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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rebel Wave of Cinema

I do not know about mainstream but welcome all ortho-para-meta dox way of making good film. I wander into middle path cinema like most Indians. I love partially both soul stirring and crowd pleasing movies. The vacuum of good cinema with healthy and sensible entertainment is missing from our bollywood. I do not know, either imagination is missing or Indian public is not intelligent enough to appreciate creative work.

Cinema is for the broad minded people who wants to explore horizon of human mind. It is not for pseudo intellectual or cult followers. Changing with the time is natural human quality. Honesty is in the promise of filmmaker with the expectation of people. Quality is not directly proportional to quantity in any field of life. Cinema should be focused on quality not quantity. Few people act /think ahead of time, they are visionaries of our society. Creative auteur make their opinion finely blending with entertainment in their creation to society.

There is very marginal difference between movies and cinema. While impression of the average movies is short lived, cinema creates everlasting and deep effect with time. Each review of the cinematic art enriches the emotion generated on first screening. Cinema is always created out of conviction rather than any compulsion. Cinema is on continuous search and endeavor for new philosophy of life.

Do not compare past especially parallel cinema movement with today's cinema. A lot of water has flown under the bridge and a whole generation of young thinkers are now veteran ones. Degeneration and resurrection is part of change. The cycle of cosmos and chaos will go on indefinitely. The change is inevitable. When some one is changing without attaching it self with inherent quality of change, it is termed as fashion in degraded sense. It is a temporary change and will perish after few days. Art is inside-out while fashion is outside-in.

Thinking pattern of viewers and readers may vary drastically with each other on blog land. But one point is sure that they ridicule the system where untalented but influential star-children are promoted to the top of the ranks and talent is given no importance. The growth of star children lies in our prehistoric mentality of faith in rule of dynasty succession. Thousand years of slavery has made them mere followers of the west (not Europe but America). We need original (flawed or semi polished or anything) works from India. There is enough plagiarism on the name of creative adaptation.

You would be surprised but I have go in support of the 'Piracy'. The big claims of ultra-big filmmakers fighting against piracy go out of the window when the same people blatantly copy Hollywood films and call them their own creation. Hard hitting example-- Mahesh Bhatt. We pirate the scripts, dialogues and even camera shots so what's the big deal? After all it is a "Intellectual Piracy". These people should be given replica of Oscars or 'Golden Bear' in the name of most originally copied material. In that case, isn't it better to see your own movie been watched by millions, even if that's on pirated CDs? The torrent and rapidshare are doing fair share of jobs otherwise we would have been unknown of these maestro's upliftments and inspirational movies.

People like Anurag Kashyap outrage and provoke people by implicitly asking what the limits of art are? Encourage rebellious person like him. Fight against social order to save the society and future potential. Rise of AK is similar to Martin Scorsese. They are questioning the conformist and norms of society. All troubled and skeptical characters are protagonist in there movies. Dark and Underground movies has prepared the soil for the plant of 'Rebel Wave of Cinema' in India. Hope it bloom and a new contribution to world form India come into the picture.

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