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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Triple Century

The map is not the territory. --Alfred Korzybski
Or take this simply. The blog is not the real world but its a route for me to become Neo from Mr. Anderson. I am on rampage enough to publish 300th post on my beloved blog. I congratulate myself in the sense of vanity and proud over this. Driven by basic instinct to compose and compile all crazy ideas at one place seems flourishing now. I could have easily forgotten this triple centurion post like previous centuries but Amit reminded that I was near triple century. And first time someone appreciated that my words are a source of inspiration. Hence celebrating mine minor joy in full pomp and show. Thank you Amit for your kind words...

You Should Write Blogs by Steve Yegge.
It is most most most pushing article that prompted me to write my bakwaas or preachings as a blogger. It explains why should I blog inspite of the fear and anxiety. Most people give various reasons why not to write something in the life .
Reason #1: I'm too busy.
Reason #2: I'm afraid to put my true thoughts on public record.
Reason #3: Nobody will read my blog.
Reason #4: Blogging is narcissistic.

It has ended these speculations and doubts. The trick has worked for drifter like me, hence it will help you also. Let me put up here opening stanza for preview:

"This is certainly the most important thing I'll ever say in my blogs: YOU should write blogs. Even if nobody reads them, you should write them. It's become pretty clear to me that blogging is a source of both innovation and clarity. I have many of my best ideas and insights while blogging. Struggling to express things that you're thinking or feeling helps you understand them better."

My Output:
I also insist that everyone should write: blog or no blog. Originality isn’t everything. In the world of art and design, originality is highly prized, but sometimes the emphasis is a bit too strong. The point of design isn’t to be original, but to speak a message effectively. If a highly original design does it, so much the better. But sometimes you have to reach to the readers by lowering your standards a little bit. I always insist that the message shouldn't be lost between simile and metaphors. And blah blah blah....

Puneet Jain has also started blog - Rehgujar
I am sure that I will left something behind at blogland, not cease like someone who took something away with him. Just wanted to sing: Yeh honsla kaise jhuke, Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke.


  1. Heartiest congratulations for your 300th post..:)
    I alway feel that for an introvert person, like me blogging is the best way to communicate my self. It gives me a reason to think and learn.
    I hope I would continue this virtual life till the end of real life... :)
    Wish you the same .. :)

  2. Thats way to go Amit..and thanks for the wishes.

  3. Mubaaarak ho! It really takes lots of motivation to keep writing...and in my opinion, writing is the easiest way to know yourself....may be that's why people are afraid or incapable of writing.

    I have got some good links from your blogs...thanks for sharing many of your inspirations and esp. cinema related links.

    Keep writing....

  4. Varun Sir, aapki hausla afzaai ka bahut bahut shukriyaa. Agar yeh utsaah bana raha to abhi manzilein aur bhi hain. Your opinion is quite true that "writing is the easiest way to know yourself, may be that's why people are afraid or incapable of writing". Comment karne ke liye dhanyawaad sir.

  5. Your link to Steve Yegge's post on blogging was amazing. I felt i should thank you for linking to it.

  6. Abdusalaam, bhai Steve Yegge wali weblink mere fav.articles mein se ek hai. Jab bhi koi blogging suru karta hai karna chahta hai, the I forward this link to him. I am happy that you also enjoyed it.



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