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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kanpur Coaching Gurus

Memories of coaching days at Kanpur is inseparable from me. I have done a seprate post on Kanpur coaching mandi only. The most remembered image of mine coaching days was the advertisement of Ankush bhatia by Pran classes and it was pasted over each wall of Kanpur. His photo was spread at distant corners of city showing All India Rank 51. Never seen any local marketing campaign like this.

Sometime, I recall the rush of students from one coaching center to another for seat capture, xerox copying of assignments and 'out of course' study material. The JEE course was never completed on time everywhere in Kanpur coaching mandi. At the end time of march, the mad rush for completing course began with various test series taking place simultaneously. I could not forget that pressure till now. I will never forgive anish, pankaj and vishnoi sir for combining their individual treats to 1 party for JEE qualified student. For information of pre 2000 AD days of coaching mandi, check this link. But to write few lines about them in blog is mandatory for me. It is a rough recollection of data, just written casually.

1-Ajay Narkar sir is crazy personality and self made figure. He holds record of slapping upto 1200 student and teaching 16 hours in a day. He lectures students as God and give cusses to them like devil. He is obsessed with self praising and mechanics. He has made 'Concept of physics by HC Verma' famous in coaching mandi. According to him, you can't play holi or go to movie because playing holi or shopping or watching cinema for 2 hours will stop you from getting into IIT. On the other hand, listening to his autobiography (although inspiring) for 5 hrs is heck a time utility. His famous words:---" hum hum hain,baki pani kam hain; baangduon assignment pura hona chaiye ; bhailogo kya bolte ho."

2-Anish Srivastava sir is famous for his orange shirt and black trousers combination.We have never seen him in any other dress. It was lovey to see Anish sir making a diagram precisely with various colored chalks. Time span of his class was only 2 hours, the least by any physics teacher in that area. Paanch (Coca Cola ad by Aamir Khan) was used to shout by coaching junta for every arbitrary occasion in the classroom. His famous words on entering the class---write down the heading and take out the booklet !!

1-Ashish Vishnoi Sir take entry in class and exclaimed daily "pani lana, ac on kar do, marker dena.................".

Acute Dialogues for students---" kripya grameen bhai idhar dhyan de ;abe chor ho yar tum log,apne gaon ki bus pakad lo aur katlo yaha se; kisi ko zada hero banne ki zaroorat nahi hai,beta latak jaaoge; jyada topchee na bano poori class milke bhi mera kuch nahi ukhar paoge; are yaar abhi saal bhar baad yanhi rikshaw chalate najar aaoge; are yaar ab regular valon ki tarah har question mat pucho" ...last but most famous "aap log totaal suar hain".

2-Anurag Vishnoi sir is brother of Ashish sir. He usually teach for extra class and test sheet discussion. His famous phrases: "Aray bhai aap log to itne intelligent ho ki meri aankhen bhar aayi ; jo log baat kar rahe hain unke liye mujhe showroom mein ek chamchamata hua rikshaw dikh raha hai; yaar kabhi bhi aapke khandan me kabhi bhi koi jee me select nahi hoga.

1-Nirmal Singh Sir, my favourite in all. The short and shiny Tshirts of Nirmal sir made him most fashionable figure. Pink, Cream and Green color shines in the whole class. He seldom got angry but his comments were absolute to the point. He teases girls with his mild mannered comments that makes us laughing hard on the floor. How can one forget nirmal sir ke wo fundoo association of ideas like Adla Badli (Ajnabee) or electron migration priority decision by using example of Biwi no. 1. Chaudi kamar was used for ligands, especially mugging trick for carbohydrate chapter "rekha aur amitab mile to lage thumka".

2-Pankaj Agrawal sir has got reputation of having absolute knowledge on physical chemistry. But his repo was bulit on his misery than lifestyle. He is more miser than 10 Uncle Scrooge standing together over pile of money. We have known about his tussle with income tax department every year. His typical posture was to take assignment sheet in one hand and itching his head with other hand. Particular was the only word which was repeated at least 20 times per class. And asking everyone with a smile that shows frontline teeth 'Agar kar sakte ho to jee ke baare mein sochna warna bhool jao'. Sombody on orkut created a great abbrevation for him: P--Puchhunga, A--aata hai?, N--nahin aata!!, K--karo, A--aayega, J--JEE mein. Absolutely PANKAJ.

Pankaj sir usually quote: "Photo nahi lagegi iit paper me. padna padega" & "ab main kuchh jano ko particular class se bahar karne wala hoon ab aap sambhal jayein."

3-Sanjay Chauhan famous for his cheap dialoges and command in organic chemistry.
"ladkiyoon, pad lo... nahi padogi.. to chaati per baith kar padaunga... aur phir bhi nahi pada.. to chaati per kudoonga... taki dard ho.. shayad tab padogi...
I have not mentioned here O.P. Juneja , Sanjeev Rathore, Mahesh Singh Chauhan, Raj Kushwaha, Vivek and G.D. Verma here. Also worth mentioning here is Cobra sir for his popular pseudo name. But to end this aricle a quote from kanpur coaching mandi come as "latest but most rocking "--36 hazar ka chadawa chada diya 3 bagvano ko,ab to selection pakka samaj gaye hain...............


  1. great blog dear... I can remember my coaching days... Pankaj and Anish's ones i can relate to.. keep it up

  2. hilarious blog
    i enjoyed a lot....

  3. krishna Mohan Rai mec10April 18, 2009 at 8:23 PM

    u have foggot to mention the singing ability of NIRMAL sir!!
    great work bhaiya!!

    1. Ya i m in study now in Ashish ,anish nd Pankaj sir pr mje physics ni smj ari anish create me mad .....nd bro ek dum shi diloge like tmne...

  4. mast hai yaar
    Pankaj- ye mat socho ki agar selection ho gaya to kis IIT mein jaoge balki ye socho ki agar nahi hua to kaun si gali mein ghoomoge. :D
    All the teachers of coaching mandi were fond of regressive statements.

  5. @all,Thanks for comments.
    @Krishna, Nirmal sir never sing in front of me.But Ajay sir sings....

  6. It was 51 dude [:)]

  7. @Anonymous,Thanks.AIR of Ankush Bhatia is now corrected in the blog.

  8. mast hai bhai 1 dam tumne yaad dila diye vo din.
    Jug jug jio mere laal

  9. vikas bhai, yah ek prayaas hai uss nostalgia ko express karne ka.

  10. my ideal idol sir ajjay b narkar ko mera satsat naman

  11. ote tumne sari yaadien taaza kar di mujhe pata nahi ki tumhe pata hai ke nahi but the best teacher of kakadeo mr ajayy narkar sir ki recently death ho gayi ........ really very touching after reading this he was a great teacher mujhe ak bhi unki kahi hui ek ek baat yaad hai .....

  12. @Ritesh, Yaar mujhe pata nahi ttha ajay sir ki death ho gayi. Achhe aadmi tthe.. bas yahi kahunga.

  13. guys, will any one confirm that is it true?? Ajay sir is not any more??? RIP Ajaiy sir..!!;(

  14. Indrajeet Kumar, haan yaar wo gujar gaye. Imaandar aur passionate aadmi tthe, bas yehi kahunga.

  15. OMG!! what happend to Ajay Sir??

  16. when i attend first class of nirmal sir then he said" SHRADDHA KE SATH BAITHE AUR SHANTI SE KAM LE "some of his fanddas"o lo o lo nikal lo"i thik he is the best person whome i ever met

  17. @sudhir, Nirmal sir is my fav teacher . His comments are superb and fun in his class was amazing.

  18. pata nahi log anish jaise tope teacher ke paas kyo jaate hai.wo kanpur ka result chawpat kar deta hai.wo narkar ki dhool bhi nahi hai.narkar sir hi ko iit physics padhani aati thi

  19. @Shashank, people are learning physics at both places as per their orientation level. That is all I can say.

  20. narkar sir jaisi physics koi ni pada sakta yar

  21. I found out via friends and contacts in Kanpur: Ajay had returned from Kota after some problems. Died due to cancer, was a quick progression of the disease. Very sad for such a young life with so much potential. He leaves behind his wife and 2 daughters. The older ~ 12 years, he called her Mini, was born around the time I was his student. Hope God will help the family through, esp. the young children.

  22. He was very reluctant to admit me, since I was still in XI std. and the only girl in his packed evening batch. 2 years of excellent physics, and lessons of life that he gave for free (gyan or fundas). He gave me few words of advice when my father died before the JEE exam. I'll always value his honesty and his courage to face life and challenges. I have a Ph.D. in Physics today, and I am glad he taught me. Nice blog, it brought back so many memories.

  23. Thanks Anonymous for sharing your memories with us.

  24. "physics to ek bahaana hai tmhe insaan jo bnana hai"."jo pass hai wo cos hai".some of d famous dialogues by kakadeo founder and gr8 physics teacher ajay b. Narkar sir.

  25. rahul, you remembered his words and essence. Great man. So many people just love him.

  26. Good Job! But these fellows are not worth remembering, most of these are very ordinary people with double standards. I still remember this Ajay Narkar slapped me as his question paper got wet 'cos of sweating I had while taking one of his exams. He deliberately switched off fans in classroom and told us, you need to learn taking exams without electricity. Later he created a centrally a/c classroom to attract students. They are running a high profile racket to fool poor people who don't even know how to present themselves. They project themselves as if they are the only people who can get a student crack JEE. I still wonder how the hell I ever went to these idiots to learn Physics and chemistry.

    1. I agree with you.
      They are just greedy people who try to project a demi God kind of image in front of the students.
      All statements, dialogues etc are part of PR and image building exercise.
      As Yayaver stated 'Cracking IITJEE is not the biggest thing as projected out there to us fresh minds', it was projected either you crack JEE or ride a rickshaw..nothing in between.
      I accept I did attend the classes but couldn't get into even a decent college but I am doing much better than my friends who worshipped these guys and got into IITs and other great colleges.
      I am not saying that one should not study or work hard but just trying to say that there are other things also inlife apart from IIT JEE. Every person is unique and has his/her own capabilities. One should not get into 'Bhedchaal'....


  27. Anon, Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, there is a coaching industry out there and it is purely on the basis of economics for generating profit. Also, there was a lot of hypocrisy in the teachers but that does not mean we forget the learning and entertainment part of the life.

    Cracking IITJEE is not the biggest thing as projected out there to us fresh minds. But thanks for dropping by and giving the comment.

  28. @ anonymous
    known universe contains almost 100000000000 galaxies.
    one galaxy contains 10000000000000 stars like sun..
    earth around sun is one of the 8 declared planets..
    on earth merely 29% is landmass..
    of which there is one continent asia out of seven..
    in asia a country india..
    in india a state UP
    in UP a city
    in tht city ek mohalla
    us mohalle ke ek makan me
    aap baithe ho..

    ab aap ye batao ki apki aukaat kya hai kisi doosre ko ordinary kehnae kee

    you remember him because he slapped you once..
    your very statement is indicative of your giant ego(which clearly is more fatal than his)...
    you don have the right to judge others cz you urself are self biased and utterly incapable at this venture..usually i never scold others but ur words have forced me to curse u.
    you are here on this planet to learn about life not physics and chemistry...
    and believe me u r better at nothing in these final times..
    my very humble message to you
    start respecting every ordinary person u r less than ordinary..

    as far as my perception about ajay narkar goes..
    its true that he was a bit arrogant and pompous at first glance...
    but his life story is full of persistent struggle...and no doubt he was the most selfless
    and bright teacher in kanpur...
    he was more than a teacher of fact he was a teacher of life...
    i really admire him as a person and love his soul in the true sense...
    my deepest sympathy is there with his family...

    1. @Sal Dude! everyone is free to express what he feels about a particular person. I am not sure why are you so offended? Now, just to clarify some points you mentioned:
      1. I am saying them ordinary as they were not true gurus. They were there to milk students and their parents. They are/were ordinary as most of them had double standards and greed. I am not talking about their respective teaching skills here.
      2. No, I don't remember him as he slapped me. I remember him as he had no right to slap me for a reason/ideology which he never believed in.

      3. When someone fights to other to take a side of a person, what do you call him, anyways? Biased, right? So it's a relative thing, applies to everyone.

      4. If my words forced you to become bad and show your anger, then you too are an ordinary and incapable (unable to control your anger) man.

      5. I do respect every individuals who do not fool others, who do not have double standards.

      6. Everyone's life is a struggle some way or other. Whats so great about that?If he was selfless then why did he slap me for a wet question paper?

      I also have my deepest sympathies for his family and daughters. But that wont change my opinion about him (as a person).

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  30. KAKADEO coaching days are best memories of my life,i lived,those days really unforgetable

    1. yes they were best days of lives of many people :)

  31. Learning from Ajay Sir was the best days of life.....
    I still remember his slap to whole class.
    "Mathura mein rahna hai to radhey radhey kehna hai" :)
    RIP to my greatest teacher Ever !!!!!!!!

    1. Slap Marathon... I am also one of the proud receivers !!!

  32. Hi guys,
    I wanna reveal a big secret.The most renowned institute run by Pankaj Aggarwal has lost its prestige.Last year i studied in this institute.Pankaj Aggarwal rarely teaches any of the batch and spends most of his time either in Delhi or in Bangkok.Adarsh Aggarwal is the biggest fool n the most stupid fellow i've ever seen.90% of the students including me used to run away during his class.There is only one man in the entire universe who can praise this silly guy and he is Adarsh himself.This crazy fellow can just teach how to make fake ID's and how to fool people.Chemistry is not meant for him.He has dragged himself down to such a level that he himself is posting comments of his appraisal using fake ID's.I wanna tell Adarsh that before calling Alok Dixit a fraud just go and learn chemistry from him atleast your so called knowledge will improve.Its just coz of Nirmal Singh that this institute is still running.

    Guys i will never suggest anyone to join such institute.

  33. Replies
    1. AMAN SHARMA TUM JHOOTE HO . KYOKI YEHI COMMENT TUMNE NEECHE LIKHI SITE PAR TUSHAR SAXENA KE NAAM SE LIKHA HAI.tumhara asli naam jo bhi ho par itna to pakka hai ki kisi personal grudge ki wajah se tum fake id bana kar adaarsh ko badnaam karna chahte ho.

  34. adarsh sir is best teacher of inorganic . i like him most.

  35. kakadeo me coaching karna bekar hai.. aapke parents ke paise bhi waste hote hain or aapka ek saal bhi waste hota hai.. I was there last year.. 1 saal me sab pta chal gya ki bs coaching ka naam yha par bikta hai..

  36. agar aap JEE Main qualify krna chahte hain to aap ko bs NCERT ki books ache se lagani chahiye..
    Kakadeo ki coachings ka yhi funda hai ki July to December aapko khoob impress krenge.. like ye notes denge.. aise preparation karayenge..vaise karayenge..or March aate aate sare daave fuss ho jate hain..

  37. Ghatiya coachings aur ghatiya 500 AIR bhi ni aayi kisi ki is baar aur bante to sab aise topchee hai jaise they r the founders of IIT...really hell is out there in kakadev

  38. Bhaiyaa koi mujhe ye bata de ki physics kahan padu for class 12 except anish Sir I tried Vivek par unka level to school level se bhi niche hai plssssssssss

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Anish Sir is best
    He is best
    I have never seen teacher like him. Only problem is this, he dont teach us in extra classes. Ek gadha koi Vishal (Visaal) padhata. Itna ghatiya pdahta h sala time wasting.
    Anish sir bahut accha pdate h bs problem ye h logo ki Ki UP Board wlo ko samj ni ata. Sabhi UP board wlo se vinamra nivedan hai ki jab nhi ata jee ka samjh me to q faaltu me peche pde ho. Teacher chahe Einstein ban jaye tum logo ka fir b ghol k thodi pila dega. Teacher can only sort out and simplyfy concepts. Apply to khud hi karna hai.
    �� Anish Srivastav Sir
    And ASPHYC

  40. Sparsh: Kanpur Coaching Gurus: Anish Sir is best He is best I have never seen teacher like him. Only problem is this, he dont teach us in extra classes. Pradhan Mantri YOJANA

  41. Hhaahaa This blog is amazing...Reminded me lots of things.
    Anurag Vishnoi used to say: (When students start making noise and whistling) Aise hi karte rho...pta nhi kaun gaon se aaye hai gmaar hai...jab mai jaunga sabji mandi me udhar hi sabji bech rhe honge...mujhe dekh k fir bologe ki sir mai aapki coaching me padta tha..aapne mujhe pdaya mai bolunga bhai maine nhi padaya hoga aap to sabji bech rhe ho :D :D

  42. in kakadeo best coaching is of ashish and anurag vishnoi, in maths. pankaj, nirmal and adarsh in chemistry



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