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Saturday, December 27, 2008

U.S.A. - Uncle Scam America

Half of people in America do not read news paper and remaining half does not vote;we hope they are same bunch of people or god help that mighty country.

Stereotype truths that all blacks are prevailed in crime. While truth is almost 33% of black youths aged between 18 to 25 are involved in crime.They are either in prisons or roaming in society on parole. Yaa, it is true that now multi-ethnic races residing there are following the same American dream.

Consumer culture is at peak in America than anywhere n the world. The sub-prime crisis in America surfaced when defaults were reported in payments for housing mortgages. The 5% population consumes 25% resources of the world. 90% of GDP is consumed in loans (Sources: Business India 5,October 2008). It is the real face of the capitalist economy of America which wants bail out package from the government now.

Ancient Indian had described consumerism as tendency to "Rinam kritvaa ghritam pibet "/"Take a loan and drink the ghee". Take a car loan or home loan or even a holiday loan. Live for today - but, make sure that you are not in debt tomorrow. America has 115 million such suicidal loan bombs who carry forward credit card debt every month. That is one aspect of consumerism that no Indian certainly don't want to emulate from the Americans. For better present, they are dumping their future. Hence, next generation similarly dumps their previous generation ideas and values. Hippie culture was born by these hypocrisy of western values. Indians don't consider shame in poorness and self content is far more characteristic of east. Read my take on consumer culture for more detail.

Most of the development in U.S.A. is achieved by foreign immigrants struggling hard to acheive green card or citizenship. Insecurity among originals is nothing new here. Red Indian extinction shows the real face of west and condition of Aborigines in an Oz country follow similar track. These migrating workers form the major head of American economic and political position in coming decades. Either the Jewish lobby of business groups or German and Russian scientist community had given best years of their life to reach success as individual and community. Chinese make rail road there when Irish and British settlers were fully Americanized. Then Jewish, Italian and Deustch intellects or labor class flow to U.S.A. in world war times. Russians, Iranian and Afghan flow for better future in cold war times. Japanese came through trade routes and established their supremacy in electronics market. African American involvement in crimes are now known to whole world thanks to Hollywood.The constant influx of Latino has feel their presence in drug and human trafficking. Irish, Italian, Chinese and Russian mafia are now better known to us through film and fictional novels. In between Indians also got entry through green cards except sardars coming for cheap labor by illegal means.

Facts about America:
Land of conspiracy theory: JFK murder to UFO case.
Buy burgers and sell guns to dictators around the world.
Hate speech and gang violence between races is now a major problem.
Bill Monica scandal was a gossip to read....
Donkey is the perfect sign of republic party and stands tall with George Bush Jr.

This America is far from the dreams or philosophy of Thoreau and Emerson. I am sure that even most of Americans would not have heard the name of Henry David Thourea. Continued bashing in the next post....

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