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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bahadur Shah Zafar - Last Mughal King

Lagta Nahin Hai Dil Mera Ujde Dayar Mein

Kiski Bani Hai Aalam-e-Napaidar Mein

Bulbul ko baghban se na sayyaad se gila

Kismat mein kayd thi likhi fasle-bahaar mein

Kehdo In Hasraton Se Kahin Aur Ja Basen

Itni Jagah Kahan Hai Dil-e-Daagdaar Mein

Umr-e-Daraz Mang Ke Laye The Chaar Din

Do Aarzoo Mein Kat Gaye Do Intezaar Mein

Din zindagi ke khatm hue shaam aa gayi

phaila ke paanv soyenge koonje mazaar mein

Kitna Hai Badnaseeb “Zafar” Dafn Ke Liye

Do Gaz Zameen Bhi Na Mili Koo-e-Yaar Mein

English Translation:

My heart is not happy in this despoiled land

Who has ever felt fulfilled in this transient world

The nightingale laments neither to the gardener nor to the hunter

Imprisonment was written in fate in the season of spring

Tell these emotions to go dwell elsewhere

Where is there space for them in this besmirched heart?

I had requested for a long life a life of four days

Two passed by in praying/wishing, and two in waiting.

The days of life are over, Its evening of death

Now I can sleep without any stress forever in my tomb

How unlucky is Zafar! For burial…

Even two yards of land were not to be had, in the beloved land


  1. Absolutely great ghazal .
    how beautifully he describes the consolation , the nightingale gave to herself . I heard the ghazal in voice of Mohd Rafi and never forgot these lines then.

  2. who translated it ..that's a great job and words are beautifully selected.

  3. Ya,it was really ghazal but translator is also fabulous.

  4. Mirza Mustafa Jamal-(Jeddah, KSA)January 24, 2009 at 2:19 AM

    I appreciate you efforts,taste and love for the Urdu Ghazals.Urdu is still alive due to its own beauty and also due to the people like you. Since long, I am searching a gazal of last King, " Ja Kaheyo Onsey Nasem-e-Sahar, Mairee Rat Gayee Mairay chain gaya" but I could not find. May I seek your assistence?
    With due regards.
    Mirza Mustafa Jamal
    Jeddah Saudi Arabia

  5. @mirza,Thnx for comment.Your ghazal is here---

    Ja Kahiyo Un Se Nasim-E-Sahar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai
    Tumhen Meri Na Mujh Ko Tumhaari Khabar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

    Na Haram Mein Tumhaare Yaar Pataa Na Suraag Dair Mein Hai Milataa
    Kahaan Jaa Ke Dekhun Main Jaaun Kidhar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

    Ai Baadashaah-E-Khubaan-E-Jahaan Teri Mohini Surat Pe Qurbaan
    Ki Main Ne Jo Teri Jabin Pe Nazar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

    Hui Bad-E-Bahaari Chaman Mein Ayaan Gul Buti Mein Baaqi Rahi Na Fizaa
    Meri Shaakh-E-Ummid Na Laai Sanvar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

    Ai Barq-E-Tajalli Bahar-E-Khudaa Na Jalaa Mujhe Hijr Mein Shammaa Saa
    Meri Zist Hai Misl-E-Chiraag-E-Sahar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

    Kahataa Hai Yahi Ro Ro Ke Zafar Meri Aah-E-Rasaa Kaa Huaa Na Asar
    Teri Hijr Mein Maut Na Aai Abhi Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

    Yahi Kahanaa Thaa Shero Ke Aaj Zafar Meri Aah-E-Rasaa Mein Huaa Na Asar
    Tere Hijr Mein Maut Na Aai Magar Meraa Chain Gayaa Meri Nind Gai

  6. Mirza Mustafa JamalFebruary 8, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    Thanks a lot my friend. May God bless you.

  7. I believe another sheir that forms a part of this ghazal is as follows:

    Aik shaakh-e-gul pe baithh ke bulbul hai shaadmaan
    kaante bichha diye haiN dil-e-laalazaar maiN

    I am not sure if the correct word is 'laalazaar' or not though (I read the poem in the script used to write Urdu.). I've been trying to find out and will try to update you on that.

    Also, I believe the first line of the last couplet should read:

    Kitna hai badnaseeb 'Zafar'...

    instead of:

    Itna hai badnaseeb 'Zafar'...


  8. Confirmed!

    Here's the full text:

    Lagtaa nahiN hai jee mera ujRe dayaar maiN
    kis ki bani hai aalam-e-na-paayedaar maiN

    Bulbul ko baaghbaaN se na saiyyaad se gilaa
    kismet maiN qaid thhi likhi fasl-e-bahaar maiN

    Keh doh in hasratoN se, kahiN aur jaa baseiN
    Itni jagah kahaaN hai dil-e-daaghdaar maiN

    Aik shaakh-e-gul pe baithh ke bulbul hai shaadmaan
    kaaNte bichha diye haiN dil-e-laalazaar maiN

    Umr-e-daraaz maaNg ke laaye thhe chaar din
    doh aarzu maiN kat gaye, doh intezaar maiN

    Din zindagi ke khatm huay, shaam ho gayi
    phailaa ke paaoN soyeiNge koonj-e-mazaar maiN

    Kitnaa hai bad-naseeb 'Zafar', dafn ke liye
    doh gaz zameen bhi na mili koo-e-yaar maiN


  9. Thanks Siddhusaheb for giving me the missing stanza. But I can't transliterate into the english version.

  10. the correct sher is

  11. both the gazals are beautifully
    discribed and very touchy in all respect .thanks to you all of you who ar showing great interest in urdu poetry .
    keepit up and best wishes

    best regds
    jamshed raza

  12. jamshedrazaa, aapka blog mein swagat hai. And achi kavita bhasha ki mohtaz nahi hoti. Urdu ho ya tamil, kavita anubhav se banti aur judati hai.



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