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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nothing to write, much to say...

1- Have anyone watched or know about Iranian, Chinese or Russian cinema ? If yes, then you will know about the struggles of the director with state or clergy to express his thoughts in public. I wrote below paragraph after watching the movie Marmoulak :

Artists are born in the environment of suppression. The more the external suppression, the greater is the degree and urge for expression. Sometimes in their life, they met beloved one/ones and there art touches the crust. More the design and glamour in the expression comes from the dream or psychedelic effects. Drugs, weeds and alcohol are compatriot of artist. What lies hidden is the supreme desire of not being general masses. The expression disturbs the stable order of the society and creates ripples in the youth minds. And as the age takes toil on the youth, the rebel expression is submerged into the abyss of social mind. The rebel of art lies in an unfathomed corner of the the underground movements, far away from the burden of the tradition. The struggle in the conscious blossom in the works of them. And the hidden emotions are unbounded by their compassion to share themselves for others.

2- History, experience, reason help us in expanding our sense of justice and morals. With the natural progress of human sentiments, we start seeing justice and truth is the same light. I wrote these words about truth here in the flash one day : Truth can't be expressed in one liners. Truth isn't linear. Its circular in nature containing paradoxes. Such is the mystery of the nature... What we fail to feel, capture on the broken mirror of mind. And those deceitful memories gives you illusions. Mind helps in ejaculation of the thoughts through memories. Spontaneous releases the truer part and even feelings become muddled up with time.

3- Here it is summary on the creative people edited from a viewer's comment on the movie Five Easy Pieces (1970) : The film is an intense character study of an alienated, misfit drifter who seems to have no specific direction or place in life. Psychologists who study creativity have found that generally creative people contain a number of specific personality characteristics. One of the main characteristics of creative people is 'alienation'. In essence, he is a nowhere type of man. Creative people tend to be quite impulsive and open to emotional display, and are quite often labeled as temperamental. Many great creators have doubts about the quality of their product and the authenticity of their talent, hence the notion that creative people are never satisfied.

I will end the scribblings for today here with a couplet of Faiz-

निसार मैं तेरी गलियों के अए वतन, कि जहाँ, चली है रस्म कि कोई न सर उठा के चले
जो कोई चाहनेवाला तवाफ़ को निकले, नज़र चुरा के चले, जिस्म-ओ-जाँ बचा के चले
---फ़ैज़ अहमद फ़ैज़


  1. निसार मैं तेरी गलियों के अए वतन, कि जहाँ, चली है रस्म कि कोई न सर उठा के चले
    जो कोई चाहनेवाला तवाफ़ को निकले, नज़र चुरा के चले, जिस्म-ओ-जाँ बचा के चले
    ---फ़ैज़ अहमद फ़ैज़

    Love these lines!!

  2. Thanks, Good Read.....
    Your expression for artist have reminded me of my favorite quote from the movie "Stalker" which goes something like

    "passion is emotional energy created by the friction between inner soul of the artist and the outside world."

    And second I even like your quote on Truth....There is nothing as an absolute truth...


    Good, Keep Going:-

  3. indianhomemaker, u are always welcome here.

    Pawan, Stalker is more than just a film. And you had quoted beautiful line here. Had completely forgotten about it. Anyhing expressed is not Truth, what left in the heart, thats truth :) Enjoy reading man.

  4. yayaver it is wonderful read.....
    the next thing is that i've started watching some of the world movies...just yesterday saw Mr. Average, French and few others prior to that...hope something worthwhile will be able to take out from those movies and will be able to reproduce feelings which comes after viewing them......

  5. A good read.

    I too watch some of the 'world movies'. It does give an insight into the culture of the land/region. I find them to be very educative... which is way better than mindless entertainment liberally garnished with toilet humour...

  6. Bhai Akash and Roshmi Madam, ohh it delights me absolutely that people are exploring cinema and I have little contribution in that. Thanks for that. The experience to discover another culture and travel distant lands comes true with cinema to me. It is an adventure trip for me. Sometimes simplicity of Iranian to elegance of french, it is beautiful.

    The idea of cinema for me is to engage an audience and uplift them in some way and take them into an experience which is emotional at many levels. And best of luck for your trips to the relams of foreign cinema . I always utter : What good is cinema if it trails behind literature ?

    For my words on cinema, read :

    'few weird ideas'

    If I appear much preachy about cinema here, just neglect that part. I am in love with cinema :!



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