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Monday, August 24, 2009

All about Kanpur

This is the aspirational information gathering article. Don't consider it as an inspirational or nostalgic writeup for a land of leather industry, Kanpur. Kanpur is a big city rich in history. The summed up details is available in Wikipedia and Kanpur unofficial website .For highly irrational opinions take a joy ride with me.

Tourism: Places of Interest in Kanpur.
For more queries contact: Official blog page of the District Magistrate, Kanpur Nagar.

Hotels and Food:
A lot of hotels are established to cater to thousands of guests yearly. The Landmark Hotel, Kanpur with Mehak Restaurant restaurant serves authentic Chinese and traditional Indian dishes. The names are like this--Angithi Restaurant, Little Chet Restaurant, Chung Fa Restaurant. One person has taken taste & reviewed nearly all of them. FYI, its not me. Reviews are at --- My experience with Restaurants in Kanpur.

Dish name : Kanpur Chapathi.
Processing Technique is explained with photos here.

Scholary works on Kanpur History: (videshi university se bhaiyaji)
Forgetting the Violence, Remembering the Report: The Paradox of the 1931 Kanpur Riots by Priya Agarwal.

FM radio is now more popular than Vividh Bharati ki prasaaran seva ka kanpur kendra. Times have change now.

IIT Kanpur:
In my all post, I have not described in details about a heaven on the land of Kanpur especially for me. That was indeed IIT- Kanpur. It has got a huge campus with peaceful environment that a feeling of respect & humbleness arises inside the heart. It has sent out many distinct students to the world to spread the name of India.

Official website of IITK.
Again take a look about Kanpur and IITK from foreign angle: Kanpur Kanpur and IIT.
Excerpt of the talk with Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala about IITK history.
Forgotten chapter of History of IITK & MIT together.

Kanpur is also famous for exaggeration of a simple line. Sahara once was in talks for IPL franchise before recession. Nothing is yet final but people are damn sure than Subrato Roy about IPL Kanpur franchise. And forget to mention about a special series of incidents few years back would be crime: A take on green park stadium. The incident was the entrance of dog in one day matches. It has happened 3 times atleast in live in front of me. Pretty Hilarious interruptions of whole police squad running after one dog. Also, GP is brown park wicket for Ranji teams and turn into lush green for international matches. Enjoy with the account of Ken Herr about watching match in Kanpur. You will be amazed, why I always give point of view of foren baba's about Kanpur ? For introspection, I am here na with Kanpur Series !!!


  1. A very informative post.. :)

    For the first time, I was in Kanpur 1 months ago. And future it will be continued as My brother is doing MBBS in GSVM kanpur. although I did not get chance to visit IIT-Kanpur and taste Kanpur Chapathi,in next visit i will.

  2. Dude, you make me nostaligic through your posts on Kanpur. I followed the link of the restaurants of Kanpur and immediately wanted to reach at one of those restaurants of Swaroop Nagar and binge myself there. May be sometime but then you need friends too to fully enjoy the evening.

  3. Amit, OK now you have hitchhiker guide to kanpur.. :)
    Jahanpanh,there is nothing heartwarming for me than to revive the good past memories through words. May someday you enjoy lovely evening with your frinds in kanpur..

  4. I didn't go through your post fully and in detail, just casual reading. Reading them makes me feel sad and realize everything that I'm missing at present. Studying at IITK was my dream which never got fulfilled. Though It would have been fulfilled in present times when there are 14 IITs.

  5. Delhi To Kanpur Bus Booking

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss that, I really feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

  6. Kanpur is the beautiful city .. i always want to come Kanpur...its such a really nice place....

  7. Thanks for sharing the post with us. Earlier known as Cawnpore, Kanpur is one of the oldest industrial cities in Northern India. Check best hotels in Kanpur.



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