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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yaadon ke Jharokoon se ...

We were 5 friends in Kanpur, 'paanch' and core of 'triad' co exist inside it. Sanjay Bose, Vivek Vikram Singh, Gaurav Diwedi, Himanshu Chaudhary and me. All of us stood together in 10+2 and coaching years. We form the quintuple at front benches in 1st year and last benches in 2nd year. We roam manly in Coaching mandi but the favourite market was Rahmani market in Kanpur till today.

Internet: I went to Internet surfing for web councilling of AIEEE with Sanjay first time. The most surprising thing was the mails and pop-up of million dollar lottery prize. I was knowing that it is a hoax. But, surprise does not end here. The faces of white Caucasian female on the screen amazed me. The underline heading was 'Make friends with beautiful girls in Kanpur'. I was cleanly taken surprise that "where the hell these girls are, even if they exist in my city ? " . Till today, I have no clue of them.

Crush Story: There was a girl in our physics coaching of Anish Sir. She was beautiful and fair like nothing ever seen by me till now except Namrata Singh of class 10+2. No metaphor can describe her beauty to me. After the end of each class of Anish sir, only 20% junta remain in the class to talk or discuss problems with friends. She used to sit there for 10 minutes just chatting with the friends. In this short span of time, I use to gaze her continuously. Such was her beauty mesmerizes my mind. It was daily routine for 1 year. Then comes IIT JEE prelims examination in march 2004. There were 56 centers in the Kanpur accommodating atleast 500-2000 in each center. And she was sitting in same classroom of examination center. It was like one of the rare probability coming true. Alas she was not selected for the 'mains' round. I noted down her roll number and checked her result before mine. That was the end of the crush story. It was like beautiful dream which refreshes soul and makes memories sweeter. Also, I don't know her name and never attempted to..

More stories about Kanpur: In the praise of Rahmani Market & Review of Baabarr: A violent tale of a don of Kanpur

Thought of the day
: Stop being angry with life because it does not give what it cannot give.


  1. Liked your crush story. It could have been something more. After all, by God's grace you both were in the same classroom (good that you didn't get distracted by her thoughts in the examination). Of course it was such a rare thing. And, I think probably that was also your last meeting with her.
    She would have done her Engineering from some college and made some boyfriends there (lucky they). You went to college (and got a branch) where girls were a rare breed (good for me at least, coz I always blush in front of them :D), got your IIT tag and made yet another sacrifice for it.

  2. Thanks Jahanpanah for your comment. How true that "You went to college (and got a branch) where girls were a rare breed : Only an engineer can feel the plight of another engineer.Thanks buddy !!!

    I had noted down here roll no. and still own that piece of paper. Still sometime I think to find her name by using RTI...wierd idea, but that is me only.

  3. Well, best of luck. :D

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