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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cast off Caste

I was talking to my flatmate yesterday. We had a small argument about intercaste marriage. He will not do intercaste marriage due to his family and community background. Thats, ok reply for me. Then, I fired next shell on him, " What about your daughter in the future?". He replied that he will go for intracaste marriage if the girl does not opt for the love marriage (consider it against his wish). I was astonished by his reply and blaming his impotency to stand on this issue on his family and community. I can imagine the upbringing of the girl (daughter) in that environment very easily. So full of prejudice and what more to say..

Most of the people who support intercaste marriage openly, they are not going to do that. They said that just to show people their pseudo open mindness. At the juncture point, they don't have guts to do that. And latter justify that he/she can't marry intercaste girl/boy because of there parents and relatives, community. The neutral accent of these people derail reforms more than brutal atrocities done by caste prejudices.

Rigid Stand of most people against inter caste marriage pisses me off and then on argument, they give bullshit theories of tradition, caste superiority and then fear of society. I believe them as the same people who suffer from white man syndrome. I was giving previous example from daily life to show you that educational degree does not reflect mindset of an individual . Its the broad mindset to accept and judge things rationaly on the basis of merit rather tradition or style which matters most in our life.

From 5 years, I am learning about new India and Indians strangely hidden by mass media from us. I am pretty sure that only few people reading this blog will be aware of the name of Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights movement in America. Strangely, But I am damn sure that none of my friends (Read: Hindutva follower) will be knowing about Self-Respect Movement started by Periyar in Tamilnadu a century above. Getting the youth involved is crucial in the process of social change against caste discrimnation. The root of this prejudice lies deep in our histories, but its impact is felt every day.

Will be updating more on this issue....

"It is not God that is worshipped but the group or authority that claims to speak in His name. Sin becomes disobedience to authority not violation of integrity." - S Radhakrishnan.


  1. Well said....Hypocrisy is d basic instinct of us, Indians. I think this casting off will take anoder century....till den we can only hope dat honor killings n oder stupid consequences get minimized. Amen!

  2. Yayaver, I feel people will find it increasingly difficult to stick to inter caste marriages in the future. I think a big part of this will be due to matrimonial websites and the increasing materialization of Indian society.

  3. @Bizkid, Don't know what others will do, but we should atlest do maximum effort to break this shackle.. Equality for all irrespective of religion, gender...

    @Vikram, You are sure that people will find it increasingly difficult to stick to inter caste marriages.I think they will find it diffcult to put next genration in intracaste marriage tradition. Matrimonial site can't stop open mind people. More we have role models in social life having intercaste or inter religion marriage, better is the chance of reform.

  4. i don't see caste dying until we all make a concerted effort to kill it.

    where does culture end and discrimination begin. the reason why inter caste marriages don't happen is because one caste feels superior to another :(

    the starting point is telling children at school itself, that caste is evil and discrimination is criminal.

  5. Concerted voice should be raised where everyone supports intracaste marriage. Discussing among people having mutual consent about banning caste system will be enthusiastic but not very fruitful. We have to hit those orthodox people who praise their caste and sings about superiority factor in public or society gatherings.

    Gargi madam, you are absolutely correct that start at the school would be first step for removing this discrimnation.

  6. Good news my friend has altered his views on love marriage by watching a movie. See cinema reforms also.. just Give good directors a chance.



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