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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daniel Everette’s Deconversion

This video confirmed my trust in the lectures of Osho on Tao. Daniel Everette 's deconversion from chiristianity to tribal way of life is quite heartful. Influenced by the Pirahã's concept of truth, his belief in Christianity slowly diminished and he became an atheist.

I don't subscribe to the theology of the westerners. There theology like culture is so limiting and binary –its always a choice between atheism or faith. Issues of epistemological justification are outcomes of theological pursuit of truths in eastern religions, that is completely missing in the western religious discourses. Here, there are remarkable quantity of intellectual theories and philosophies like world view concepts of Dharma, Karma, Nirvana and ideas of reality.

A true religion teaches man to aspire to that which is “higher” in him. Buddhism emphasizes individual “willing” to the “better” in man and does not rely on grace of God, prophet or any scripture. It believes in transforming the mind and using it to explore itself and other phenomena. For Easterners however, there are transcendentant principles without believing in the supernatural –this is the difference.

I will say today a valuable lesson learned by me on the path to discover about faith : Trust is not the same as faith. A friend is someone you trust. Putting faith in anyone is a mistake.


  1. welcome yayaver after a short interval..was anxious that how much time it will take you to come back with your posts...
    wishes for your pursuits in search of truth and reality...and all that is questioning you or rather you are questionaing about...


  2. But in spite of that, even Hinduism for example has the concept of heaven and hell - that's about as binary as one can get.

    The far eastern religions like Taoism and Buddhism are more sedate - I don't think Taoism has any duel concept like that...

  3. Thanks Anjaan Rahgir for coming here again and again for Hausla Afzaai. I am trying to be more balanced in all now. The middle path is the way to go..

  4. Bhagwad, Hinduism has principles of Karma and 6 schools of Darshan. 2 of them don't belive in God even. That is a great achievement by the level of carrying two opposite thoughts in a single religion. Hinduism has a whole culture based on inclusion of all in theology. Taoism and Buddhism are born and evolved on the ground of Hinduism. And it does not shy away from logic. That's why I like it more than faith based religions.

  5. The theology of the West comes from Christianity to a very large extent. But Christianity is not a Western religion. It is as Eastern religion. Certain interpretations of Christianity is what makes it binary in nature.

  6. Hari, I am not convinced a bit by your response.Christianity is a eastern religion. No, I have never find a single person or article giving this type of naive view.

    See both "church" and Islam have a similar hatred of such things like "homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and abortion". Same hate stand is not taekn against homosexuals and abortion in eastern religions.



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