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Friday, January 8, 2010

Controversy over 3 idiots

There was controversy over 3 idiots over credit with Chetan Bhagat and producers of this film. There is no mention of opening credit in the contract. Only the mention of rolling credits. The whole contract can be seen here. But chetan is miffed that his name appears quite late.

I am producing here stand of my friend who want to remain anonymous. I am in still dilemma that what is right or wrong in this case. One clue about him, he is an IITian. Take a look on his views and spare few thoughts :

The Problem: See this is not about a respectable person or reputable person as such. As an IITIAN, he should maintain the standards, 'arey yaar credit gaya toh gaya', I don't understand why he is making so many media appearances for this, film people like to come in front of the cameras, that is their job anyways, let them do that.

A suggestion: Next time, sell your stories to people, who'll respect your inspirations.

A short comment: Well at this moment, I would also like to comment that if we see the movie Sarkar, the credit has been given properly to 'THE GODFATHER', well theur are some instances which were made different to indianize the story but well still it shows a great respect for Mario Puzo and the filmamkers of THE GODFATHER. Hence proved, two things

1) We as Indians, dont give respect to Indian ppl for their work or we just like so called 'foreign' things to be awarded, remember this is not a question of merit. 5 point someone and THE GODFATHER are masterpieces and liked by mass. So is true for their movie adaptations.

2) Inspirations should come even before the starcast, I believe, whatever you did, you tweaked, did it 99.9% different but still somewhere at the grassroot level you gained something from the base story.

Independent Conclusion
3) I know Chetan Bhagat has gone to IIT (which is actually great and the country still holds its debts for many technological revolutions at IIT, many of them remain hidden or you see some ISRO director speaking about them, never mentioning the institutes, a plight) but IIM (seriously I tell you, most of the management institutions in India, dont provide with a) Mathematical Ability b) Use your engg. skills to tackle any financial problem at hand. They just go for publicity. So, This is a clear indication which shows what IIM education has done to a prominent writer and a technologist, a give-me-publicity personna.

One funny video on youtube about Chetan Bhagat controversy. People who can't see subtitles: Turn on the captions.At the bottom right of the player is the button with a upward pointing triangle on it. Click on it, and then click on CC button to turn on the captions. Those unable to see subtitles, watch it on youtube.


  1. Well if there was a contract then Chetan B might be wrong. However having (and enjoyed thoroughly)the movie.I must say the controversy was unwarranted, the plot of the movie it totally based upon 5 point someone however the story is totally different, which is evident from the second scene itself.

    And for your conclusion, being a student of commerce, I must say is bit misplaced. Life gives you two choices, good and bad, it is up to you what you choose. Even in the movie, as in the life, Ranchoo didn't ceded his values to Virus.

  2. Thanks for your valubale comment Tarun. I think it was more issue of respect and credits at the face value of the movie. However, opinion are of my friend , not mine. And I find it much correct that Even in the movie, as in the life, Ranchoo didn't ceded his values to Virus.. well judged

  3. A nice take on the 'controversy'. You know as they say, all publicity is good publicity... even negative ones.

    So, who knows...

  4. Ya roshmi..I also liked my friend's way of seeing the issue. And about publicity issues, we are amateur in comparison to them..

  5. @ Tarun Mitra
    See there was a contract between chetan and producers of 3 idoot which has been fullfilled at each and every step.But just by buying the rights u don't get the right to start saying someone else work as yours.There are many moments in the film which has been copied in exactly the same manner as written in the book. So this implies that along with the rolling credits which appear at the end,they must also give him credit in the story as well which they have not done.This is cheap thing done on the parts of vidhu, Hirani and amir as well who was once saying that the entire script is the original one.The real culprit are the 3 idiot's team and i appraciate chetan for bringing out this in media so that people should come to know the truth.

  6. @ Anonymous...What I have written??? I am writing anything in an alien language. If the Contract Says that the author will get credit at last then his case is weak...r u the same person who commented on Mridula D's Blog..???

    Sorry was directed towards me..



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