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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stanzas Written in Dejection on the Roof

एक अधुरा अरमान, उड़ते हुए कई ख्वाब !

बादलों में घुलते सितारे, सन्नाटे में चीरती निगाहें |

धुएँ में घुला जा रहा हूँ

आसमान से गिरती बूँदों में जला जा रहा हूँ,

अपने अस्तित्व पर प्रश्नचिन्ह करता हूँ

जीवन के यथार्थ को छिन्न भिन्न करता हूँ |

ठंडी हवाओं में उड़ जाना चाहता हूँ

शून्य में विलीन होने की संभावना देखता हूँ,

हर एक काश के साथ राख हुए जा रहा हूँ

एककीपन में मृत्यु का स्पंदन किये जा रहा हूँ |

---Himanshu Rai

This poem is dedicated to all those who understand illusion of the life and search for meaning in the death. I want to fly away like smoke in the infinite. I suspend all types of blogging, social networking and reading activities !!!


  1. Welcome to the club...

    May be you'll enjoy this


    Desi Girl

  2. your poem gives a sense of numbness..

  3. Desi Girl, Thanks for the Omkar Satnam. It is wonderful, I am listening.

  4. Hi joie de vivre, I am in isolation. This poem was written with feeling of suffocation and rebel.

  5. "हर एक काश के साथ राख हुए जा रहा हूँ

    एककीपन में मृत्यु का स्पंदन किये जा रहा हूँ |"

    जीवन के रहस्य का सही अर्थ तो मृत्यु में ही है किंतु विडंबना ये है कि वो लोग जीवित आत्मायों के प्रश्नों के उत्तर देने के लिए वापस नहीं आ सकते है |

    I suspend all types of blogging, social networking and reading activities !!!

    इसका क्या मतलब हम सभी समझें ?

  6. Quite a heavy poem I must say. I hope the last line... was not meant to be serious...

  7. if u r so frustrated with the status quo, shed off your fear and start doing what you love most. I hope, then, you would do justice to your life. Then, you would not just exist, you would be alive. A poem is coming to my mind. I would encourage you to check the following link


  8. anjaanrahgir, I will concentrate on few goals right now and suspend few activities for 2,3 months. That is my plan; I am going in shell and have a pending task to perform for a long time. If alive, then will sure back...

  9. Roshmi, I have no desire to die but the self destruction is wonderful phenomenon. It destructs every positive thing you believe in. I am forcing myself to preserve those relations and a goal that I cherish most. Thanks for coming here in hard times.

  10. @Utkarsha, I am frustated with my lifestyle. And my laziness to change it... Much thanks for the poem. The intensity of my desire to overcome will decide my fate.

  11. "I have no desire to die but the self destruction is wonderful phenomenon."

    I never meant that...

    What I referred to was the unsheduled and indefinite 'hibernation' indicated there... Meaning... we'll miss your posts indefinitely :(

  12. @ Roshmi madam, sorry for such a late response. I have gone for a short tour for a change.

    Hibernation is broken with a short blog post today only. The gambler can became empty with the money but can't push away the habit of gambling...

    Life is short and "let it go" philosophy helps me in overcoming all negative thoughts. Thanks for clearing confusion here.



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