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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kanpur Coaching Days

Within a radius of one kilometer, Kakadeo is the hub of the coaching mandi for JEE, MBA, Medical etc having atleast 20-30 coaching institutes. The classes is run by individuals teaching a single subject with completely one man show. Few people object on the name 'mandi' but its like a fish market only. Coaching Mandi is the perfect name for it because the teachers are earning the butter not bread for them. When you go for admissions, people try to admit you to there institute with false advertisement and lucrative trial offers. Its all together a mandi in which every teacher just wants student's admission, not in JEE, but in there institute. It was an urban legend that girls were used to seduce boys for admission in few coaching centers. I and my friends tried in vain to find such lethal hunting beauties. My encounter with coaching mandi begins with JEE preparation.

Nalanda Hotel, Pamela restaurant, Agra sweet house were my favorite places there. For others, they love chaat of hanuman chaat near agarwal's (chemistry coaching) & search friends shop for cards. It was fun for coaching students to sit on the bike and have malai wali chai in winters after coaching classes. But to stalk beautiful girls with few appreciating words was favourite time pass of each boy. Now in Kakadev CCD's coffee, mandal ke momos or rock'n'roll 's patties are more popular. Lover point from JK temple has now changed to Rave Kakadeo. Time changes everything and make you feel nostalgic about past.

With my friends, I was engaged in various gossip ranging from academic degree of coaching teachers to the ill treatment of regular batch students by teachers. Fiercely debated discussion about history of expulsion of ajay sir from IITK, cheating scandal of Vishnoi sir at ITBHU and bank balance of Pankaj sir. I was in the league of those who wrath on Pankaj sir for giving no credit to Nirmal sir despite his sincere efforts. One of my best friend was dead sure that Pamela restaurant was named after Pamela Anderson (most decent photo) ( why my friend likes her is self explanatory). I always pray that 'Barb Wire' or 'Baywatch' star one day make her presence in this part of the world for sightseeing.

Scenario Inside Classroom:

Getting Inside and capturing seats of the coaching centers was like mission impossible. The most tough arena of Kakadev region was chemistry classes by Pankaj Agrawal. There was always small queue of 600 students arranges before class from stairs to a small room on first floor. We may have to wait for about 20 minutes before we enter the class. There was literally no place to stand & people all pushing over you from all sides. People at the back would pushing the whole line forward and people in front would push it backwards. The whole line start oscillating in simple harmonic motion. If by the great grace of god you are captured in the middle, then pray hard that you remain OK to attend the class. Even one of the most intense physical exercises would not give better health than the exercise you get in this short span of 20 minutes. If not blood then the sweat on clothes was enough signature of our struggle in the class. The 'staff' control rather tries to control the crowd with an additional responsibility of checking I-card & checking unauthorized intruders.

Now the grand entry begins, much enthusiastic crowd of film premier would be ashamed of the rush. The young junta run like hell, jumping over and under the railings, not caring for their life. Such scenes are rare to watch when students want to sit on front seats just to attend class. Somehow each time we crawl in the classes. Then, the saga of reserving seats for friends begins which can take bloody end between young guns. The most difficult job for boys was to get next bench of the girls row. Great battles have been fought for such issues between student gangs. Its no exaggeration but beauty sensex declines gradually from 12th batch to regular batch and least in ranker batch. It was amazing for us to stand on the edge of the desk and lean at angles extending upto 10 degrees for synchronizing his face expression with voice ! What amazing balance we used to have and to breathe and study in the crowded coaching rooms. The assignment sheets full of questions were distributed and mostly put in our register as a symbol of archaeological preservation. I have seen that even toughest question of the sheet was done by some ingenious bastard. You get to know about amazing alien minds that few human of your class only, possess. The thorough discussion with different styles by each teacher will discussed in coming post.

Till 2003, the class room were non AC. It was very hard to listen and involve in class after 2 hours. Then after the shout of 'bas bas' ,the important questions for JEE began to be discussed by teachers in all coaching centers at last moments. And, finally the class was over after 3 hours. It was like more people running to gate someway as they had entered, enthusiastically. They run as if they had been tortured in prisons for the centuries...
I retreat slowly and still remember me gazing image of Celina Jaitley on Janasheen poster at Devaki theater.....Uff!!! Nostalgia revisited and more will be coming... For information of readers, On orkut you could even find fans of shuklain, the lady who manages the vehicle stand of Pankaj sir.
PS: Thanks to orkut and blogs for few minor data. Any good photo of coaching mandi, please send me ASAP.


  1. Good Job..remind me of my tough days of coaching.
    Akash ece06

  2. nice one bhaiya... reminds me of concentration cell of pankaj sir n many adventures of kakadeo...

  3. That was one nostalgic post mixed with enough humor but apart from the second part i.e. scenario inside the classroom, I couldn't get other things like the shops you mentioned because after coming out of the prison cells I used to be in a hurry to go to home and take rest. Also because I had no friends there, I couldn't just hang out. :D

  4. @Akash Sir, Love & Jahanpanah.
    They were toughest days of my life too. The nostalgia feeling comes back in memory again and again. Thanks for liking the post.

  5. bhaiya!
    this reminds me those hectic days of pankaj classroon and those HOT chicks!!

  6. @krishna mohan, bhai those days we were different.And the hot chicks were like cherry on the cake.More still to come in this genre..

  7. those days were super was just great to be there in coachings....but i dont think chicks were hot......

  8. @jadoo. yaa the days were super. for your opinion, i can only say-- to each his own choice :)

  9. hye readin ur arti brings down d pressure n anxietylevel im havin
    im iit-jee 2010aspirant n d coaching mandi at times jus roasts my hed . wen pankaj sir says specially "jee ki tayyari karne wale bacche " my hed starts painin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pressure to succeed is so much that it puts aspitant under lot of tension. And Pankaj sir.. he is pushing us for more and more study. It sounds very pleasent that you feel pleasent after reading this article. Divya, Best of luck for IITJEE 2010 and other eng. examination.

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  12. Feeling nostalgia about coaching days in mid 90's. That time was dominated by Juneja, Verma, Desai, Das sir. Where are these people? Good to see this blog and knowing about current trends. Seems like things are changed a lot and it is not easy to study in such conditions.

  13. @ANON,the description here is pretty old now (4-6 year). Times have changed and so are the faces of people...

  14. really nice job
    thnx for reminding the sweet old days

  15. The quality of your writing is very impressive, especially at your young age. Keep it up!

    I would like to know the following:

    Isn't Anurag Vishnoi from IIT Kanpur?

    1. Thank You VENKY for the appreciation. I had written this long back ago since then there is a lot of depreciation in my writing skills.

  16. Thank You VENKY for the appreciation. I had written this long back ago since then there is a lot of depreciation in my writing skills.

    No, Anurag Vishnoi is ITBHU first year kicked out student as per mine knowledge. I don't know from where he has done his graduation.

  17. I think you should be more responsible in your replies. Anurag sir is a graduate from IIT Kanpur. To your knowledge he graduated in 1990 with a 4th rank in his class and scholarships from 3 different universities in US. He joined University of Virginia and did his MS there. I know him and his family personally.

    1. @Anonymous, Sorry I am wrong. Thanks for correcting me.
      Ashish Vishnoi is ITBHU first year kicked out student ; Anurag Sir is well respected graduate from IITK and MS from US university.

  18. Harroon sir ki kal death ho gayi.

  19. how can a person study among 1000 students ?!. I am also going to join coachings in kanpur. Will you pls help me out.. M badly confused.

    1. I don't know current situation. That was 10 years ago. Please ask current batch of student for more guidance. Nothing beats self study, attention in lectures and doing assignments on time. That is my piece of advice.

  20. i did two years of iit coaching. anish was good. vishnois were good. chemistry i studied at sanjeev rathore's place. nice and funny guy. thik thak padha bhi leta tha banda. genuinally sweet.

    baki mujhe science se nafrat thi. 1 year coaching e khoob man laga kar padhai ki. but 2 year me laga- hatao maan ki aankh. sari classes bunk, paise waste. but kakadeo zaroor ghumta tha. ek ladki k hostel k bahar khada rehta tha. we became gud friends.

    now i m studying english literature at DU, but kakadeo ki bakchodi bhi mast thi.
    anish ka ego to lazwaab. n upar se everything used to be orange in his classes. ashish vishnoi- haan, bhaiya, answer bataiye. anurag was super cool bus tharki sa dikhta tha. ek alok dikshit bhi hai kakadeo. usse bada chutiya teacher chemistry me hoga nhi. but itni advertising karta hai bacche chale aate hain chutiya banke.

    anish ki baatein lectures k beech me jo comic relief deti thin, maza aa jata tha. he was funny, ironic. sabki leta tha and what nt?

    but jisko padhna hota, wo padhta hi hai. ashish, anish etc r of course good teachers, though they r most interested n making money. but if u r good, they will take care of u n keep checking ur progress.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story bhai... everyone of us aspirant has a loving memory of that place.



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