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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An off beat Post about Me

Life is chaotically complex series of events, so beautifully woven into a coherent whole. And I am writing most about worldly affairs, Today, I present an off beat weblog about me.

Writing :
First and most important, I like blogging. When I found the power to express what was in his heart, I found the love of a lifetime. A rare habit that is even continued today with full enthusiasm and pleasure. Also, there is dire need of educated persons who can not only perform better but also express better. Writing skills help one to present himself/herself before others, and also enables to think. Hence, I always encourage people to write and read.

Blog :
I speak and write a bit harsh and with irreverence in the blog. Anything and anyone is subjected to scrutiny and there should be no sacred cow in the society or nation. I uphold the fact that if an individual spends writing in praise of the authority because of the benefits this brings — as opposed to objective assessment — then the moral credibility of the person diminish later or sooner.

Blog Traffic :
I want my blog to be popular but not on the compromise of the material. Publicity means that actions are judged by reputation not the other way round. Most of the readers are interested toward those who write colorfully, look better and give an opportunity to hate/love. May be my blog is efficient but not user/reader friendly.

Blog Addiction :
I like sharing ideas, hearing opposing views, inspiring readers (mostly boring) and, maybe if I’m lucky, compelling few readers to think about problems. I can say with proud that blogging has been more rewarding than I expected, and I think more people should give it a try.

Why I read too much ?
Without understanding the why, it is virtually impossible to know what needs to be done. The pre-condition to fight material corruption and cultural dogmas is to hit hard the social inequality and mental dishonesty. Hence, I have involved deeply into various aspects of life.

Love of History :
Reading History can tell us, in a sense, why we are who we are. [What Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" did, a book that literally changed the consciousness of a generation, the same thing will be done by "India after Gandhi" by Ramchandra Guha.]

Insight on Owns Talent :
The act of measuring something has thee effect of altering the measurement Uncertainty. Hence, I always become suspicious of mine capabilities of speculation. Only clueless people imagine that their interference in the process will improve things and more knowledge always prove my ignorance.

Ambition :
I realized that in life it is important to be liked, than to be successful. Eluding success was another aspect of career but the tag as a "nice" person has been attached. There are many shortcomings and wrong deeds but I am always prepared to give away my ignorance and prejudices.

What I fear ?
I fear India turning into next Pakistan. I fear a place where there is a dominance of opinion over thought, of partisan ideology over compromise, of emotional self righteous morality over intellectual reasoning. That will surely drift into the place of bind believers.

Secular Values :
I am secular and mild atheist by practice. The deception of religion to promise Utopia/Heaven with the brainwashing of the human is most painful learned fact till today.

Morality :
Ethics is a complicated subject since morality has changed over the centuries from outlawing slavery to allowing women to vote. There is a great difficulty in explaining morality for me.

Utopia ?
I am interested in politics. But a questioning mind is an antithesis of utopia. It questions existing traditions, dogmas, practices, existing behaviours, morality, religion, god, monopoly and everything which is the established norm. Hence, this concept seems utterly ridiculous to me.

I am yet undecided over my ideological leanings. I openly and definitely supports liberty and love. Independent minds have always transcended the ideological pigeonholes. Rather than enslavement of ideological campaigning, free learning has much advantage.

Entertainment :
It is one of the basic needs of Human life. Still those who enjoys dose of entertainment only like drugs , will always be whipped up by passions and paranoia to maintain narrow interests of few scoundrels. I am much boring person due to love of solitude and silence.

Internet Usage :
Networking is such an essential part of our lives today and it’s these forums that facilitate it the most. Hence, addicted to blogs, facebook and Orkut. I believe that filtering, not remembering, is the most important skill for those who use the Internet. 

On Youths of India :
India's neo-revolutionaries youth are a product of too much fast-food and too little knowledge of ground realities. The young do wear T-shirts that say Roadies or Be a Rebel or Che or even Bitch. But the truth is that the youth, especially in this country, is a fellowship of unaware and even confused identity .

On India :
I refuse to live in a corrupt and intolerant country like this, and I'm not leaving.
Loved this Quote : "Only the open mind can be ready to listen to something that goes against it. The closed mind can listen only to that which supports it." --- Osho


  1. Great Himanshu!

    So much of reflection. Much of a motivation.
    That's what I call rightful insight.

    And I like the last line, ...and I refuse to leave!!

    Good luck for your MBA!

    Proud of you fellow blogger!


  2. @ ~dark_gal~ , Thanks for your wishes and appreciation. I will be more autobiographical only in future..

    Enjoy your season of freedom :)

  3. "The deception of religion to promise Utopia/Heaven with the brainwashing of the human is most painful learned fact till today"

    Can you get peace of mind by following atheism ? If yes, follow it ! All atheism leads to is a cocktail of desires, jealousy and frustration. That itself is the proof of existence of God- the source of peace and happiness.

  4. Those who practice religion know that religion does not merely promise utopia. If you properly apply the rules of bona-fide scriptures under proper guidance, you do get following: freedom from jealousy, anger, hate, greed etc. Lots of peace of mind, mental strength, better relationships and most importantly a smile on your face.
    In this way, applying the principles, when people see their life and lives of others improving then they feel pitiful towards atheists like you who not only deny the happiness to yourself but also spew the venom for all.

  5. @Anonyous. I am atheist that does not translate into a person full of desires, jealousy and frustration.

    I aspire qulaities like love, peace and compassion. Also do meditation...

    And the principle of theologies are full of social discrimination and jealousy. There is nothing like perfect human being who will follow bona-fide scriptures under proper guidance (of whom ?).

    And I am against religion not religious people :)

  6. 1. Are you sure you don't have desires, jealousy and frustration ? Come on ! Writing a blog is one way of venting out your frustration and thats what you are doing.

    2. You just 'aspire' qualities like love, peace and compassion. But till you recognize a higher authority you cannot actually 'taste' those qualities.

    3. I am not sure what principles of theologies you are talking about. True that some people have distorted religion for their personal gain but that does not mean that everyone becomes an atheist denouncing religion.
    For example: Will you never use a knife cutting vegetables because its also used for killing?
    In principle, all religions promote universal brotherhood. But talking of brotherhood, its not possible without a father. God is that father who can make universal brotherhood possible.

    3. Don't talk BS. If you have not seen someone who follows proper guidance, you are blind. Agreed that such bona-fide teachers are rare but they are there. You may find one provided you try to look beyond atheism and try not be narrow minded.

    4. Also religion is not a matter of idle meditation. Its practical service to all the fellow living entities. Its a step by step process which has to be followed under a bona-fide teacher. Idle meditation is just any other form of self pleasure. For some time idle meditation may be done to control atheistic thoughts.

  7. Morality :
    Ethics is a complicated subject since morality has changed over the centuries from outlawing slavery to allowing women to vote. There is a great difficulty in explaining morality for me.

    Morality has no meaning unless you recognize a higher authority. Thats why it is so unclear to you. Accept a higher authority and morality will be crystal clear.

  8. @Anonymous

    1. I am a normal human being both positive and negative emotions. And I don't need approval of God for that.

    Writing a blog is one way of venting out your frustration. That is a plane absurd thing. I want to share lot of ideas, make people aware and express myself. There is quite small share of each emotions. Feeling of expressing myself is more dominant one...
    You can ask other bloggers /writers about why they write and am sure you will be proven wrong. There is a thing called passion, my friend !

    2. Yes, I 'aspire' qualities like love, peace and compassion. I don't need a higher authority to actually 'taste' those qualities. It means non believers are devoid of such fine qualities ! How it could be possible even. Neither me nor my father have faith in the God. it does not mean I don't love him... People love and like without any higher authority like God also ! It means before religion, no body loves each ! good joke mate.

    3. You are enough smart to know what theology I am talking about. I am objecting all religions like Islam, Christianity, Hinduism , Mormons...etc etc. Some people destroy and bend the talks of one person and give it a form of organized religion. And this is the traditional devolution that each religion passes through in human society.

    "In principle, all religions promote universal brotherhood. " This is utter lie. If so what is the need of religious conversion and missionaries. I

    "But talking of brotherhood, its not possible without a father. God is that father who can make universal brotherhood possible."
    You are a Christian mate, the probability of speaking this line maximum can be attributed to Christian ones.. :P

    But that does not make a difference to my point. I can only say that which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

    3. Bona-fide teachers giving proper guidance in what ? Atheism IS NOT BECOMING narrow minded. It means that i don't accept the concept of God without any evidence. Life of atheists is full of friendship, love, irony, humor, parenthood, literature, cinema and music...that is all a person require.

    4. I however partially agree here. Idle meditation is just any other form of self pleasure. Still, best of all pleasure as it is based on self observation rather than consumption ! Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it. The value system is changing with time and time of religion is going down....

    I rely on upon science and reason that promote free inquiry, open mindedness, and the pursuit of ideas for their own sake.That which is barred in all religions of world.

    To terrify people with the image of hell, to consider women an inferior creation, to hate homosexuality —is that good for the world? If this is your God, then Fuck that God and become a human !

    Of course anything a religious person can do an atheist can do also, so I don't need any higher authority for mine morality . Also Please: Name one ethical statement made, or one ethical action performed, by a you that could not have been uttered or done by a athiest like me.

  9. HI, Its long time I have visited your blog, in fact even mine!

    Loved the following statements/expressions in your blog and can completely relate to you-

    1.Writing skills help one to present himself/herself before others, and also enables to think.

    2.Without understanding the why, it is virtually impossible to know what needs to be done.

    3.The deception of religion to promise Utopia/Heaven with the brainwashing of the human is most painful learned fact till today.

    4. Only the open mind can be ready to listen to something that goes against it. The closed mind can listen only to that which supports it." --- Osho
    Thanks to put this quote here!

    Keep writing...aur ek din phir yu hi khud ki talash mai I will come back to your blog, my blog and other expressions!

  10. Thanks Shaifali for such a lovely comment. I was more inspired by your inspiring project 365 for blogging (1 blog post per day ). Hence, both of us will try to be regular on our respective blogs :)

  11. 1. The truth is that everything requires God’s approval, you like it or not. As you read the rest of this post it will be clear to you why.
    You are saying that you need to express yourself. But did you ever think “Why” do you feel the need to express yourself? The answer is definitely frustration of some sort. So to overcome your frustration, you write a blog trying to grab attention. You may have passion to grab others attention.
    2. Yes non-believers are devoid of all good qualities. They may temporarily exhibit some good qualities for their own pleasure but as they do not have a higher authority to look up to, they ultimately give up those good qualities whenever it suits them. Whereas believers in the higher authority of God stick to their good qualities as they have faith that God will protect them under all circumstances. Due to your atheistic beliefs my friend, you cannot feel the protection. Also, in the absence of God, there is no question of morality.
    I like the example of you loving your father independent of God that you have presented. When you say you love someone, you must at least know that person. Without knowing the person how can you love the person? Without God, there is no existence of soul and consciousness and hence life is just a bunch of chemicals. How can one bunch of chemical love other bunch of chemicals? Therefore the so called emotion of love displayed by atheists is also temporary and sentimental. That’s why there are so many divorces in atheistic societies. A believer in God sees everyone else in relation to God and loves them on a permanent basis rather than merely sentimental and for convenience. He loves not only his own relatives but the whole humanity and animals as well. And this is possible only because he loves the Supreme Lord.
    What do you mean by ‘before religion’? We are all eternal servants of God and our eternal religion is serving the Lord. Fundamental religion is eternal.
    3. Simply because some people bend religion for their own purpose does not mean that you have any right to denounce the faith in God itself. Go back to the knife example I gave you in my last post. By your logic, you should not use not only a knife but also heating, electricity, car, cellphone, internet or any other thing which has ever been used for a destructive purpose.
    And I am not a Christian by the way.

  12. 4. Bona-fide teacher giving proper guidance in conducting one’s life according to scriptural principles for the benefit of all living beings. And that is possible only by serving the Lord.
    Atheism is definitely becoming narrow minded because you are rejecting God. And by doing so you are not only harming yourself but others as well.
    I have proved earlier that love cannot be an element of an atheist’s life. Similarly an atheist can’t be anyone’s friend. And that is again cemented by the fact that there is highest number of divorces in atheistic societies. An atheist may have some humor, but he cannot have happiness because he is always worried about his life. Literature, cinema and music: Theists also enjoy these. There is no reason that theistic people cant enjoy this. Your point is absolutely childish !
    5. If you can’t think logically, please do not write anything. You say that by merely observing yourself sitting idly you are not consuming yourself? While the time you are nicely doing so called meditation, time is consuming you. In this way you are wasting time.
    6. Don’t talk about science if you don’t know it. Those who have studied science in depth would agree that the two basic sciences: mechanics and electromagnetics are based on some key ‘axioms’. Mathematics, which is the language of communicating modern science is itself based on axioms. Axioms are some things which have no proof. In other words axioms are rules created by a higher authority. If you have no faith in God, you do not have a right to accept any axiom in any field of study.
    I have proved earlier as well that morality has no meaning in absence of God. Hence the question of human decency does not arise at all independent of God. Time of religion is definitely going down because people want to exploit others and enjoy themselves. To do this, they promote atheism in society. In absence of atheism of atheism, there will be no corruption. There will be no poverty. No one will accumulate wealth. Atheism is the biggest misfortune of human society and must be condemned. For the sense enjoyment of a few atheistic people, the world is suffering at large.
    On one hand you say that religion promises heaven and on other hand you say it terrifies about hell. Can’t you decide in your mind one thing? Also, what to speak of women, scriptures teach how to properly respect every living entity, even a blade of grass. Yes homosexuality is against scriptural rules and that is why it is condemned by all religions in the world.
    Yes atheists can do whatever animals can do: eating, mating, sleeping and defending. But they cannot fulfill the purpose of human life which is God realization. Have you ever thought why animals don’t worship God? Have you ever thought how did the concept of God creep into all human civilizations? Why do all religions have the same basic concepts?
    And no, talking of my achievements, I haven’t done anything ethical in my life. So why don’t you tell me what have you achieved in your life by being an atheist?

  13. @Yayaver
    Why have you deleted the second half of my reply which had logically condemned atheism. The problem with so called scientists who think that science is independent of God is that they refuse to listen to any arguments contrary to their beliefs. And that is called narrow mindedness. So in case you are open minded as you claim to be, please repost the deleted content.

  14. There is no point of debating with you. It would be easy for me to start a new religions like Mormons/bahai :P. Then with lakhs of followers and your analogy that all religion are equal, I will be on right path.

    In absence of atheism, there will be no problem. That is wrong. I don't have belief in God and I am in minority. So how I am affecting your world with majority believers.

    I haven't deleted your comments. It has gone into spam. "So in case you are open minded as you claim to be, please repost the deleted content. " what I can say. You are considering atheist to be open minded also. Good Improvement.

  15. @anonymous , there is no point of fighting over theism or atheism, that does not matter; both
    are intellectual standpoints. They are only belief systems with different axiom. God or Truth is not a commodity to be taken or knowledge to be accepted. Scriptures are dead words. I can't accept God without realizing him/her first. Sorry mate, argumentation does not take us anywhere.

  16. @Yayaver: You may try to start your own religion, but it wont be religion. The definition of religion is the order of God for us. Its our duty, what we are supposed to do. Depending on different situation in different parts of world, God sent different messengers. The message of God is given through scriptures. Once again, the key element is the teacher who connects us to God to know our prescribed duty. So how can you "start" your own religion. You will not only on wrong path, but also leading others to wrong path. And this is the worst a human being can do: lead others to wrong path.

    That is the problem with Atheists, when cornered scientifically/logically, they say that you go your way I will go mine, both are intellectual etc. But no, Atheism is not right because God does exist. One axiom is right and the other is absolutely wrong. A believer in God respects and distributes love among all living entities. People around him are all happy. An atheist on the other hand, just struggles to keep himself happy and fails even in that attempt. He tries to find solace in idle meditation at max and burns his time in that too. Do you mean to say that love and hate are one ? No way.
    Have you ever seen electrons/photons? Have you ever verified axioms of electromagnetism? Then why do you accept them? You accept them because you can see their effects. Similarly, you can see the effect of God in your life if you start praying to Him. This is really simple process recommended in the scriptures. Basically you can't realize God without accepting him first.

    This is very similar to accepting say electron, you have to first accept the concept to realize it, not the other way round. Having accepted an electron, you can explain chemical reactions, physics of a bulb etc. But first you have to accept an electron. Like while accepting the scientific knowledge, you accept that a scientist has higher knowledge than you and you must accept him, similarly, you must respect the teacher of scriptures and scriptures as sources of the highest form of knowledge.

    Scriptures are not dead words but they are revealed knowledge. They are eternal. But scriptures cannot be understood on themselves, we need a teacher to understand the scriptures. We have to love our teacher and offer our out-most respect to the teacher in order to gain the knowledge of who we are, who is God and what is our responsibility towards him. If you ignore God, you are like an Ostrich burying his head in sand. The danger does not go away by burying ones head. So try to cultivate a little faith in God, and He will reciprocate. He is very merciful.

  17. BTW, I am not considering atheists to be open minded but I was hoping you are becoming less of an atheists ! I know I dont have the capability to change any ones views as it requires a really pure person to do that, still hoping for the best !

  18. And I guess it marked another of my comments as spam, so please be more open minded and post that too !

  19. @anonymous, I was once religious person. Then, I have to abandon it completely due to its deficiencies.

    Discrimination, violence and hate is spread by the religious persons only. The rich people and the powerful people, the politicians, have dominated all the religions. The priests have been nothing but servants to these criminals. The conscious of people is so low....

    You are there giving arguments in the favour of Vedic system without even having first hand experience of it. I don't believe in looking to past for answers. The past has passed away and there is no future.

    I will only say that the more ancient a scripture is, the more primitive it is going to be, the more fallible and clueless, because man’s consciousness has been continuously growing. It is the time for new answers for problems of present.

    I am only seeker for the truth. That can only be achieved by experience not through reasoning. Readings of Vedas were not much helpful to me, they were only versus of "Yagnas". The works of Aurbindo Ghosh, Swami Dayanand and Swami Vivekakand were to difficult to understand. There must be a simpler way for all...

    I am finding Zen much better than any other religious tradition and giving it first hand try.

    Anyways thanks for your help. It is rare that people really want to be engaged in the long conversion at the age of twitter and facebook.

  20. @Yayaver: I was once religious, then I abandoned it for its deficiency as you say (but the real reason was I abandoned it for my own pleasure ). Then realizing that what an animal I turned myself into, I looked towards God and believe me, the change has been immeasurable in just 3 years. And it was not that I had to do any effort like meditation. I got cured of even my medical problems which no medicine could cure. I could then feel more compassion towards others. I could see that how to solve the problems of others and not to increase them or trade one problem for another.

    Again, you are wrong in saying that violence, hate etc are spread by religious people. How about the atheistic dictators? Tell me, if they feared God, would they ever dare to do what they did? Like I had given the example of knife, which can be used for surgery, cutting vegetables or killing people, same way, religion has been exploited by politicians. Thats why one should always learn religion not from a politician but a bona-fide teacher. I have enumerated the features of a bona-fide teacher in my reply to one of your post. If people only and only accept such a person as their teacher, no one will be able to exploit religion.
    Basically you are confused between communalism and religion. So, first of all, stop blaspheming religion. Try to be objective. Did you throw away all the knives in your home? Similarly, accept that there is God.

    I am not saying that we have to look at past for answers. We have to look 'higher'. And Vedic knowledge is one such higher knowledge which can help us alleviate the sufferings. What does the statement 'Past has passed away and there is no future' mean? Its nothing but word jugglery. Will you not study for an exam because its in the future and their is no future? Will you forget your parents because they conceived you in past? (plz dont take it personally !)
    If the answer to both this questions is yes, then sure, dont look at the past and dont worry about future ! Facts cannot be changed by word jugglery. Similarly, Its a fact that Vedic culture was really nice and opulent. If we still follow the genuine teachers in society and follow Vedic scriptures under their guidance, the future will be bright. Otherwise we can see for ourselves gthe degradation in human society.

  21. Vedic knowledge is not time bound. Its eternal, its perfect. So its not 'ancient'. The simplest proof is that you can try to implement some of the vedic knowledge, for example the shlokas of Bhagvad Geeta in your life and immediately see the results. Of course, this cannot be done without proper guidance. But the very fact people can see their lives changing from Vedic knowledge is the proof that Vedic knowledge is eternal. Atheists say that its history, mythology etc etc. But little do these foolish people know about the Vedic knowledge. Did any of the blasphemers learn it from bona-fide teacher? No. And that is the only way to learn Vedic knowledge. So how can someone who does not know Vedic knowledge blaspheme it !
    On the contrary, I have seen both atheism and experienced the result of Vedic knowledge, hence I can expose the atheists. They are spreading poison in the society by detracting the people from seeking Vedic knowledge.
    If you assume that Vedic knowledge was past,I need not elaborate that how mans consciousness has been going down like anything. Divorces, abortions, child sex,pornography, corruption : these never happened in the Vedic times. Hence, no doubts the 'past' was better and we should look towards it for a solution.
    I agree that you are not like people from your age group as you are seeking the truth. Basically both experiment are reasoning cannot lead even to mundane scientific truths like electromagnetism and mechanics (we have limited senses, hence our experimental power is limited. We have lesser intelligence, hence our logic is defective), forget about the supreme Truth. The real way to understand the truth is to ask someone who already knows the truth. In the Bhagvad Geeta, Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead tells Arjuna a way to learn the truth: Menially serve the teacher and ask submissive questions, in this way, the seers of truth will reveal the knowledge to you.

    Of course, you will first have to accept God and his scriptures to make any advancement. Try to accept God, and attempt to understand the truth. I am sure you will see a vast difference.

    Basically Veda's are meant for elevation of human beings through gradual sacrifices. Swami Dayanand and Swami Vivekakand are themselves word jugglers and thats why you could not understand anything. You are very fortunate not to understand the wrong philosophy of these two speculators. They take verses from Vedic literature and interpret them in their own way. They miss the main theme: the supreme lord is the supreme controller of the universe. Being envious of the Supreme Lord, they try to impose limitations on the Lord, they even themselves want to be Lord.

  22. You are right that there must be a simpler way. The vedic literatures have recommended the simplest way for this age is to listen and hear about the glories of the supreme lord. Thats the simples way. Simple it may sound, but believe me, it has immense potency. No need to chant heavy mantra's, no useless word jugglery, simply hear and talk about the name, fame and pastimes of the Lord. How much more simple do you want? Now please dont argue with me that it wont work without trying it !! I have tried it and it worked remarkably. I have seen others try it and improve and even perfect their life. Even those who had no hope of even living a normal life have gone on to do so much for the society simply by following the recommended process for this age.

    I am not sure if Zen is a bona-fide path for the present age. My knowledge is very limited and I know of the 4-5 bona-fide paths. And remind you, all paths are not the same !! Those who say all paths are the same etc are word jugglers.

    To conclude, I would say that have faith in the supreme lord and pray for a teacher. Without having faith in the supreme controller, nothing will work out believe me. It simply won't because it is not like this. Even science relies on so many mysterious axioms which no one has no way of proving. There is so much order and organization in the universe. There must be, and there is a supreme controller. Have patience, He will help you. You can help others in turn.

  23. I was reading all this comments and concluded this debate is not going anywhere as you declare the truth and I am unsure of its validity. I am in this phase reading more about Zen only. Will look for your point once failed from Zen !

    I am not willing to wait for future/God to help others. There is much Godliness around... I found no console in it.

  24. Hello Yayaver,
    Yes you are right, I was trying to declare the truth as I have learnt it. Why only you, even I am also unsure of its validity ! Because its clearly written in the Bhagvad Geeta that one who knows the Supreme Lord as the absolute truth and the cause of all causes is liberated from this material world. And thus being liberated from the material world, he is able to purely serve the Supreme Lord.
    So don't get bewildered, majority of people around you are not sure of the Supreme Lord. Hence they waste their life, trying to be happy, and instead become worse and worse. Even I do not understand it a little bit, still I have a little bit of faith in the Supreme Lord and the process of hearing and speaking about the glories of the Lord. The reason is that I have experienced the pleasure in doing so. And I have also experienced the misery in not doing so.
    Unfortunately I am a person who is too much attached to the material comforts of life and hence I could not make any progress on this path. However, in you I saw a certain kind of determination. It seems like you are not much attached to wealth, otherwise you could have had taken the well proven path of engineer turned financial bankers. Hence, I think you might be better qualified to understand these things. And being such a person, you may be really useful to the society. Unfortunately, you are misguided by atheism and thats what I was trying to remove. Its not an easy process and even so for someone himself messed up like me, its almost impossible. Still I am making a sincere attempt. Again, I have no idea about Zen and so I will not comment on it.
    Regarding waiting for the future/God, I think for doing anything you have to be patient. A tree cannot produce fruits till proper time, a girl cannot conceive a child till after some time. So you have to be patient. And regarding God, nothing moves without His sanction. There is great potency in working for God, believe me. Heaps of true welfare work can be done in a God conscious way. However, if your not interested in helping others in overcome their suffering, its another thing. I did not understand what do you mean by their is much Godliness around. I would be glad if you clarify it.

  25. @anonymous, there are too much people with religiosity like you. That is called Godliness.

    A mere anarchist like me can't change the system but wants only oxygen and tolerance to seek his own path non-violently.



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