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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why do i write?

Chaos, Cosmos, Chaos, Cosmos. Once again the sickening game;

My writings are introspection of change within me with time and place.I have no secret ambition to turn into literal giant in real or virtual world. I don't want to impose my fictional views on others. I write blog just to reflect my feelings in words. I am a free lancer in the world of professional writers.

Passion of writing in diary was started by admiration of quotation. After reading short stories, poems and novels in Hindi and English, the spark for creation ignited me. There is ghost inside me giving lucrative offer to rise and fall in deep oceans of literature, cinema and spirituality. Nowadays, blog and diaries are only remedy to preserve my mind from chaotic thoughts. Every night infinite number of ideas are erupted inside me. There is deep conflict and enigma inside me to understand philosophy of life. This mythical consciousness enables me to think about art and non materialism. I seek for solitude to search for real purpose of knowledge and wisdom.

Perception of reality seems to be blurred from every point of view. I cannot distinguish my life into colors. The world is not simply black or white but as a variable shades of Grey. It makes the world more puzzling and perplexing choice between right or wrong.

Whole sole purpose of shaping my thoughts is now self discovery. Words translate this feeling of inwards journey to a form of expression. I feel writing is like realizing our own divinity in this mortal world.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


History of human race is full of travel, adventure and struggle. The traveler knows more about the world than anyone stagnating at home. I have spotted the name of my blog (URL) Yayaver due to this reason. The sound of this word gives me feeling of mysticism, exile and mobility. Often i was asked about the meaning of this word by my companions. I was searching for true meaning of this word both in Hindi and English.

I have stumbled across the travel diary of Agyeya and found the deep meaning of the word in Hindi. It is mentioned here. Problem was in discovering correct English word meaning. I got that word last week.

Bohemianist :"a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behavior."

It was not exactly have same meaning but vanity corrupts me for self praise. This post is mainly dedicated to Rahul Sankritayan for his inspirational traveler's guide "Ghumakkar Shastra".

Friday, July 4, 2008

Me & DC++ in ITBHU

As a student of ITBHU, I graduated as a mechanical engineer; I posses only scare knowledge about computer software. But I admire people and their work in the field of software. I have job offer from two software companies. Despite of my ignorance of this field, I really like to congrats the makers of DC++; To all other ignorant people, DC++ is free and open source peer to peer file sharing client having unlimited file sharing option.

DC++ is the best software used by me till this date. I was novice to the name of any software in 1st year and did not posses any computer. There were only three PC in the whole branch in first year. But 2nd year was like mutation for our branch. Half of the branch was well equipped with different models of PC. But there was a big problem in front of us. The hard disk of each PC was scarcely loaded due to lack of data.

There was establishment of LAN headed by trio of monty, sandu , gopu and rajjo; Me and Monty were collecting money from our branch for LAN wires. All of us were suddenly connected by thin wires and hub from room to room. Network place was full of computer of different domains. But this intra-hostel connection was not enough for guys like me. We were seeking for more flow of data (hardly any study material contaminated in it).It was like traces of study material mixed with high dose of movies, music, games, adult material and software.

Then monty and rajjo did the magic trick for us. They find about this pre-existing and used software named DC++; All of ITBHU was suddenly connected to each other by this software. This year was marked with the end of cyber café and CD/DVD rental shop. Internet was directly provided by BHU in our room. It was splendid feeling of the change or seeing the revolution through your own eyes. All of us had feelings that we are here as student in ITBHU when things are changing rapidly in right direction.

They were great days in ITBHU for me. I was movie lover from the childhood, but such vast collection of almost everything was available in front of me. It was like sharing of information for public use. People have generally 40GB Hard disk in their computer. DC++ was like a knowledge hub. Each user contributes his drop of knowledge to the ocean of knowledge.

Beauty of DC++ lies in the discontinuous downloading and automatic alternative search option. In the network, you have to search from user to user for his shared stuff. It was not necessary that we get data (mostly movies) of ours choice. But DC++ allowed you to search like searching engines on the internet. In the network if downloading if the connection is lost, all the data will be null. You have to begin downloading form start. DC++ allows you to download from that point only when user or network is reconnected. One more vital point was search for alternative sources and downloading from multi-users at a rapid speed (1Mb/sec). That was splendid for me if not for most of mine technocratic brothers.

Now times were changing. Apex DC++, LDC++ & Strong DC++ were new versions of DC++. In the primate version, we can download from only one user. But as we technically advance with semester, multi-user downloading was incorporated. People were going for hard disk of higher memory capacity and 160 GB was now normal.60GB per user (up to 300 users) was seen in my last days at institute. 17.73TB of data was shared for public use and entertainment.
We cannot ignore the hub owners and downloader’s in this discussion. I can remember the name(nick) of users like Prof, Deeejam, Loverboy, Bluerose, Maharavana, rksmet, Aks, spider and bazooka etc .They were guys with of lot of real good stuff to share. I was there with name of 'yayaver' in the last year with lot of foreign cinema stuff. I have marked all my movies with their name and IMDB rankings just to ensure comfort to downloaders.

Song, Movies, Software, Games, Serials and R.B. were just one click away from you. But now they are parts of old memories which will never depart from us. Such were good old days !!! Me speaking formally: DC++ is an example of cooperative development movement of knowledge sharing in the educational institute.


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