few was transformed into knowledge.The wisdom gained was minimal. Most of the knowledge was lost in witty lines created for consumption of the readers who came at my blog with pre occupied minds for being amused and entertained.

I was also rolling in this world wide web for the search of new data, metaphors and being provoked. The sense of wonder, curiosity and amazement in others work was diminishing with time in the comments like 'nice blog', 'keep writing' and 'good work'. I was not able to involve into analytical reasoning or beauty appreciation for words & images thoroughly. In the rush to gather more and more as fast as possible, some vital part of me was left behind. I am dying slowly.

I had stolen, adapted, cheated ,twisted, innovated and compiled the words (read: lines & paragraph) for the sake of giving tadkaa (metaphorical flavour) in my posts. I have manipulated thoughts and emotions of mine into words to present theme in article form for others. I am working as parasite in this literal world. I gather knowledge about a person, his works or any topic by reading. Mostly I go through all previous post of the archives and incorporate them into mine views. Now, I argues and boast about my skills with others. The flame of writing is currently gone now and had already started Vichaar Shoonya series. Lack of originality is slowly eating me from inside. It feels like a guilt and cheating to the readers.

I am a extremist person with the addiction of hobbies from childhood. Comics, Cricket, Movies, Orkut and now blog shows my addiction pattern with age. I am the greatest escapist from mainstream lifestyle. Running from academics, relations and job; always unsatisfied and day dreaming. I have only pleasure of being content with the life but the temptation to enjoy immoral always sunk me in the long run. I resist the contradiction of my words and actions in the life but have committed plenty of sins in the heart many times. That is called Hypocrisy.

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."--Oscar Wilde.

It haunts me like hound in my dreams and in thoughts but I fail miserably in putting something new and original. I just console myself to speak a message effectively. I am now pushing others to write and express their thoughts by creating blogs. Mediocrity inspires greatness. I am only creating that threshold level of mediocre writing.

The call of simplicity is completely absent now from my life now. I am swinging between extreme ends of happiness and sadism in my life. There is so much loneliness in my life that I will become mad now. I am also so much selfish and careless that I just can't attach to anyone now.The narcissism and fear of losing beloved ones to death is taking toll over my soul day by day.

तुम नहीं, ग़म नहीं, शराब नहीं, ऐसी तन्हाई का जवाब नहीं.

I have got now few grass root level knowledge of my motherland & world and disparities shown by the humans for other fellow humans. It has given me so much pain that I am unable to endure it. I cannot now campaign for humanity and peace. Permanent Anubhuti of calmness is absent from my life.The eternal recurrence of cyclic sufferings and pleasures seems to be never ending. My life is waste like anything much lower level than crawling insect in sewer lines.

Long back ago, I have read somewhere: "The wise want love and those who love want wisdom." --Marry Shelley.

I have none of both.
I am feeling like rat running in a circular trap.
I am fed with myself and this world.
I need a change.
I want to in love with someone ....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

1989 --- 20 Years Back

The year 1989 brought a revolution without a revolution. The rise of leftist and democracy in Latin America against the history of dictators and MNC's exploitation was getting started. Dissident in politics about Kashmir comes in main news after 1989 and the old wounds were turned green by proxy war started by a bitter neighbour. There was a whole generation that was not moving away and a generation that hasn't necessarily moved in the main stream all over the world.


The fight of moulding history by hardliners in Communist, Islamist and ultra nationalist to make themselves either victim or victor of oppressive regime is the peak point of academic debates in post 2nd world war era. The function of monuments or massive representation of leaders is to offer a stylized version, or in the worst case a mythologized version of history. History when contradicts the memory of living, then nation or community is on the way of self destruction. History should be unbiased interpretation of past rather than revolving around great figures as a sign of a certain respect for their turbulent lives. By omitting a critical and honest discussion of past and by glorifying and romanticizing history, the generations are deprived of learning about the forces and dynamics that shape culture, society and nations.

The effects of the internal unrest and international condemnation led to dramatic changes beginning in 1989 in SA. And in few years apartheid ended in South Africa. I slightly differ from funda of international pressure of human right groups for ending years of racial discrimination. A short narration from Deepa Mehata would be enough to clear my stand --- It was just amazing how the colour of one’s skin decides one’s future. What struck me about the story was how racism is rooted in economics. I went to Johannesburg during the Apartheid days, around 1975. There was two lines, one for the Whites, one for the rest - the Indians, the Chinese, the Arabs, all non-Whites. Then I went there two years later, when there was a huge oil boom in the Middle East. And I suddenly see all others were still in the Coloured Line, but the Arabs were in the White Line. So, racism is all about money. Suddenly in one year, the Arabs became White! If the perception about India is changing today, it is because of its economic situation. It’s not that they have suddenly found a long lost love for us. [3]

It was marked by the fall of Soviet Union or epitome of Communism into several pieces. The fight against communism back then revealed the belief in the meaning of human freedom. The violet revolution is eastern Europe was breakthrough in the era of oppressive regime of Communist USSR. Tiananmen square massacre and Fall of Berlin Wall was the core of all change that shake communism history round the world.
Tiananmen would not have happened without the rift between Zhao Ziyang and the hardliners, and the Berlin Wall would not have fallen without Gorbachev shaking up the Soviet regime. After 20 of change, the fundamentals remain the same. In a one-party system, a small crack at the top can open up the chasm at the bottom. Behind the façade of self-confidence, harmony and stability, the ghost of 1989 still haunts a closed regime of China and Russia that was hoping to erase and transcend it. [1]
A era of changed has gone from past 20 years. The political awakening and fight for human rights has reduced for the betterment of trade and living standards. But this freedom from communism brought with it paradoxes of unchecked capitalism. The rise of middle class has changed the equation in the favour of India and China. Unequal distribution of Economic Freedom is at the basis of India & China's uneven development. The reason is simple, the areas in which the middle and upper classes make their living have seen the highest degree of liberalisation, while the areas in which the poor earn their livelihood have seen the fewest reforms. [2] The huge chunk of industrial production of west runs on oil and cheap labour. While Saudi provided oil, china provided exploitable labor class for the rise of US regime in the post cold war era.

Rise of Islamist was marked from 1972 oil well exploration on Saudi land by American Companies. Investment of petro dollars into Wahabi Islam & jehadi group is also cause of spread of terrorism in South Asia. From then, The identification with Islam have became in such an ethical orientation flow pattern, which is largely about the theological concepts haram - the Forbidden - and halal - the Permitted - structured. The defeat of Soviet in poppy land Afghanistan was the mark of rise of Talibs gathered around by hardliner Muslims. The mistake of America in not rebuilding Afghanistan & leaving behind arms in the hands of jehadis is now paying them after 20 years.

Right Now---
It is everybody's business to ensure that no one is deprived of their right to say what they wish, even if it is deemed by some to be offensive. If we want the pleasures of pluralism and diversity, we have to accept the pain of being offended by extro and intro inspection. That is the level of tolerance should be brought in our diverse and democratic society in future. Now the slump of US economy in global recession and militant Islam uprising is providing a new base for a big change.

The rise of emerging markets and the relative decline of developed countries indicate the reorientation of global economic order. G-7 may found its counter in BRIC now. There are also concerns, the critical one being to what extent this economic power will manifest itself as political power—a process that history suggests is inevitable.

The stability of nuke armed Pakistan will now determine the future of world politics. The axis of attention has shifted from east Europe to Pakistan now. Something that rest of world is fighting against extremist Muslims, i.e. to bring reforms and renaissance in their culture in the light of changing times. 20 years from 1989, again we are on the verge of adapting revolutionary change in our economic and political system. We can only predict what lies in womb of future.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kanpur Coaching Mandi

For previous article on Kanpur coaching mandi , go through this label of Kanpur Series.

Hot News:
IIT Entrance Examination (JEE) of the seven teachers together to prepare a joint platform sigma - IIT JEE is made. Students will get a place to preparing for the three subjects without straying around and meet all the facilities . In addition, due to the joint will reduce the fees too. Sigma of the joint forum of the physics teacher Anish Srivastava and Raj Kushwaha, Ashish Bisnoi and Anurag Bisnoi of mathematics and chemistry of Pankaj Agarwal, Nirmal Singh and Sanjay Chauhan's. Small - small batch (one hundred to two hundred) in the three subjects under the same roof will get a chance to prepare for. Three different subjects to students before a total of 51,300 rupees to pay the fees now total 45,000 fee will be. Sigma's head office 117 / N / 581 Raniganj (Kakadev) will be.

Old Time:Even after paying Rs 8,000 for each of the three different JEE subjects, most of the time we have to struggle for getting a sitting place in the class. The strength of my class was 900. It was a fact that students wait for about two hours before the classes begin so as to get a proper sitting place. There was no sensible limit to the number of students in a class.I hope this decision if implemented will make sense to avoid overcrowding of time passing jantaa.

Teachers into brand names!
Not only in Kanpur, everywhere Coaching institutes making boisterous claims about the performance of their students in competitive examinations and promising moon to future aspirants has become a common trend after the declaration of results. There is no description of ratio of successful to failed student.Apparently, it’s no longer word of mouth that establishes a teacher’s reputation among students, as it used to be a few years ago; it’s mass advertising that these institutes are resorting to now.Strange as it may sound, but it’s not uncommon any more to come across huge hoarding that advertise a coaching institute christened after the teacher’s name. ‘Maths to Joshi Sir se hi padenge!’, it says. Joshi Sir has seemingly worked out the formula to roping in more and more students to his coaching in Lucknow.Also big names like FIITJEE, Brilliant Tutorials will enroll successful candidate name in their list if you have just hand shake with them or given their all India test once.

House to Hostel:Lot of students who cannot afford to study in kota come here from other cities.The large number of students from other cities are queuing up to enrol in one or the other coaching institute at Kakadeo. Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Banda, Unnao, Allahabad and Fatehpur are major cities contributing to warehouse of Kanpur coaching mandi. House to hostel metamorphosis is a phenomena that has taken Kanpur by storm. The trend has people making some smart business moves by either vacating their homes or squeezing themselves into one room so as to convert their homes into hostels for the out station students. Kakadeo, Geeta Nagar, Sharda Nagar,Naveen Nagar and Neer Kjheer Chauraha have been transformed from residentail area into PGs and hostels for students.

Brokers: (Dalle in kanpuriya tounge)
The brokers are spread in coaching mandi like swine flu in Mexico. From photocopy shop to Barber shop, they are waiting for their next hunt.The brokers in the area are also become active allocating hostel and mess for students.Some of them are employed by coaching owners to guide student to the right coaching centers for a fixed share in profit. They are leaving no stone unturned to attract the guardians of out station students with the promise of providing a rented accommodation at most economical rates. Although, few brokers (read: small time neta) compel the coaching institute owners to admit students at a lower fee. In return they take a fixed amount as commission from the students. The coaching institute owners have become more alert after the killing of Rohit Juneja few year back. The murder case is unsolved till this time. The incident had created panic among coaching fraternity and students at that time. Few local hooligans also threatened owners of coaching centre to pay a ransom for elections or face consequences. With minimal investment and a little bit of discomfort, Kanpurites today are going all out to cash in on the city's academic boom.

Comparison of Kanpur to Kota:
Students are majorly confused over choice of Kota and Kanpur for their study.

Major points in Favour of Kanpur:

It is cheap in comparison to Kota and those who don't have enough resources can live easily here and can focus on study.Fellow students are friendly and will share the notes very easily with mutual discussion about any concept is much easier here. But the JEE syllabus is never completed on time in Kanpur or finished in hurry, leaving very less time to revise the course for students.

Major points in favor of Kota are these: (cited from this weblink)

1. class size/strength: Class size in kota ranges from 60 to a maximum of 100 students. But when it comes to kanpur , the class size is funny , nonsense and absolutely violates the principle of classroom teaching. You won’t believe the leading coachings in Kanpur have a strength of 1000 and more students per batch. Tell me how how could one study in such a mess? How could teacher and student can interact in such a place. Though it is a good example of money making on the expense of students career. Anyways i hope you are not going to do such a blunder atleast after reading this topic and believe me its all true if you don’t believe you can ask any student who have studied there.

2. quality of students: As Kota is visited by students from all around the country and hence the quality of students coming here is very good. By quality I mean the intelligence level of students . This doesn’t mean that Kanpur is not having such students .It does but the amount such students is very low when compared with that of Kota.

3.environment: Environment plays a very mportant role in each and every part of life , so it does for preparation of IIT-JEE , AIEEE or any other exam. So the environment in Kota is completely dedicated to studies and nothing else. But afterall it depends on the student who is preparing for IIT_JEE or AIEEE. The environment can just give up a boost and can help him motivated towards studies. Anyways environment in Kota for IIT_JEE or AIEEE is excellent, it definitely helps students. The environment is very peaceful and the people there are also peaceful .Its hard to find people there fighting or making disturbances in the society.


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