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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Irrational Faith-1

This post is formed by compiling various lines from Internet. Not quoted as original writeup by me but an authentic work to represent mine thinking. Topic will be continued in future as series.

A lethal combination of blog post and documentary input have created havoc inside me to scan the topic of faith. I was provoked to write as a human what I feel. Either I was doubting belief or believing doubt. A thorough philosophical analysis and balancing act about religion and God is done by my friend Rajneesh in his blog brilliantly as he has heard whisper of my conscious secretly.The belief that is not based on evidence is one of the world's great evils. Inspite of providing some peace to the common man, the logic devoid faith has created violent extremist in every religion and nation.

Now, I am diverting my anger towards Islamic and Communist regime for expressing my point of view. Many moderates assume that religious "extremism" is rare and therefore not all that consequential. But we know, religious extremism is not rare, and it is hugely consequential. There is always huge pathos in moderates when hardliners take reign in their hands and take community/ nation in hell. Moderates can plainly speak hollow words when gun barrels and violent action leads the way of destruction. This infidelity of moderates is explained as being too tolerant towards intolerance.

In one of his essays, Professor Russell says “I sometimes have the impression that in the field of Islamic studies more than most, scholars feel a need to be ‘diplomatic’ (which, let us face it, is only a polite way of saying ‘less than completely honest’) so that influential people will not be offended." And then he refers to Hardy in the Explanatory Note to Tess—that ‘if an offence comes out of the truth, better it is that the offence come out than that the truth be concealed.

Several authors have identified how the writing of history in Pakistan has been systematically distorted to foster an artificial identity and ideology. In History perhaps more than in any other subject, there needs to be a clear balance between presenting complex facts and arguments in a concise and objective manner. Islamic and communist hardliners uses history and educational system as their tool to create mass support to them. It is like amnesia to common public having limited access to finer details of the history and information. History when contradicts the memory of living,the nation or community is on the verge of self destruction. By omitting a critical and honest discussion of these factors and by glorifying and romanticizing these conquests the student is deprived of learning about the forces and dynamics that shape history, in particular those that have shaped the destiny of our own land. Point of view of student become limited and many parameters are not being considered for the fear of creating doubt in the mind of learner. Exposed constantly to a one dimensional, mono-visual world in texts which allows no room for discussion or debate and subjected to a teaching methodology that encourages rote learning as the only means to passing exams. The gender and class biases seed's are sown here in the young minds.
I strongly favour that both doubt and faith should be judged on the basis of logic. I don't deny my diversion towards 'Anubhuti' concept of Hinduism which favours 'Anubhuti' above 'Gyan' as wholesome. But it strongly recommends to obtain 'Gyan' through rational thinking. Received wisdom is something that kills of any form of criticism, and our own ideas to question. The problem with us is that we form judgments rather than asking questions. We have killed our curiosity, because we have already found out the meaning of life.Its sad!...

Always eternal quest for truth start and continue with a doubt only.

"With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion."-Steven Weinberg


  1. gr8 post
    Great minds search truth themselves. For others it is a convenient and simple way to accept and to be contended with others explanation without thinking. This is what i call escapism.i will suggest you to read this essay "Why I am not christian" by Bertrand Russell

  2. Thanks amit for comment and weblink.But to each his own with tolerance is mantra for peaceful living.I read the essay by Betrand Russell and found it very good for future reference now on.



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