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Friday, March 27, 2009

Recovering from Pessimism

I was under depression few days ago. I always give my voice in my writings. To talk with some one without showing or sharing your secret pain is very tough. I am back from the exile with slight optimism in personal life. The change of mood was slow but the return from gloom is happening. I am trying to break the era of living from one day to another day. I have been rebuked correctly about content of one of my post. I liked the rebuke as it helps me in remove my shortcomings and illogical view of the world. I will be more honest and broad minded in citing my opinions from now on. I manipulate few ideas in my blog to give better impression to readers, but the bluffing route never work. I am revising in my heart the call of "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!," for self honesty and for the harmony with the nature. The magic wonder sense of enjoyment is lost. I am trying to regain that ecstasy in my heart. This post is written for just self expression.Just trying to rediscover the feeling of love!!!!

Some movies like 'The English Patient' or 'Dead Poet's Society' require right kind of mindset and environment to involve with it.Those who wanted to watch the film should make it personal and private viewing.As love making is different than sex, similarly the intimacy with the subtle layer of film is made possible in solitude. The mass gathering just camphourized the feeling inherited in the film due to several interruption or distraction. When you sit alone in the darkened room,the right mood evokes the emotion from inside you. The pathos or gentle humor of the sound or scene is deeply absorbed by sub conscious. The sense of understanding cinematic art develops inside you. Now,you can share your feelings and views with everyone freely and at a very evolved mental level.

I am not citing against mass viewing of cinema or any art. I am giving emphasis on the fact that one to one involvement with mastero / masterpiece gives different sense of learning to student. The silence invokes an array of thoughts harmonized with a sense of wonder and appreciation. The aesthetic feeling grows and take your ideas in an unique way.

Remember, all our lives, we have been asked to believe that "quality matters, not quantity"? Similarly, in the case of movies, it is the quality (content) of the movie that matters, not its running time or skin & action show. You are a person with the complete personality (samagrah vyaktitava). I am always unable to grasp the assumption of leaving your brain outside the movie hall. The idea of whole distinct existence of the person in the world seems to be quite paradox with the assumption. How could one laugh with the humor or jokes with the brain resting on the next chair? As he walks out of door, the complete time span inside theater is simply forgotten. He walks again to his routine lifestyle without being affected by that piece of art or bizzare work. Is that time in the movie theater just a temporary numb break from the mechanical life ?

I baffle with these question as the answers differ from individual to individual. I firmly believe in justice (bit favor vigilant one), not have much rooted faith in democracy or republic. That is another story for future debate. In end, the message for the day: Understanding yourself makes it easier to remain motivated.

From an old saying of blogland: when you are unable to change the content of blog,atleast change the template of it. I have done to outlook of the blog. Simplicity at its best.

PS: The image is created by my little sister sonal in paint. It always remind of innocent way to look at the nature.


  1. If my rebuke on your post had made you recover from your pessimism my friend, then I have achieved what I wanted. I am very happy for you. The fact that you have started looking for realization about "self honesty" and "harmony with nature" is simply very satisfactory for someone who has himself recovered from a bad time (me).

    And yes, a piece of advice, don't restrain yourself from expressing your opinion just for the sake of your blog readers. This blog is for you. Please use it for expressing yourself honestly. Let your feelings come out instead of stagnating inside you.

    May God give you the strength to continue on the path of optimism, and learn something from past instead of just feeling bad about it. May you enjoy your present, and shape the future.

  2. @Anonymous,I realized that i have drafted my life with my own hand.It is not the fault of college environment or education system or anything else.Thanks again and will be more honest in expressing my views.Today,I know that there are people out there who cares for me even i am dead wrong.I also hope good health and life for you in present and future.

  3. ye painting meri hai, rashmi ki nahi. sahi karo ise jaldi se.

  4. @sonal,as per your claim,I am changing the name of artist of the photo ,but further inquiry will surely be made. :)

    Till then enjoy and Take care.

  5. @ Sonal was not aware that you r such a great artist..



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