Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today, I am too minority...

I have a passion for watching movies around the world. My friends ask me whats the reason of watching an Iranian or Japanese film (with subtitles) with fair amount of effort. They vouch films for entertainment and I bet films as experience to grow beyond mine roots. Are we mere product of the social circle bounded by geographical or religious strain ? My answer is No.

The above paragraph gives the background of this article. An individual living in any part of the world feels same anxiety, fear and love towards other based on the local belief system. But this notion of local is expanding into global day by day. And staunch believers want to impose their faith forcefully on others without even understanding others. This group of believers (mainly religious) are threatening our co existence together with false tradition of casteist, racial and cultural supremacy over others.

Let me give an example: The idea "The earth is the center of the universe" was not a rational view but belief centered around the self importance. The claim of oldest civilization in the world is made by Greece, India and Chinese even today shows the strong ego centric claim of the society. An individual growing in this society will face heavy resistance if while investigating result comes opposite to the belief system.

If all religions are free to criticize each other, why could not a secular person do the same. One will be charged with blasphemous assault but never an action is taken against use of such religious verses. When religion is in the hand of state, the blasphemy is punished by law. There remains no chance for minority to survive in that society. State enforcing blasphemy laws will protect ideas from criticism by individuals rather than individuals from oppressive dogmas.

Taslima Nasreem, Salmaan Rushdie, MF Hussain and many others have been barred to express themselves either by state or religion. The 'Revolution is in the danger' slogan has also killed many liberals by the shrewed for the sake of power. The whole adrenaline rushing sacrifice for Nation comes from the hate of the enemy rather than love of the country. The belief of perseverance of caste, creed, culture and civilization from mixing is absurd and against the human nature.

The only guide to man is his conscience; Showing respect for other people’s ideas and beliefs is indeed sign of tolerance in the individual. There is an unwillingness to listen and to understand the other and accept general form of discrimination as societal norms. There is constant clash between faith and Voice of reason. People take tolerance as acceptance of their faith with no questioning. Voice of reason asks for the justification of each a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof. This creates a conflict in the society as people wants to be in their comfort zones of tradition. Here, we divide the world between us and others on the basis of identities. That's why in this globalizing world, the others is an foreign element that pollutes the local culture. The rejection of others and not treating others as equal merely on the old belief system is self harming. Admiring excellence no matter where it is produced and general attitude of openness makes a person rise above one's surrounding belief system. We never learn : Whatever we understand and enjoy in human products instantly becomes ours, wherever they might have their origin.

The above line is my answer to mine friends asking about my expedition in the realm of foreign cinema. To be vowing for pure, self praising and self righteous kills the scope of the learning and intermingling of people. In my opinion, religion is never an answer to anything but is a dividing force. Believers are idealists who see no reasons only their end goal conquered through quantum of leap of hope. Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them. I doubt the dogmas that's why today, I am too minority in the world of believers.


  1. Let me first greet you on earth day...

    The one line which was not highlighted yet I liked most is... "The whole adrenaline rushing sacrifice for Nation comes from the hate of the enemy rather than love of the country."

    I think all this notion of sacrifice for the nation is a farce. History is full of precedences where-in a whole society and community was made to fight by the so-called leaders for some individual chauvinism, power-seeking, desire to rule........ And now also we simply play like a puppet in the hands of our so-called elected representative (who are never representative..!!). And it is sad and ironical that if you talk against this xenophobic attitude then you are surely going to be branded as anti-national and blasphemous....Ah...painful..!!!...

    And the second point which i thought worth mentioning.....but prior to that let me tell you one thing and that is - I dont mix God with religion...even though world has made synonomous to each other I dont think so....
    Yeah then coming back again to the second point, it is ------
    "Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them. I doubt the dogmas that's why today, I am too minority in the world of believers."
    And i remember one sentence from the prayer written by Paulo is like this...
    "Lord, protect our doubts, because Doubt is a way of praying. It is Doubt that makes us grow because it forces us to look fearlessly at the many answers that exist to one question."
    So that summarises whatever little bit of my thoughts that I have on the subject.

  2. Akash, Happy earth day to you also.

    Yes, the tendency about nationalism is bothering me. Today, More stress is taken in pointing that terrorist is Pakistani than rehabiliation of victims. More murders are there as our representatives in parliment making future policies. You are good scholar of history as refered - community was made to fight by the so-called leaders for some individual chauvinism, power-seeking, desire to rule........

    No one should forget the fact that people are fickle when it comes to personalities, but loyal to ideas and progress. You summarises the value of doubt very elegantly in the words of Paul Cohelo. And we must doubt on the presence or absence of God also !

    Thanks for the comment and you are welcome in the future here .

  3. I am always excited to learn about films and people who watch films of distant tongues. Can I suggest you couple of documentaries like 'Flow', 'Our Daily Bread' russian 'Water'.

    I agree with what you have said however it is my understanding that nationalism and nations are an illusion created by the powerful for the common proletariat.

    In fact to stop civil war and chaos we are told that we live in Nations and told to believe in its success. Today's real world it seems are based on shared interest. that is corporations and we are too divided on the paper. It is designed in a under current way that changes constitutions and geographic regions.
    So to come back to what you said we as common people are hoodwinked with old belief systems or paradigms thinking they really matter and exists. I belief we are at a cusp of completely new consciousness of planetary magnitude. signs in form of doubts are showing up everywhere through channels of experience, voice of reason, or the phenomenon at work itself.

  4. सौगतः . Thanks for coming to the blog first time.Also gratitude for suggesting the documentries. I will download them on coming days.

    You are another representative of the minority that thinks nationalism as farce boundaries between people. Sure, we are changing with the time; But, I will not agree that we are at the cusp of completely new consciousness of planetary magnitude. We have to see many wars and holocaust before any changes. People don't change by reasoning, they change through the experiences. And the chance of clash of religious faith is increasing as the world is becoming small with globalization.

    Doubts are showing up but long way before any milestone is achieved in the world peace.

  5. Couldnt make out which religion/person u r pointing to?

    Not all religions are rigid

  6. I am too minority in the world of believers.When I spoke those line, I insist that a person who doesn't have faith in religion or government are minority. And I am part of that minor group.

    And, each religion is rigid in its rule by different way. Hinduism, very strict in caste; Muslims and Christians are bounded by more suppressive faiths. To be bounded by any set of moral rules will make the person immoral... and all religions are making us more schizophrenic.