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Monday, March 16, 2009

Yeh Degree agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai...

Another good for nothing engineer awarded degree by our universities...

I missed the convocation ceremony,the black coat and college.I don't have any regrets and give damn to them. I missed a chance of reunion with friends that is quite sad incident personally. No charm of degree as it is just symbolic price given by university of my success in passing 8 semester course of mechanical engineering.


  1. congrats dude..!

    another farzi engineer :D

  2. If you don't give a damn, why did you write this blog? Just to show off that you do not give damn !!!!

    When you yourself did not work hard enough for 8 semesters, why are you blaming our whole university system as "doomed" ??

    Perhaps, during your first few days at IT, you would have had stopped giving a damn !!

    Maybe, if you have had shown a little interest in those 4 years, you could have had cherished the moment of getting a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the Institute of Technology. And I am sure, that working a little hard for those 4 years would have had been worth it.

    What I think is that the professors don't give a damn about students who themselves agree that they are farzi !!

    I am deliberately anonymous, as I do not want to hurt you. But just think over it.

    Please just introspect, and do not feel bad. And do not delete this, for some might have some self-realization.

  3. @ak sir,ya he degree o a farzee engineer.
    @anon,bhai i know who you are.Surely.But you are right in your point.I will remove the doomed word from the blog.But still this post is not for the people who toiled hard for good grades.They deserve awards for what they have done.But an introspection leads that our universities make academics little monotonous.Both of us also know people who have manipulated grades just for sake of it only without having any knowledge of core material.These self proclaimed intellectuals are booed by me.Genuine people have really make their career path in their 4 years of stay in college.This post is against a borrowed ritual of degree giving without attaching inherent values in them.It is against system of education which produces mediocre, self centered and zero vision engineers.

  4. Congrats,...way to go brother!!!

  5. hmm
    this anon has a point..but nyways
    "if we ourself feel happy this way...its all ok"

  6. Dont mean to brag, but I got two degrees, in engineering and mathematics. And I did not attend my graduation ceremony. Neither did I attend my school's farewell. I just find all these 'functions' a bit of a bore.

    But perhaps you need to reconsider, you have learnt something in these 4 years, havent you ? Not just about engineering, but about other things in life too.

  7. @nitesh,thanks bhai.
    @joiedvivre,anon has put right point.
    @vikram ,I am getting about yours and anon point of view now.I have written harsh and partially wrong here in the post. Both of you are correct in your opinion.
    Thanks for rectifying my fault and opinion so that i can realize the value of education.All the fault is also not from my side. I am not against the four year of education but the quantity education rather than quality one.Is the production of farzee engineers in India really due to uninterest of students only? There are lot of reforms needed in higher education and lot of good teachers here in India.Any of you going back as prof to college.But I will not critisize them by any means and try to reform them by all possible means.

  8. For all the random poetry (by the way it is not छण as you write but क्षण) you cite, when a real moment of आह्लाद presents, you demonstrate yourself peculiarly unable to recognise it, let alone participate in it.

    It is your attitude that is the real sad thing in all this. If you are a फ़र्ज़ी engineer, well, shame on you for wasting a seat and an opportunity to make your however minuscule contribution to your profession and your nation.

    And if the 'system' (ah that word so commonly used by people who do fuck-all in their lives) is so bad, why not get in and improve it instead of indulging in hand-wringing and all this faux-intellectual masturbation?

  9. @all,I am accepting mine negligence in 4 years of stay there.Thanks for taking time and giving your valuable suggestion to me.I promise you that i will surely contribute with all my skills in positive manner rather than pin pointing flaws of others. Thanks for opening my mind.



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