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Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Sahi Hai, Tension Nahi Hai

मेरे ब्लॉग पर बहुत पोस्ट हैं लेकिन सब के सब जोड़ तोड़ एंड फिर घटजोड़ कर के लिखे गए हैं. बहुत कम में स्वंय का योगदान है और अधिकतर में केवल किताबी ज्ञान और दूसरों का प्रभाव है. साले बहुत से एकदम बासी हैं कागज़ के फूलों की तरह. क्यों कागज़ के फूल, उसमें जीवन अनुभव की खुशबू कहां से आएगी ...

I am also cutting short the blogs from the reading list. most of them are not updated from long time or has diluted with respect to my reading taste. It is the person you are, rather than the knowledge you possess, that determines success. Hence, I am making blog little more personal in the nature.

My writings were becoming incoherent day by day. I am trying to mend my ways. The last post on off beat traits about me was prime example of new reformed pattern.

Recently, I was in Azamgarh. I observed hunger, poverty, corruption and unemployment. There is a lack of opportunity even after education such is the case of unemployable work force. I felt that I am going to XIMB for correct academic path. I am glad to choose this path.

Also, the split between rural management and development studies now has become more clear than ever. In rural management, it is evident that the tilt is more towards commerce and while development studies studies an effective intervention mechanism that stabilizes and corrects the imperfections of the market and participants.

Currently, life seemed to be like a dream state flowing into the solid world. Notice Period after resignation is quite relaxed period. I am not living for others as I would also expect not others to live for me. A selfish agenda for survival ! I am posting two question that is bothering me from long time :
1-What does it take to change the essence of a man?
2-How can we raise conscious of a human being ?


  1. If the so called modern 'education' would have been the solution to poverty, unemployment and hunger, these would have long been eliminated. In fact over the years, in spite of the increasing spectrum of education, these problems are increasing rather than decreasing. Modern educationalists just promise, but never deliver. The reason is that they are neglecting our very basic identity. They say that we are the body. The reality is we are all eternal spirit souls and servants of the Supreme Lord. Any educational system which is not based on our very basic identity is bound to create more problems than solution.
    The main reason why human society has hunger, poverty, corruption and unemployment is because it tries to violate the laws of God for its own pleasure. We never hear of an elephant dying from lack of food. If a bag full of grains is left for birds to eat, they will eat what is required and leave it for other creatures. Whereas a human being will hoard the grains. Human life is meant for God realization. One should accumulate only that much which is required for God realization. If everyone follows this simple rule, there will be no hunger, poverty or corruption. There is no question of unemployment as everyone is eternal servant of the Lord. So if you really want to solve the problem of Azamgarh, look towards God.

    Answering your questions:
    1. The essence of man can be changed by good association.
    2. The conscious of human beings can be raised by informing them about higher laws created by God and how the entire universe functions under God's laws.

  2. Ok. The modern education is big thing to curse with. But the older education system was not offering any help in medicine, agriculture and communication. If you say that Human life is meant for God realization. I think there are enough religious people exist in the world to overcome minorities like me.

    There is no question of unemployment as everyone is eternal servant of the Lord. Lord does not provide solution otherwise Taliban/Iran would have developed Afghanistan as per your desire.

    I agree with your 1st answer. But what are God's Laws ? Enlighten me..

  3. Education as practiced during the Vedic culture, under the guidance of a Guru is the perfect example of how an educational system should be like. For example: there were Gurus who provided excellent knowledge of medicine (Charaka), military science (Dronacharya), political science (Chanakya) etc. Medicine and agriculture were developed. There were no AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis etc. There were no famines. People did not need internet etc because they worked closer to their families. Basically, people were really happy. India, under the Vedic system was the leader of the world. The goal of the Vedic culture was to engage human beings in different occupations suited for them to slowly guide them towards God realization. What was key to the Vedic culture was respect offered to Guru. Without respecting someone, you cannot gain knowledge from anyone. People started disrespecting teachers and this caused the doom of Vedic civilization. So its not that the system was not good, but it was that people stopped disrespecting teachers.
    Taliban/Iran are not dedicated towards following the laws of God as they are. Had they followed Qoran correctly, no doubt the places they ruled would have prospered as Qoran is a bona-fide religious scripture. Like I said before, the key to understand God and his laws is the teacher whereas both in Taliban and Iran, the society is not guided by proper teachers. Hence they cannot understand Qoran and hence they cannot apply it as God wants it to be applied. So, at best both Taliban and Iran are sentimental and not at all true followers of God.
    The Lord does provide solution to all problems. He is the one who is sustaining everyone, even the poorest of poor. He gives them strength to maintain themselves.

    Gods law is that everything animate or inanimate is the property of God and should be used in Gods service for the benefit of all living organisms. No one should use more than his/her quota. And what is ones quota? Scriptures answer that question, through the medium of an authorized teacher.

  4. Seeing your arguments, I think most of your thought process is shaped by your journey through a cocktail of unauthorized sources. Hence you have weak, naive concepts like equating religion with Taliban, Iran etc. Based on your weak concepts, you draw wrong conclusions like the Lord does not provide a solution etc. This further leads to atheistic beliefs.

  5. The Vedic past is gone and it is not coming back. There are no authorized teachers to have mass education system. I am dealing with the resources what I have. Guru -Shisya Parampara is good but only cringing to the past stories does not solve the problem. Once people are accustomed to more luxurious life (even it is unsustainable), there is no going back.

    Give me concrete alternate path...

  6. Hello Yayaver,
    No doubt about the fact that the Vedic past is gone. The reason being that the people started taking to atheism. However whether its going to come back, it really depends on us. If intellectuals in the society try to inculcate the Vedic culture among themselves first and be an example to the society, the Vedic culture, with its all opulence and happiness will surely come back. Believe me, authorized teachers are still there. The knowledge is still there. We do not need mass education, we need one to one education. Thats why I am trying hard to convince you because I saw in your blog posts that you are genuinely concerned about the problems in the society. So I thought its a good idea to tell you something about the solution, which is keeping the Supreme Lord in the center and respecting the teacher. I once again assure you that authorized teachers exist. Vedic knowledge is eternal its not merely past. Knowledge is always eternal.
    True that people are accustomed to more luxurious life and don't want to change their life. But they do not realize that trying to get more and more luxuries, they are ending up in more and more in trouble. We have to let people realize this truth, and make them experience a higher happiness. Unfortunately, even the so called intellectuals try to solve these problems independent of God and hence they do not succeed. Atheism further complicates problems by introducing immorality in the already poor country like India. If people don't mend their ways, no doubt we are headed for a disaster. So we must try to stop this at our own level. The first step is to change ourselves first and only then we can change others. And only an expert teacher can change us by giving us true knowledge.
    I do have a concrete alternate path for you. Have some faith in the Lord and pray to the Lord for such a teacher, who can act as your guiding light. Later on, based on the knowledge you receive, you can guide others. Its a very simple process but requires faith. No blind faith but tested faith. This is how you identify a bona-fide teacher:
    1. He himself has a teacher. Never accept a self taught teacher !
    2. He will always say that their is only one supreme controller of the universe.
    3.You will see that as you come in contact with him, your life will change in a positive way. Also, you will see that life of others who have come in contact with such a bona-fide teacher will change.
    4. He has no enemies. He considers everyone as his friend. He is the well wisher of all. Other people might envy him but he is always their well wisher.
    5. His senses are in his control and he follows the regulative principles of religion.

    These were some of the key features of a bona-fide teacher. I am sure if you try to cultivate some faith in God, and you even have a little bit potential for being a true well wisher of the society, you will soon get your teacher. This is a concrete path to how you can do real good others and yourself as well.

  7. Yayaver: Looks like marked another one as spam.
    I also wanted to put forth one more really key point, Without Guru-Shishya parampara and one to one interaction, forget about character development. Introspect in your own life: Have you ever learned anything in a huge classroom? When you cant even learn technical knowledge in a huge classroom, how can you expect to learn deep topics such as the ultimate truth and real welfare in a huge classroom or through books for that matters. Character development is only and only possible in Guru-Shishya parampara. That must be revived at any cost for the well being of suffering people.

  8. I don't know why I am not able to agree with you. Prayer and a teacher can rose only priestly class in the society. And the point you have mentioned here are good but sorry never met such a person. Character development, it mostly depends on how I acts with conscious mind...

  9. Hey Yayaver, I am not sure on precisely what point you dont agree with me. Or is it whatever I write does not make any sense to you? I wont be surprised if your answer is the later.
    I think your point about prayer and teacher giving rise to priestly class was right but slightly out of context. Basically instead of priestly, if it was Brahmin or teaching class in society, I would agree with you 100 percent. Prayer does not mean that you merely pray and not do anything ! One has to do his prescribed duty as well. A soldier has to fight, a businessman has to trade, an engineer has to design things, a janitor has to clean etc. And apart from their professions, all of them must have a teacher and must worship the Supreme Lord under the teachers guidance, for their spiritual growth. Only such a society can be a happy society.
    Regarding your not meeting a teacher, whose features I had enumerated, I am not surprised at all. This has been confirmed in Bhagvad Geeta,
    that such a person who has true knowledge and knows the Supreme Lord as the cause of all causes is very rare. But again, depending on how serious you are in knowing the truth, you might meet such a person.
    True that character development depends on how one acts with conscious mind. But you must be knowing better that the mind is the most difficult to control. The mind always tries to guide us towards wine, women and wealth. To control anything, you need to be situated above it. Hence to control mind, one must be situated above the mental plane. One can do so only under the expert guidance of a Guru, because a Guru has already controlled his mind under the guidance of his Guru and so on. The second point I want to stress is that as soon as you say 'conscious', a question comes conscious of what? The answer if conscious of God. A person who is God conscious sees everything in relation to the supreme and in this way, he does good to all living entities. That is the meaning of good character. Hence, empowered by his Guru to act in a God conscious mind, one develops a good character.
    From your arguments, I see that you certain scaffolding ready for being something more than an ordinary engineer. What is critical is that the gaps need to be filled. For example, you knew that character development has something to do with acting using conscious mind. But you did not know exactly 'how' can one overcome mind. You also did not know conscious of 'what'. So even though the scaffolding was their, they key elements were missing. These can be fulfilled only by a Guru and I request you to pray for the same. If you are fortunate enough, you can benefit a lot of people of India who are neither spiritually nor materially advanced.

  10. @Anonymous, I do not pray because I don't feel happiness and relief in it. It seems absurd. Love needs no prayer or hate...

    I don't know when I will be ready to have Guru appear in front of me.



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