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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Irrational Faith -3

Note: [You can read my view points about religion hereto get the grasp of my thinking. ]

There is a film named 'The White Ribbon' directed by Michale Haneke. He expressed his views on the themes of the film: " I was interested in presenting a group of children who are taught absolutist values, and the way they internalize this absolutism. My point was to show the consequences – that is, all sorts of terrorism. If absolutism is applied to an ideal, then that ideal, either political or religious, becomes inhuman. I had considered calling the film "The Right Hand of God." These children believe they are the right hand of God: they have understood the laws, and follow it to the letter. This makes them become the punishers of the others, who do not obey the same ideals. This is how the terrorism originates. The film should not be considered as a comment on fascism alone." [Source]

These lines cane be source of brilliant debates for any society ready for introspection. Still unconsciously, I put this line in real life analysis in the case of 'Islam' only. One line discussed about this movie will make my point clear. 'The seeds of deadliest emotions are there in a society that allows for nothing except goodness.'

This tendency of looking to absolute and abolish all badness through strict punishment exist in Islamic countries. Any liberal act in art, dance , woman rights and minority rights is highly condemned by priestly clan in the power. Middle class in any Islamic countries are not strong enough to adopt the modern political ideologies of west like democracy, secularism, religious diversity and liberalism at a national level. Hence, the Islamic state has lost its authority to challenge the semi-literate & close minded maulvis who do more harm than good.

Excessive importance to religion and its principles is a hindrance in the expansion liberalism and tolerance, where individuals do not give undue importance to religion. It is not easy for any nation to contend with religious bigots and fundamentalists who are forcing on imposing the socio-religious ideology of middle ages on the society in 21st century.

Let us take few countries in analysis. Iran is a more democratic in all Islamic countries at grass root level with power held by clerics. Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey have military backed secular state model. Saudi Arabia is feudal state divided between tribes which does not hold any respect to human rights. And, such Islamic countries are way ahead in corruption index despite of imposition of laws based roughly on Sharia laws.

Ataturk tried to change his country through dictatorship but it shows wrong signals across other countries. Military approach can't solve the civil society problem. The days of revolution are gone. Unless you know how to govern a country, you cannot bring about peace in a country. The failure of Islamic countries on free voice is the major cause of their degradation in cultural and scientific fields. The failure to learn from our past mistakes and “blame India, Israel, America or West” mindset deny them from doing something constructive. And they fall as a pawn in the world politics.

The lack of progress in science and democratic values depicts the mentality of ruling class. Force, however strong, cannot and should not have the last word on any general consensus of the people. For the empowerment of democratic forces in any nation clear cut demarcation between religion and politics is necessary.

To give up power to majority is not easy task, it requires moral courage. Other countries with Christian, Jewish and Hindu population were able to do that because there leaders choose liberal values and democratic reforms for masses. I always admire J.L. Nehru despite of all controversies surrounding him. It was his autocratic rule without becoming Cesearian type that makes India what it is today. He saved us from becoming Hindu Pakistan.


  1. I believe that we need to learn more about the different religions so that we can understand each other better. I think there must be some connection between the religions; God created all of man and perhaps the only difference is that you see God as many; whereas I see only one God. I also believe that church and science go hand in hand: Science is a way of explaining God's work, and is not contradicting any of the teachings. Of course there are miracles such as the Virgin concecption of our Holy Virgin Mary which science have failed to explain.. but I still think they can go hand in hand. I will check out the link and come back to you later!


  2. Wonderful article Yayaver, and a very pertinent one too in today's contexts.

    'God' & 'religion' are 2 of the most important aspects in a person's life. The problem originates when people or society forget that they are, in essence, man's creation, and not the other way round. I feel the true sign of enlightenment is not in blindly believing in god & religion, rather in realising the difference between belief & rationality.

    When someone starts equating belief with rationality (a classic case in point what Leonard wrote above), instead of being aware that they are two distinct entities altogether, that society moves towards what Michael Haneke so powerfully displayed in White Ribbon. Its then that one starts with moral policing, and slowly graduates towards bigotry & fundamentalism.

    If you really think about it, religion (& god) happen to be the most divisive element in our society - they are in absolute conflict with what John Lennon tried to express in his iconic song 'Imagine'.

    Great writeup.

  3. Leonard, Thanks for your comment. I disagree with you here. This is a wrong notion that church and science go hand in hand. You are a good student of European history, hence can understand this much better than me. And science can't explain mythology of Holy Virgin. A science does not justify religion, it has its own standards and axioms. Please read Shubajit comment above who explain this matter in much better words. [Don't take any religion as truth because you are born into it.] Sorry if this reply appears hard but one must examine facts in a rational way.

  4. Shubajit, Thanks for coming on my blog and putting a very elaborate comment on 'God' & 'Religion'. Any community or nation which persecute persons for free speech will start its own decay. The vigorous debate and absolute freedom of speech is the source of innovation of all reforms in any part of world.

  5. Very well written post. Love the clarity - I have always felt the same on these issues but could never express it so clearly.

    And I also agree, "I always admire J.L. Nehru despite of all controversies surrounding him. It was his autocratic rule without becoming Cesearian type that makes India what it is today. He saved us from becoming Hindu Pakistan."

    Yes India could easily have become a Hindu Pakistan!

  6. Thanks for the comment indianhomemaker. Everybody has clarity of views in the field of interest. I can't write about woman or nature as you. To each individual his/her own view of life :) And India is not hindu pakistan despite attempt of Shiv sena and RSS brigade, thats our remarkable achievement.

  7. well said......... and i think down the line everyone know who is being mistaken. let everyone know that every human being is born good neither religion can make them do right things nor religion can stop them to do right thing.....



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