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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do, what you can do Best.

I am a mediocre in all fields but hate this label. What is the purpose of pursuing a career in the field in which you cannot accomplish distinction? This basic question always haunt me from childhood days. I do not want to become part of the mob. There are more than 10,000-20,000 engineers graduating per year. Where do i stand in this rat race? What is my chance of success and way to achieve notable in this field?

To tell you the truth, I do not have any chances of either doing good or fair. I also know the reason, why? These four years in ITBHU has given me more than enough time to evaluate my capabilities and limitation. I am just good movie viewer, nothing else. Albeit, I had knowledge of success mantra. It is not the old hard work and dedication theory. For me hard work and dedication axiom is appropriate coinage, but that's not enough.

Creativity in your area of interest is primary ammunition for achieving goals. I had huge interest in watching movies. I want to become legendary director like Satyjit Ray, Andrei Tarkovsky, Akira Kurosowa etc. I treat cinema as an art not the entertainment. I spent/ invested my precious time of college in it. But world outside seems more complicated than inside. Still, I am unable to achieve anything due to lack of will power. I regret for two things in my life.

First, I have taken so much input by watching thousand films but not even making a silly amateurish piece of cinema. This habit of laziness will become reason of my fall. Second, I do not have courage to face the struggle and bet my career for unknown business. Fuck you and your natural talent,if you are not working on it.

I had a chat with our alumnus Varun Grover in 2nd year of graduation. He is a writer now in the field of cinema leaving behind his civil engineering career for his interest. He quoted to me in our single conversation in chat "writing, like any other skill, needs polishing". I had forgotten that priceless advice. I am sorry for that till now. I was struggling with my grades, life and everything in 3rd year of engineering but the mind was full of awesome ideas. For reaching vantage point, you need more than idea. You must develop a concept step by step. You cannot become Leo Tolstoy just by knowing all the words in dictionary. You have to be smart enough to arrange them in lucrative and thematic way to write an epic like 'War and Peace'. Hence I started to blog. This was first of my entrepreneurship. Creativity inside me was unleashed.

I am also thankful to Varun Murali and Kunal Sharma to offer me valuable inputs from time to time. Murali critically screwed for my grammar and applauded for my narration skill. That was big boost for me in starting. Kunal gives me an idea of theme and presentation of topic. One year has passed since then. I feel like pebble who is polished to become diamond. I want to apologize here for previous punchline. This statement is manipulated from a quote. I feel guilty for copying it. I have not still become creative enough to blow punch lines like that statement. Hindi is my mother tongue and for me English is like mother in law tongue. I am really working hard to improve it. English is my media of instruction rather than Hindi but authority in this language is missing.

Mine interpretation of one year of writing and 4 year of watching cinema is completely original. Writing skills require lot of input.You have to study a lot but selected material. Novels, poems, short stories with news articles are sources of high quality literature. For example, you cannot learn about ground realities of India through Stardust or Cosmopolitan magazine. References and recommondations must be taken from wise guys. This facts holds true regarding cinema also. You cannot comment on war films by watching movies like Border.

Efficiency of a person is measured by work output/Energy Input. I had to work hard not only to sustain high efficiency but high work output. Creativity, Originality and Interactiveness of my interest with others is now parameter to judge myself. Uff, original ending is different to write. I can state here any existing line but will quote a new-one from myself. Make yours life worthy of putting your footmarks in the history of human race.

PS:This blog is written on completion of 1 year of my blog.


  1. Good work Rai I think you had polished your writing a lot and wish you success in your career no matter which stream you choose

  2. i so agree with u thr!!
    same story:(

  3. @chandu
    Thanks for encouraging statement.
    It is better for us now on to live one life of complete dominance rather than many parallel lives of mediocrity.

  4. (1)"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius": Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,author of the Sherlock Holmes series.
    Going by the above definition,the fact that you not only recognize genius, but in fact admire it,goes to show that you are not mediocre.

    (2)"It is cruel to discover one's mediocrity only when its too late":W.Somerset Maugham,one of the greatest english writers ever.
    I really don't know if its that late for you.

    (3)"There is a great magic in enthusiasm.It is the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment":Normal Vincent Peale

    Sir,I firmly believe that mediocre is a label for activities , not for men.

    There is something special in you :"knock and it shalt be opened":bible

  5. Oh Wow! You really have come a long way since then!! A little inspiration did do huge wonders! Looking at your blog entries now, their seems to a major change. "A step ahead is a step well taken" (Probably I also twisted some old quote :P )
    Well,I agree with you. Most of the times we a re too lazy to fend for our interests, well at least you had a hint what your interest was,I just can't chose between all the muddled options in my brain!

  6. @Deboshree, I have completely forgotten about this article. You have just opened up pages from old memories.

    It feels good from yor words that I improved as a skilled writer. But I can't write with same innocence and heart any more.

    I build up my life on interests and route of one has led to other.

    My Dear Lady, search for yourself with open heart and path will led to your destination.



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