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Monday, January 5, 2009

G 9 at ITBHU

This work is an art of pure imagination and any relation to dead or alive individual is purely coincidental. Any similarity with real human can be considered as pure coincidence.This jingo is so common in bollywood unlike hollywood movies but it can work here very well for my protection. I have pulverized the facts with fiction but this story can be confirmed unofficially from any alumnus of our esteemed college.

This is not an urban legend traveling in the lanes of ITBHU. G9 is not any mythical term coined by me. It consist of 9 distinguished teachers grouped together for greater good of majority. G9 had been constituted by 9 people who are still living legends in their own backyard of BHU. But, it is a taboo to speak about them in the department. I was astonished by the fact that even blogs and social networking websites (orkut, facebook or Linkedin) do not have any mention of them. It was their charm or horrifying Deja-vu.

I am not mocking at them through public blog. They are well respected gentle and elder men. I RESPECT them for their concerns about degrading morals and academically uninterested students. I just want to give "Jhaadu ke Jhappe" to group G9. They really need a big hug from all of the IT students. I am not sure of the instant reaction but they will behave different after 1000 hugs. There is a dashing line in the movie 'The Dark Knight': You die as a hero or live long to see yourself becoming villain. It can be molded for them as : You live at a place for short time like a hero or live long there to see yourself becoming villain in the eyes of the coming generation. Cafeteria table reserved in student section by a privileged group of teacher is living example of this quotation.

PCU is (now retired) the prominent name in this pseudo group. Either, I do not know the names of other persons or (even if know) I will not reveal in the blog land. Discipline is their weapon of mass destruction of moral of uneducated (non learning technical engineering student). Solution to the problem of unwillingness of students to study as geek was devised by screwing them with grades and compulsory attendance. Fakka is also used by them for breaking heart of a rebel student. This solution can achieve short term focus on study with uni focal on theoretical (no tutorials) subject. But long term loss is immense. With that mode of teaching, student moves away from the learning and shifted its focus on shortcut route of success. He/she consider these well wishers as their enemy.

An environment of fear clumping discipline is made in the department. Lack of conversation and feedback from each other creates a communication gap between student and teachers. Knowledge can only pass through bridge between them; Questioning of authority by students is taken as negative perceptive in this group. For your update, Disciplinary committee (DISCO) constitute of majority of members from this G9.

Point to Note: Discipline cannot be imposed on anyone against his/her will, especially on adults. Discipline is a self applied phenomenon. Disraeli had quoted ''You cannot make men virtuous by acts of parliaments''. A student should fear from administration only on violation of rules. Nothing less than this should be accepted. Respecting teachers is important virtue of the student. Few teachers tend to demand it from students. Respect can only be earned by command not demand. Command comes from knowledge and compassion, not from the whip.

An Engineering student tends to enjoy the personal life and do not pay attention to the academics. A sincere student spoiled his one year in the rough IT culture. He meets several asshole suggesting minimum studies and maximum enjoyment is mantra for success. The seniors (in majority) misguide the fresher about relation in academics and extra curricular activities. But, it is also necessary for nerds to learn few tricks for development in personality (mainly presentation and communication skills).

In second year, some unfortunates enter into mechanical department. Wase bhi, Mechanical department is more cussed fore lesser grades and strict professors than any other department irrespective of engineering college. It is really hard now on to move with shrewdness in studies. Wisdom and Silence hatches more grades in department. The wit and smartness will gain unnecessary attention and doom you into on 3 year (for lucky ones) of failures and frustration.

"People related to Education often complain - at least, professors do -- that young people do not read anymore. But that is not true. They read all the time but they do not read books or long texts. For the most part, presses and journals as they now exist do not serve the interests of intellectual or cultural development. To the contrary, their proliferation is symptomatic of increasing hyper-specialization in which there is more and more about less and less."

My wish: We really need role models and guidance by lenient means for career growth in engineering days. Enter into the Mechanical engineering department and name of heroes like Ravi Kalsaria and Sripati Sah must spring in the young minds. Only those can give more inspiration and push students to dream and achieve big in their life and career.

This line is written on the old Identity card of BHU;Dedicated by me for those teachers who impose discipline rather than guiding young souls for self discipline.- "The most reliant and self governing person is always under discipline:and the more perfect the discipline,the higher will be his/her moral conditions.-M.M.M."

No hard feelings....


  1. great post! Deep appreciation for your guts!

    I esp. loved your statement "Respect can only be earned by command not demand.Command comes from knowledge and compassion, not from whip."

    Makes me wonder if you are addressing the faculty members of the G9, or those seniors who rag their freshers to teach them how to "respect" their seniors. Want to comment on the similarities/differences there?

    And once again, much respect for your guts :). Many have thought of writing what you just wrote, but stopped short due to trepidation :).

  2. Well intimidating with terrifying repercussions upon logical questioning is the most effective tool used by authorities to suppress the spirit of free thinking and thereby hide their own shortcomings
    The only difference is that sometimes these authorities are religious, sometimes institutional.....but the policy is a great success everywhere

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. well here the perceptions may differ

    I somehow felt that ragging was done more to intimidate, show superiority
    some did it to get good assistants and chamche in future and some did it to check their adrenaline level to find out if at all they r capable of frightening others, some did it for pure fun and some did bcoz they get pleasure upon seeing others in trouble

  5. @Animesh Sir,I have commented on the faculty member of the department;Ragging is done just to impost discipline on flowing adrenaline of young blood.

  6. @Mayank,
    Everybody knows about it but nobody writes about it.hence ,i take matter in my own hands.And ragging is now punishable crime..But enjoy life in college as much as you can..

  7. @ANIMESH SIR,respect is mainly taken by few teachers than seniors.Mostly 2nd year is one in misguiding student...but they do not push too hard for issue of respect

  8. Sadly, "too hard" is a subjective term :). My aim was to point out that _both_ ragging seniors, as well as overbearing faculty are to be blamed for using improper means to "instill values", "get respect", or whatever other term you want to give their supposed goals.

    In my mind, a senior who rags (read: treats in a demeaning way which causes fear) a firstyearite, and a prof [MEC or otherwise] who uses fear to get a point across are equally culpable.

  9. @animesh sir,
    now ragging is on verge of decline due to new FIR acts .But acts of indiscipline is increasing as there is no regulation from seniors.I agree with your view of both hardliner seniors and faculty are wrong in their view.But you bear seniors view in fresher year but faculty view for 3 years with fear of fakka on your head.



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