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Monday, May 11, 2009

Irrational Faith -2

My Life: I make deals with the god to make things work in mine favor and in exchange of it, promise to amend any bad habit. Even God holds his end, I forgot about the promise and life goes as natural till appearance of next crisis. I hope that you don't fall in mine category. I feel like bribing an omnipresent and omniscient invisible force by chocolate to finish my tiny work. Even it means to alter the whole world for me over billion others. Few months ago, I had huge belief in mysticism. The middle way sounds like solution to extremism and Godard's theory of incompleteness was final nail in believing that human could ever solve mystery of universe. I was thinking mystery of nature as Pandora box or downward spiral. It was like considering to walk on a path without knowing starting and end point.The philosophical point of middle path appear to be golden rule is still merged with my theology currently. It is still retained in me despite several extremist decision about life taken by me. I am hugely diverted by mind as making middle path rule as ideal rule but practical life is quite different and my moody nature always betray me in following any planned route. Now I claim about my ignorance about God than calling myself either atheist or agonist. The writing of Vivekanad and Osho inspired me very much, due to which so called blasphemy is now gone. I have now no problem with presence or denial of god. It is like choosing between emptiness of non believer and denial of inquiry by believer.

Article (Previous Part):-
We know what god or anything should be about. We don’t search, we already know. And that makes us to fall in trap of faith. If the eternal god exist,and all the holy books know completely about him.Then what is the need to search for him. It is not blasphemy but a doubt on ability of humans to explain everything by logic or faith only. Little knowledge is dangerous thing and in matter of god, a arm of genocide in the hand of extremists. Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don't have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think it's wonderful when someone says, 'I'm willing Lord, I'll do whatever you want me to do.' Except that since there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people with their own corruptions and limitations and agendas.

Evolution debate is now gaining my attention now days and denial of holocaust is also one of the issues caught my me on Internet. The fall of Catholicism was started in the time of reformation and renaissance but industrial revolution was major blow to it. It attracted best brains to divert their area from Latin, religion and philosophy to natural sciences and technology. Still core region of Islam, Arab and U.A.E. are outpaced by slow speed of reformation. Remember, Taliban was recognized in Afghanistan by Pak, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The caste system in Hinduism is more degradatory than apartheid and must be abolished by us only.

Today, I can't find a single voice to take strong action on extremist Hindu or Muslim, only condemnation for news. Muslims killing Hindus and Hindus giving it back to Muslims when the point of concern should be man is killing man. In a land where men would rather kill their own than give up the fight, what hope is there for peace? Hoping that all is not lost in the fight against hate.

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