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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quarantined by a poem :(


This is not the life that I want to achieve. The circular and monotonous loop goes on and on. Is routine work just enough for mine existence ? Is this post written in sheer frustration or addiction ? Several choices and questions, don't have guts to answer. I forget what was in my mind.

What I fail to see in my observation becomes most critical or taken as an obvious for others. May be my ego comes in between obvious and me. Life contains paradox, that's why there is nothing like truth. Search for absolute truth is extremism. Nothng absolue exist in the nature.

There is this arbit theory of world peace attained by pure rationalisation fails to understand. The world peace can't exist without war. Duality is here and will stay; Human nature is forged of both faith and reason while dominance of one let to the extremism. Duality of human nature is not considered. Man- Woman, Nirakaar - Saakar, etc; When good arises, the evil rises too. Beauty- Ugliness are just two sides of same coin. For every choice, duality will appear. That's why religion put God as one.

I raise my voice for rationalism but I am not against humanity. I have unbound love for the human life. I am not bounded by moral code of conduct or command of the book. I am free.

Many times, this struggle against brutal force for equality appears futile. When I find love and affection for me in eyes of others, the flame re-ignites. You know all about love when you feel it. I believe that love transcends all still history is against me.

Thanks for going through this bizarre post. I have edited this post more than 20 time to bring order in this chaos. Nothing works. And poem that inspired me for writing in middle of night : Safe written by Dear Rajjo.

Quotes for Refreshing mood:

It is myth, not a mandate; fable, not a logic; and symbol, rather than a reason, by which men are moved. – Irwin Edman

There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter. - E Hemingway

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. - Buddha


  1. We are so differen...cultures...faces...emotions...logics and so so many things..
    I wonder how humans are able to handle so many things..

    kabhi kahi kam kahi jyada ho jata hai..

    Being rational in country like ours is rare..some only think and very few in real practice it..

    I might not be able to relate with what you are trying to say..but certainly I am trying to make some point here...

  2. joie de vivre , welcome back. u visited here after long time. And Don't relate, i just want to listen whatever you say. And your points are so true about rationality. For me, We all are more or less rational fool ; So many disntinction and diversity, still we connect. That's humanity.

  3. I am at loss of words..still trying to churn out something after reading your post....and yeah the poem "Safe"......

    the thing is that....circular monotonous loop.....rational thinking.......

    You know what is the greatest paradox of our life - want to do something different while we live...or becoming like everyone when we die.....
    I see many a people and observe that they are living - day in and day out - the same life....and they are never bothered about that..they are more than happy in that...a decent lifestyle, a decent income, family, children, children's schooling and college..etc.etc...
    and then we are here who struggle to come out of this monotony yet unable to do so...then the paradoxical thinking comes that whether "they the people" are right in being happy in what they are or "we the people" who are unhappy with the monotony and try to come out of this and still unable to do so.......
    Only "GOD" knows (if He is there somewhere)......
    But frankly speaking I, talking about myself, with every passing day becoming more and more restive about all this...what direction, where, what destination, what path, when, and all sorts of questions eating me and making me hollow that will crumble sometime somewhere.....still trying to sustain....
    I think it was ur post and I shud not have made a comment which shud have been in my post..anyway its pardonable (I hope, because I am yet to start posting on my own)......

  4. Akash boss, at the loss of words you express so much here in the comments. :P Jokes apart...

    Thanks for writing so much. Life contains all paradox. We battle , resist and baffle by its trick. The swing between security and freedom is so fast that nothing remains stable. All desires and hopes are leading us to chaos...

    You write so beautifully that each time I want that you have your own blog. Where I can come and read about lifr and everything. See Joie de vivre's blog. She express everthing in pictures and one line embedded in it. Whatever works for you.. song dance writing painting just wanna see your expression of truth.

  5. A nice read... and quite philosophical too.

    P.S. You are turning out to be quite a prolific blogger...

  6. Roshmi, thanku for so much praise. Beuaty lies in the eyes of beholder. Similary prolific ness :-)



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