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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To thine own self be true

Have you ever seen from the top of mountains to the valley and other peaks across or enjoyed never ending boundaries of ocean from the shores. They are irresistible and fascinating view binder. They give us the glimpse into the infinite.


Life is born out of love.
All life is a progression, one moment inspiring the next and so on.
Live with love.

Failure, I love this term.
Carve for success and failure will follow you.
Live without care for past or future.

Enjoy the present in every aspect of life.
Try to put extra effort and everything slip out of hands.
Be effortless and natural.
In a moment, you will learn to love or love to learn.

Be a rebel, not to escape present.
Be a rebel, not by the desire to prove yours mettle in front of others.
Be yourself and do what you love,
You will become a rebel.

Go towards the inclination that you love.
Leave the security and Risk the life.
Lifestyle will change and style in life will come.
Live in the infinite...

My World

“I am ok, you are ok, the system sucks”.

This is the world that surrounds me.

Why do so many Indians put up with mediocrity and aren’t even embarrassed by this? F Easier, I suppose, to ignore the boos. Few may be frustrated but exception proves the rule.

I cannot tell you how annoying those “patriotic” types are, that applaud everything mediocre India offers ranging from Bollywood to the IITs, and get upset when you don’t appreciate what is “made” in India. And Icing in the cake comes when they justify each sub standard quality with the phrase TII (This is India).

The root cause of dearth of maverick rebel in India is: (1) Educational institutes are too inefficient to encourage an individual (2) Family & Society has such a crushing hold on people who want to build their own institutions and inspire others with success stories.

Good Intention is ok, Debate is necessary, but both are not sufficient, MUST be followed by action. Debate is powerful and often the initiator of action (which might be undertaken by a subset).

Dear Readers : Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Meri Udaan

Ek Udaan Kab Talak Yun Kaid Rahegi
Rokon Na Chodh Do Ise,
Ek Udaan Hi Sapnon Ko Zindagi Degi
Sapnon Se Jodh Do Ise.

Purani Dalilo Rasmo Ko Sabhi
Abhi Se Kahe Alvida,
Badaltey Dino Ke Tariko Se
Seeche Hum Naya Gulsita.


  1. Very true...lagta hi mera hi hissa hai-
    "Ek Udaan Kab Talak Yun Kaid Rahegi
    Rokon Na Chodh Do Ise"

    Good luck.

  2. Powerful thoughts... I must say.

    Society's reactions towards a genius or towards achievement or talent per se is shocking to say the least. It is the easiest way for gathering disdain and enemies... sadly.

  3. @Shaifali, this song from UDAAN (2010)inspires us. Aur yeh lines hum sabke sapnoon kaa hissa hai; More power and love to your Udaan....

    @Roshmi, be original and say truth. And world will stand against you from LEFT and RIGHT. A society does not ask for genius to change itself but always seek martyrs to put example for coming generation and escaping its own responsibilities.

    Enjoy Life and Say F!@# to society and state. :-)

  4. You are a beautiful writer. I wish you happiness n contentment.

  5. Shaifali, Thanks for the beautiful wishes. I am happy because I started loving people and able to express my feelings without fear of any backlash.

    I am living effortless and natural these days. Life is always happiness and we create our own misery out of expectations.



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