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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A morning scene in ITBHU

It sounds like freaking topic on first view to write on my blog. It seems like a school essay “A Morning scene in the village”. Hence, we should cut the crap part of its resemblance with any other topic and stop making parody of it. The scene is actually damn funny if you are involved in it. Now I will optimize the situation. An ITian really enjoyed the situation best if he is in 4th year. With a job in the pocket, you feel like a saint devoid of worldly pleasures. Also to remind that winter will be best season to describe the scene.

When the fog is in the air and sun is behind clouds, it makes you little more than lazy. But you have to get up for classes. The reason behind that is simple. It is due to short attendance. Hence all of us are in awkward position of presenting physically but sleeping mentally in classes.

Alarm bell rings at its natural time of just few minutes before 8’o’clock. You whisper 'WTF' in your dream. Some harsh sound is threatening to destroy your romantic or wet dream. You shut the alarm off. Plight of student reaches peak on snoozing of alarm. Despite in what year you are, only one word will express the heartily feelings”FUCK”. It also sucks specially on Monday. Hey, it’s just another dull day in the boring life before weekends.

In 1st year, I would wake up and say, “Hey man, mark my proxy in the class”. 10 persons would go and 40 will be class strength in attendance register. Ahh those Golden Days!!!!

In 2nd year, some guy will shake me to attend classes. I will open my eyes with uneasiness and recall that I am in department right now. I must attend classes. Now came in life the Silver Days!!!

In 3rd year, I would rise by remembering my short attendance, grades and image of a strict professor. That's bronze period due to your struggle for training and tension for next year placement.

But 4th year is the ultimate. All the wise and cool guys are sleeping. Dead silence is spread in the lobby of 4th year. The attitude is simple "attendance will come through BTP". These are Diamond days of engineering. I am feeling it right now.

These scheduling do not operate on a GMAT. I think that all the ITians know the full form of this word. It is the highest abuse from anybody to a cool guy.

Not diverging from the topic anymore, we will move ahead in post. In morning you can go easily in the toilets in ITBHU, 0.8 toilets per 100 students. What a hectic day!! One have to control their shit and wait in queue for toilets. 3 guys are just ahead of you and you can feel the pressure in your stomach. Man, this is the real test of character and patience of a guy. Now, only 50% of guy will take bathe in the morning. These figures are quite high and less than 10% is easily achieved in winter days. Time swings away and I am ready for class. It is exactly 8’o’clock. You must not forget an important point here. Witness the fact, no one even worship God (if it exists) on an empty stomach. How can ITian attend such boring lectures without breakfast? Hence, most of guy march ahead to LC or mess. With handful of bread butter and a cup of tea, they fulfill their mind and soul. Now, we all move towards our respective departments. Till 8:30 most of the batch makes up to lectures. Oh! That is the end of the beautiful morning scene and start of super boring classes.

I forgot to mention that all of us look to VT in our way to class. We appreciate its beauty and want to get grace from BABA VISHWANATH. These are best days of my life whether you agree or not? Check also one more post by me on morning scene.


  1. very true!!! and now we are so use to of it but the thing is, before coming here, none of us did know or expect this, got astonished and even shocked after coming here, but still love these four years a lot in loads and would never forget this even, but the main thing is we do not know why...........

  2. FRDS I donno whats riten in this blog most probably dat ll some rational relevant gossip but the iconic picture is not of the morning pic. it z eve snap taken by me . so rai babu ..... nothing more ..

  3. Thanks Kunal for the comment.

    Anonymous urf agp (who else call me rai babu with such good will, was not getting morning photo of winter season, hence just cheated the way slightly. And sure to mention that this is photo taken by you...



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